More Climate Change et al

Did I emphasize that today was another big Portal in the ongoing saga of Climate Change et al? 1 The “Can Opener” – so called because this type of astroevent2 usually introduces a Can of Worms – occurred in late February, just as 🦨Pootin’ sent his country’s youth into a 20th-Century version of an Attila-the-Hun- or Conan-the-Barbarian-type Wormcan in Ukraine, featuring Demolition, Murder, and Pillage on a massive scale, approaching Genocide.

Subsequent repetitions of this type of astroevent,3 including today’s are called “Expositions” because they Expose more about our Reactions to the original event. That is, they bring the Karma that was triggered by the original event up into Consciousness more clearly. This is obviously true on a Global level as well as Personal.

The last recurrence, however, is called a “Confidence-Builder,” as the Challenge recurs all over again but now, if we’ve been Paying Attention to the Expositions, we’ve Let Go of the Karma and we have the Experience to deal with it Effectively.

In addition, the Moon is still Out of Bounds until tomorrow evening.4 Moon Out of Bounds often causes Panics of various types and scales, including Global, as Hupers follow their Habits, the Social Minia, and the News Minia to Focus on Their Thoughts About Their Feelings. This Focus reduces their View of the World to the Mind’s Divisive Two-Dimensional Either/Or or Political Perspective, in the process Abandoning the Intuition’s Unifying Multidimensional and Multifarious Both/And or Spiritual Perspective that Emotions provide when they aren’t imprisoned by the 2D Mind.5

Plus, Trust/Mistrust is Lit Up today,6 exacerbating Either/Or Political Misinformation, and Energizing the Social Minia like Metafaceplant and Musktwit that salivate over the profits they accumulate by inflaming and feeding on Distrust and Dysfunction.

While the Climate Change et al event has passed its peak, its Energy continues to be Strong,7 and will stay relatively Strong for several months. If we’ve extinguished the Karma involved with our Initial Reaction to the original 21-24 February event, no worries. If we haven’t, it’ll continue to bug us till we do. If you’re still getting Excited by War, Oil, Climate, Old Men Groping around in our Wombs, Inflation, Recession, our Food Supply, the Bees, and the End Times in general, then pick your favorite Poison and work with it. Ask your favorite Deity or Energy, “Change Me so that My Reaction to Thoughts of [this Toxin] is to Send Blessings and Light to it.” Otherwise we Contribute to the Confusion and Carnage. We want to Contribute to the Healing instead. That’s why we Accepted the Assignment and vacated the Heavenly Spa to come down here.

Change Me Prayers8 are Intense. They often initiate a big, transparent (for me anyway, so far!) Ego Death. You can wake up tomorrow and not Recognize the World you’re in because it Feels so different. We never know what Karma is standing between us and What We Want, whether What We Want is our Ego speaking, or our Soul. Frankly, other than Addiction, I believe that What our Ego Wants is just What our Soul Wants, translated into the best form that our current Ego is capable of understanding. And even Addiction is a form of Denial, Denial being what we do to prevent a Total Humpty-Dumpty Meltdown of the sort that Regresses us further away from our Goals and Mission. We’re Asking that All Karma associated with [that Toxin] be Extinguished, and we have no idea what else that will Change.

  • 1 Retrograde Pholus Conjunct Retrograde Quaoar till at least 9:30 am 6 May 2022, still in 8 Capricorn. By now you know that et al includes War, Oil, Climate, Old Men Groping around in our Wombs, Inflation, Recession, our Food Supply, the Bees, and the End Times in general.
  • 2 The first occurrence in a Cycle of a major Angle such as a Conjunction, Square, or Opposition. The first occurrence in a Cycle of a Conjunction Initiates the New Cycle.
  • 3 Subsequent recurrence of the same Angle in the same Cycle. Many outer-planet Angles recur thrice – Direct, then Retrograde, then Direct again, but there are innumerable exceptions to this Pattern. The Cycles of Outer outer planets or planets with irregular (mostly elliptical) orbits can have many Expositions.
  • 4 Till 7pm PDT 7 February 2022, in 8 Leo.
  • 5 If this distinction isn’t Clear, it’s because we’ve been brainwashed to Believe that the World is really 2D. You might make fun of “Flat-Earthers,” but at least they operate in 3D. If you’re still Stuck in Either/Or, you’re working with a Dimension less than the Flat-Earthers are! Either/Or “Facts” are nothing more than Opinions. If you don’t Believe that, talk to the eight blind men who interviewed the Elephant. Either/Ors might give you Brownie Points for Obedience to some Dogma, but they won’t get you Enlightenment.
  • 6 Asteroid Eurydike Stationary until at least 12am PDT 7 May, in 12 Virgo.
  • 7 An astrological Angle that’s closing in on Completion or Exactitude, is referred to as “Approaching” or “Applying.” Once an event has Peaked and the two planets have consummated their Angle, and now begin to move apart, the Angle is considered “Separating.” The Impact of Approaching Angles increases till the event is Complete. If we’re Conscious of the event and/or the nature of its Impact, and use this information to Let Go of any relevant Karma, the Impact of a Completed Angle fades rapidly. If we succumbed to being the Victim of the event, failed to Own our Reactions to it, and made Decisions accordingly, like “I’ll Never Do That Again!” then we actually Deepen the Karma, and the Impact stays with us till we finally Let It Go. One Degree of Sensitivity or “Orb” is appropriate. The current Pholus-Quaoar event is within one Degree of Sensitivity till 25 August, 2022.
  • 8 Tosha Silver, Change Me Prayers: The Hidden Power of Spiritual Surrender.

5 Responses to “More Climate Change et al”

  1. Bob (in Australia) Says:

    The wonderful thing about this blog is that if you really pay attention, opportunities arise to take advantage of the current cosmological energy.
    I’ve developed a bit of a habit in that if I see a noteworthy event occurring or about to occur I make a quick note of it in my digital diary.
    I refer in this particular instance to the upcoming Ceres crossing dwarf planet Chaos (Unlimited Potential ), in 29 Gemini on 11 May 2022.
    I’ve got a bit of a theory, you see, that part of the reason for me (and probably most of your readers) choosing to come here in this incarnation is simply to act as a 5D conduit.
    This mountain we are climbing with all the “More Climate Change et al” luggage (not baggage) is our opportunity to project light into the Ascension process as conduits.
    My own limitations in doing so simply exist because I suffer from “Imposter Syndrome”.
    The sooner my soul remembers that I ain’t !, the more rewarding the view will be from the top of that mountain.
    So as part of that 5D process, if whatever we choose to do to escape that 3D anxiety loop, if it comes from a heartfelt intention (intuition) and not just a thought, then we are serving our purposes as conduits for everyone else.
    I particularly like Elias Lonsdale’s Sabian degree interpretations and 29 Gemini fits perfectly

    A garden planted solely with shade plants.

    “Offered the unique chance to take any given side of self and world to its absolute limit and beyond. Scouting out ahead in whatever direction suits your fancy. Saturated with all the props and accompanying attitudes and gestures of your chosen tangent. Fabulously alive to your fantasy, your obsession, your specialized style and manifestation. Extravagantly lavish in letting yourself go to decadent or breakthrough places. No conscience, no ethic, no restriction. Exploring to the hilt one side of things. And hoping to wear it out if it is limiting, or to bring it back alive for everybody to get in touch with if it proves to be relevant and enduring and cosmically right on”.


    • astrobuss Says:

      Thanks for these Insights, Bob! The New Ceres-Chaos Cycle (making Sustainable our Unlimited Potential) begins 1:29 pm PDT 10 May = 6:29 am AEST 11 May = UT 20:29 10 May. I’m in the Habit of taking my own Imposter Syndrome at Face Value, so your Comment is a Big Deal for me. Time to Explore this more, especially since it occurs on the apex of one of my “favorite” natal T-Squares!

      • Bob (in Australia) Says:

        You are most welcome, not just the veiw from the top but company for the trip up the mountain too !

  2. desmene Says:

    This meditation/skill building meditation is beautiful, I thought

    • Bob (in Australia) Says:

      Perfect synchronicity here too! Confirmation and amplification, Namaste to you too! Desmene on this beautiful day!

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