Educational Eclipse I

The Total Solar Eclipse in Antarctica on 3 December 2021 (11:43 pm PST) is not only very busy (though straightforward), but two hours later the Moon goes Out of Bounds, meaning that its impact on our Instincts and Emotions becomes much Stronger. An Out of Bounds Moon usually means that everyone is more Emotional, while “Reality” (at least as portrayed by the News Maxia) provides excellent excuses to Exaggerate our Thoughts About Our Emotions. Will Omicorn go Viral in the ‘hood? Will Santa test positive? Or Ruodolf? Or will Ahriman and Lucifer think up some Brand New Trauma to keep us agitated?

Speaking of Lucifer, Eclipses in general are about Illumination. What is normally invisible (that is, we haven’t differentiated it from the general background) to us suddenly becomes obvious by its absence. This Eclipse has a lot of help. It’s Merged with Mercury, which represents among other things our Power of Observation, and which also just went Out of Bounds (1:41 pm PST 2 December), so our Mercury Superpowers should be Hyperactive.

Mercury also points to our Thoughts, however, and our Power of Observation is too often clouded by our Thoughts About The Past. Having Learnt the common or scienterrific name of a Flower, for instance, we’re forever Deaf to the Flower’s attempts to tell us how the other Flowers call to it. Having seen many pictures of Tinkerbell, we look right through a Real Faerie when we see one. When we look at a Garden, do we focus on the Vegetables, or the Weeds?

But the Eclipse is also Merged with the asteroid Vesta, which represents Growth in Consciousness, and Differentiating things we haven’t Noticed before is exactly how Consciousness Grows – Noticing the things that have been hiding in plain sight. Attending Deeply to the places where we feel like a Victim, and Noticing which of our Self-Sabotaging Habit Patterns set us up to be Victimized, would be an excellent Response to this Eclipse. Take good notes – it’s amazing how “our own Truth goes right through us” as my First Teacher used to say. It’s so mysterious, then in an instant so obvious, and then for the life of us we can’t Remember what it was! The Ego is a Master at such Tricks!

The Eclipse is also Merged with the “Great Attractor” – a position in Space that is Pulling everything nearby into it, more strongly than even the Galactic Center. No one is quite sure what it is. It would be a great time to practice Expanding before we Manifest. Expanding is one of many “hidden” terms in PIAVA. You’ve probably done that Meditation where you imagine your Energy filling your Space, then filling the Room, then the Building, then the Block, and so on, till you’re as Big as the Universe. First Expand like that, then do your Prayers or Intentions or Affirmations or Visualizations or Askings or Commanding, or Tapping. Pull the Future of your Desires toward you as if it was the Great Attractor!

It’s worth a quick note about Desire. Desire comes from the Ego, so many Teachers want us to organize our Manifestations from a more Sacred Space. But Desire is as Sacred as Anything Else, and Desire is the most Reliable Guide we have for our Manifestations. Desire is just our Soul’s Mission, expressed in terms that our Present-Moment Ego can Understand. Sure, it’s Imperfect, because it’s just a Milestone. It can be a Millstone too, if we get too Attached (or Addicted) to it. We may need help getting beyond some Addictions, but in general, there’s a Feeling that our Deepest Desires will give us, and the more time we can spend lost in that Feeling, the faster we’ll manifest its trappings.

The Story around our Deepest Desire, the Material Objects or Emotional Situations that will Unlock that Bliss for us, these things are just more of Our Thoughts About Our Feelings. We probably already have a pretty good idea of what that ultimate Feeling is for us, since we’ve been Striving, Dreaming, and Fantasizing about it all of our Life. Well, we can Go Straight To The Feeling, practice re-Creating that Feeling in more and more Life circumstances, and before long we’ll Discover that we don’t need the Trappings, the Objects or Situations, we Already have the Feeling that We’ve Been Craving All Our Life. It’s the Greatest Treasure that’s Hiding in Plain Sight!

There are five more Energies in the Eclipse chart. We’ll get to those next.

Oh, we should give you the Moon-Out-of-Bounds schedule before we go. If a Moon OOB provides excellent excuses to Exaggerate our Thoughts About Our Emotions, wouldn’t this be a fabulous time to Notice that we’re Thinking, and instead Focus on the Emotions themselves. Yes, the Eclipse occurs before the Moon goes OOB, but that’s only in Linear Time, under the old Cause-and-Effect scam. Our Programmers made us Believe in Cause and Effect and Linear Time, so they could Hypnotize us into Believing that Effects that we wouldn’t Want would follow from Causes that they don’t Want.

Take a minute to Indulge one of the Most Precious and Wonderful Memories from your Past. Be fully Present with it. Feel it? Now tell me Time is Linear! You just Time-Traveled! And you just Practiced for Manifesting your Deepest Desire, which will Lead you Directly to your Life Mission, if you Let It. Anyway, we usually find that the Impact of New and Full Moons, and their occasional Eclipses, follows the actual Lunar event, coloring the ensuing Fortnight or so. So if Moon OOB is a few hours behind your schedule, no worries – you know how to Time-Travel now.

The Eclipse occurs at 11:43 pm PST on 3 December 2021, in 13 Sagittarius. We talked at length about 13 Sagittarius several posts ago, didn’t we. Remember, it’s the one where the Sabian Symbol is “A Widow Remembers All of the Wonderful Experiences She’s Enjoyed in Her Life: The Karma of Past Actions as it Affects Opportunities Offered by a New Cycle.” Yes, the Wonderful Experiences where she Touched her Deepest Desire and Life Mission, generating a ton of Good Karma.

So now we get to Harvest the Fruits of that Good Karma. What are those Fruits? More Good Karma. Karma is just Inertia, right? We think of Karma as nasty, because we pay more Attention to our Nasty Karma than we do to our Good Karma – we’re always Striving to overcome our Nasty Karma, and our Karma does often block what we Think is our Desired Path Forward. Maybe that’s just because it wasn’t quite Time for that yet. But it sounds to me like this Noticing-What-Will-Grow-Our-Consciousness Eclipse a good time to practice Enjoying our Good Karma.

The Moon Goes Out of Bounds for 3½ days on 4 December at 1:13 am PST, in 14 Sagittarius. It peaks when it Stands Still at 26:20 South Declination in 10 Capricorn at 6:31 pm PST on 5 December. It returns In Bounds on 7 December at 1:13 pm PST, in 24 Aquarius.

During this 3½ day span, the OOB Moon dances with twelve other planets, planets which may or may not be near your own natal planets (ie, the location the planets were when you were born). So we’ll get to study, up close and personal, through the Lunar (ie, Instinctual ) Microscope, how each of those dozen planets might impact any Good Karma that we want to Nurture, and Nasty Karma that we want to Transcend. Let’s Detail that list in our next installment, OK?

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  1. Casey c.d Says:

    I LOVE This! XO

  2. Casey c.d Says:

    Next installment cannot come fast enough 😉 🤣

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