Next Planet Standing Up – Neptune

As we prepare for the assault of the dreaded Omigod! variant, be sure to collect all of your COVID Merit Badges…

Find them in boxes of Cracker Jacks.

Bob (in Australia) has sent us a good essay on the history of Panpsychism, the notion that the Fundamental Foundation of the Universe is Consciousness…


Despite suffering from the silly residual Materialist fallacy that Consciousness and mind reside in the Huper brain, it’s an excellent introduction to our Weekly Astroexaggeration, namely the Exaggeration of Material Confusion, as embodied in the planet Neptune Standing Still in the Sky on 1 December 2021 at 5:22 am PST (in 21 Pisces). Neptune represents Everything Larger than Ourself, in particular Group Consciousness. Your Bowling Team and Knitting Club both have their own Group Consciousness – where do their brains reside? Probably in the head of one of the pins and one of the needles, right? But which one?

The Sky-Is-Falling global media reaction to Omicorn is a great example of Confusion. Fortunately, Confusion is good, as it’s the First Stage of Growth in Consciousness. But that’s only if you’re able to be Present with the Confusion as an Emotion, locating it in your Body and Lovingly Embracing it there. If we React to Confusion by Trying to Figure It Out as if it was a Midterm, we’re doomed to Avoid Growth, which is just fine with the Ego. Real Growth doesn’t happen without an Ego Death, and the Ego will do anything to Avoid that. I’d do Anything to Get Beyond This Block, but I Won’t Do That!

In Full, in addition to Anything larger than the Individual, Neptune is about Material Confusion and Spiritual Clarity. Which is fine, assuming we know what the heck Spiritual means. In this context, it means just about anything that’s neither Material nor Intellectual nor Emotional. It could be as simple as Switching from Particles to Waves, or Switching our Attention from Our Thoughts about our Emotions to The Sensations in our Bodies. Not, of course, Our Thoughts about the Sensations in our Bodies. Often it’s the Meaning of an event rather than the Description or our Reaction.

Or, Spirit can look like this, from Marilyn Raffaele’s Onenessofall Arcturian Channeling at

“It may seem as if nothing is happening for you, but once you say ‘I am ready. I want more. I want to spiritually evolve…’ the spiritual train leaves the station and for a while it can be a bumpy, painful ride because spiritual evolution is the process of dissolving all that is false in order to bring forth that which is real. It is the clearing out and then moving on from the energetic clutter accumulated through having lived many, many lifetimes immersed in the the third dimensional belief system.

“Allow your personal journey to unfold, trusting that your Higher Self is running the show and you will find that the right opportunities to assist or contribute in some way will be drawn to you. You need not go looking for things to change or fix, but rather your ability to simply hold the Light of truth will automatically draw to you the people, places, and situations seeking Light in some form because energy always seeks to align with like energy.

“Resist the temptation to look back with longing at ‘better times’ which in reality are simply concepts. In order to move forward physically, emotionally, and mentally, the good and the bad of the past must be let go in order for the higher and better forms of your highest good to manifest. The past is complete and finished energy. To continue looking to or longing for something from the past serves only to block what may be awaiting ahead for you.

“Some continue dwelling on the past in the false belief that everything was better then. The past can look better in many ways when compared with today simply because the negativity and darkness now being exposed was hidden in the past, covered up, and not discussed openly but was just as fully present. Rejoice that the negativity presently surfacing is helping to awaken a sleeping majority to a state of awareness that is interested in bringing about change.”

It’s a fairly simple and straightforward chart…

As Marilyn says, “Allow your personal journey to unfold, trusting that your Higher Self is running the show” – Mirroring Neptune Opposite asteroid Eurydike, as Eurydike means Trust. How often do we Trust our Confusion? In talking about Unique Abilities and giving the example of his own, Gay Hendricks says…

“I can create a space that brings forth innovative solutions from inside myself or from people I’m working with. I can feel this ability inside me right now. It’s a feeling of respect for the creative process, coupled with nonjudgmental listening for something new to emerge. I can wait patiently as long as it takes for a new solution to emerge. Possibly because I’m willing to wait for as long as it takes, it usually doesn’t take long.” —The Big Leap, pp.133-134.

Yes, this Argument between Confusion and Trust is Challenged (the red triangle) by the Tenacity of our Grasp on our Habit Patterns – asteroid Lachesis is about Karma that’s Dead but which We Haven’t Let Go Of.1 But the Argument is also easily Satisfied (the blue trusses) by Heartfelt Recognition of our Codependence and Active Transcendence of our Doubt.2 There is one additional Challenge (the short red line from Aletheia-Eris) – in order to get to Heartfelt Recognition of our Codependence, we Learn a lot about what we haven’t been Realizing.3

  • 1 Stationary Neptune Opposite Eurydike T-Squared by Lachesis.
  • 2 Heartfelt from Venus, Codependence from dwarf planet Hylonome, Active from Mars, and Transcendence from asteroid Ka epaoka awela, which we used to know as “Bee-Zed,” before it got its official Hawaiian name.
  • 3 Asteroid Aletheia Conjunct dwarf planet Eris, Square to Venus-Hylonome and Quincunx (Curious! ) to Mars-Ka epaoka awela.

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