It’s a Rich Man’s World



Brenda Hoffman’s Channeling for today lays it on the line…


“We, of the Universes, have spoken several times about how chaotic the next few weeks will be – for all earth entities and the earth.

“Even so, you often feel as if you have correct answers and directions. Of course, nothing could be further from the truth, for those directions have not yet been created. Your assumptions about your correctness are based on your 3D earth experiences instead of a new world.

“Granted, you have some inkling of what you want your new world to be. You dream of a life filled with peace, contentment, and joy. Dreams little different than your concept of a heaven filled with angelic beings dressed in white with golden halos and a loving countenance.

“What you now define as peace and contentment has little to do with what your new world will be like.

“That is not to say you have never experienced what you are about to create, but instead that you have only done so in dreams and fairy tales. For your fairy tales have more to do with your new being than any of your earth lives.

“Your thoughts likely revert to the emotional and physical pain your fairy tale characters experienced instead of their happy endings. Not because you are limited in your vision, but because you seldom experienced happy endings in any of your earth lives.

“Many of you think of financial abundance as a large part of your new peace and contentment. Such might be so. But instead of the primary reward or goal, financial stability will be a portion of that contentment.

“Financial markers have been promoted worldwide because commerce, outer-directed power, and industry were the power holders throughout 3D earth. So it is you believe that once you have financial abundance, you will be content. Even though such might be true, 5D and beyond contentment is more than finances. It is about waking up every day excited about the experiences that are before you or you created. It is about love for yourself and the love of others – connections of love and joy instead of power struggles.

“Money will be a minimal portion of who you become.

“You will not ignore or deny financial freedom but instead, accept it as part of your new world. Not something you strive for, but something that happens automatically as you create what you need when you need it.

“The old world view was that you might be rewarded with financial freedom if you worked diligently or were born or married into a wealthy family. Economic freedom was never a 3D given. That freedom was a golden ring almost impossible to grasp as your 3D merry-go-around spun faster and faster, creating stress or physical illness within you.

“Financial freedom will no longer be a goal, for it will just be. Similar to having air to breathe. This is a new age in a new time with new factors to assimilate or achieve. Finances are of the past. Creating a new world is your future.

“Most of you reading this message have difficulties conceiving of life without financial goals, distractions, or fears. You are so enmeshed in the economic realms that no other world seems possible.

“Perhaps it will help you better understand this concept if you address it from a historical perspective. Initially, humans were most interested in maintaining their physical bodies through hunting or gathering. Those who were better hunters or more industrious became the leaders, and eventually, kings and queens or whatever title comes to mind. In turn, the majority forced those kings and queens to allow a bit more even distribution of power and money. A few hundred years later, democracy became a key concept even though the envisioned distribution of power and money was never completely actualized. Such is what those of you in 5D or beyond will be creating.

“Even so, finances will be part of your world until those of you, in power of yourselves, understand that, like Dorothy in The Wizard of OZ, you have always had the power to create a life of peace and joy; you just never realized that truth. Or, more important for this message – it was not time for you to realize that part of your being.

“Such is your history but not your future.

“It is time to shed your preconceived ideas of how or when you will be content and in peace. For you do not yet fully understand what contentment and peace mean in your new world.

“Do you remember how personal computers changed your world? Multiply those changes by 10,000, and you will barely conceive of how different your world will be within months.

“So stop worrying, planning, or anything other than resting and relaxing as your physical, emotional, and spiritual being accepts the sometimes overwhelming energies flying through your being and world the next few weeks. Expect nothing of yourself, for now, other than adapting to and accepting your soon-to-be new world. So be it.”

And boy, do my Yes-Buts go off! Yeah, RIght! How many times have I heard that story! If Only! My father’s totally understandable Depression Mentality comes immediately to mind. When he graduated from high school he was told that one of Roosevelt’s federally funded work corps was hiring in a town thirty-some miles away. So he headed there, using the only transportation available, walking. When he got there he found that the story wasn’t true. So he walked back. His family lived near the end of a long narrow bay, and his most intense memory from that day was when he could see his house across the bay, but without a boat he still had many miles to go to get around the end of the bay.

But Intuitively, and from my own experience of Synchronicity, I know that “Money will be a minimal portion of who we become – we will not ignore or deny financial freedom but instead, accept it as part of our new world. Not something we strive for, but something that happens automatically as we create what we need when we need it” is an integral part of 5D, of Living in Mutual Cooperation with Nature. It’s about Letting Go of our Blocks to the Natural Flow of Energy.

Yes, the Mythology of our Time. We’ve been taught that Mythology is Myth. That’s one of our major blocks, and it’s a major foundation stone of the Mythology that Science and Capitalism (and the Patriarchy’s Linear Thought and Narcissism that supports their current hyperdestructive iteration) are Superior. Simply put, Energy precedes Manifestation. And we Create Energy by PIAVAing it. When we spend more time Imagining how it will Feel when “we create what we need when we need it” than we spend Imagining that it will never work, who knows what will happen.

I don’t think it Behooves us to worry about the rest of Huperity. Our Belief that we All have to Change before we can really Enjoy the Change, might have a grain of Truth to it, but the notion that Global Change happens when enough People Change has a bigger grain. As long as we allow Other People’s foot-dragging to slow down our own Change, we slow down the Global Change. The only thing we can Really Change is ourself.

If you want to worry about Other People, invest some of your time Imagining that “they create what they need when they need it” rather than worrying that your Future depends on them. You’ll still be Creating Negative Karma by interfering with their Free Will, but at least you’ll be exchanging some of your Codependence for Action. My working hypothesis is that ultimately, our best response to Sympathy is simply Asking that they Receive a Blessing and Letting it Take the Form that their Agreements with the Universe would endorse. If they Ask, or if they lack the means for physical Sustenance, that’s a whole ‘nother story – Abundance means Having Enough to Share.

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  1. The Wave Says:

    Reblogged this on Infinite Shift.

  2. Casey c.d Says:

    This was EXCELLENT!! Messages on point, I’m grateful for you extending your sense of clarity, enhancing the view (of the world) around us πŸ˜‰

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