Midpoints III and Cuspathon IV

Busy weekend impending, with heavy week to follow. Let’s start with the Calendar…

  • Till 26 September 2021, 10:03 pm PDT1 (Cuspathon) – Discovering Concepts, Disguised as Beliefs, that aren’t working for us. Hoping your Discredited-too-late Concept isn’t a Vaccine Conspiracy, not wanting to lose a reader. (Mercury Stationary in 26 Libra – sorry, WordPress won’t let me grey out anything tonight)
  • After 26 September, 10:18 pm PDT – Hopefully, Being Conscious about getting sucked into Collective ThoughtsAboutCompellingCollective-Feelings and Avoiding same. When we Wake Up we’ll realize that All Conspiracies are just ThoughtsAboutOurFeelings, which Thoughts can only lead us astray. Differentiating our Feelings from OurThoughts-AboutOurFeelings is probably the Most Important Work any one of us will ever do on this Planet, both for our Personal Future and for the Planet. (Moon Out of Bounds North till 3am PDT 1 October, spanning 25 Gemini to 5 Leo; peaking at 26:07N 29 September 1:27 am PDT, in 10 Cancer)
  • Till 26 September, 11:37 pm PDT (Midpoints2) – Our Self-Sovereignty and Codependence Issues are likely to be Lit Up so we can Clear them. Many of us have never thought to include Conspiracies as part of our Codependence, especially when they’re Disguised by DoubleThink as Sovereignty Issues, but they’re an excellent example of our Choosing not to make decisions that support our own Values. (dwarf planet Hylonome Stationary in 17 Capricorn)
  • Till 27 September, 12:08 pm PDT1 (Cuspathon) – Our Intuition is Lit Up Brightly. (dwarf planet Asbolus Stationary in 28 Gemini)
  • Till 30 September, 5pm PDT (Cuspathon) – We Confront our Unlimited Potential and face all of our “Reasons” why it can’t be so – it’s too Scary for us to Accept. (dwarf planet Chaos Stationary in 30 Gemini – this is the Retrograde Station, so it doesn’t get to Cancer till 20 July 2022)


  • 1 Possibly stretched out till 5pm 30 September by the Chaos Station in the same Degree Zone.
  • 2 Note that the Cusps and Midpoints relate to one another via the Octile series of Angles (1½ or 4½ Signs apart).

Here is the Midpoints chart…

And here is the Cuspathon chart, drawn for 30 September…

I was planning to interpret the Major Challenges (the T-Squares or red triangles), but I got hung up on the Octile Angles, and it seems important, so we’ll continue with them, and work on the Major Challenges tomorrow. Furthur quasi-astrologuese notes on the Octiles…

  • For instance, Jupiter-Damocles makes a Waxing Octile to the Hylonome Station, while Venus-Lachesis makes a Waning Octile to it. The Octile is about Adjustments and Rebalancing. So we’ll be making Adjustments to bring us further into Alignment with the Current Jupiter-Hylonome Cycle [Expanding our Self-Sovereignty] in preparation for this Cycle going Mainstream at the Waxing Jupiter-Hylonome Square (April 2023), Adjustments that might Relieve that Feeling of having a sword suspended over our head. And we’ll be making Adjustments to help us further Let Go of our Investments in the previous Venus-Hylonome and Lachesis-Hylonome Cycles [Aligning our Sovereignty with our Values, and Letting Go of Karma that Inhibits our Self-Sovereignty].
  • And, the Hylonome Station makes a Waning Trioctile to dwarf planet Sedna, while asteroid Hopi makes a Waning Trioctile to the Hylonome Station. The Trioctile is about Making Adjustments to, and Rebalancing, our Compassion. At 225 Degrees, the Waning Trioctile closely follows the Phitile Angle (222½ Degrees). The Phitile is the Climax of a Cycle, so the Waning Trioctile indicates the Timing for a Change in our Approach to what we’re doing. The Major Project of ours that has Dominated this Cycle will no longer be our Top Priority. Our First Priority might now be Making Amends to anyone we’ve Harmed or Ignored while we were Preoccupied with our former Major Project, in order to Restore the Community we’ll Need for Surviving the Void that always occurs between Cycles and for Thriving in the Cycle that will Follow.
  • Let’s take the Hopi-Hylonome Cycle [the Balance between our Respect for All Things and our Self-Sovereignty] as an example. It began in February 2019, so if it’s possible to think back to that Business-as-Usual Era, prior to the onslaught of the Great Careenavirus Disruption, there’s some “Project,” on some level, that we started around then, having something to do with our Sovereignty and our Respect for All Things. It might be easier to think in terms of when the Cycle met its Waxing Square and went Mainstream. Our “Project” was likely to have been mostly Unconscious until then, since Consciousness has room for a relatively small number of Projects.
  • The Waxing Square was in March 2020!
  • Well, what do you know, we seem to be looking into the Balance between Our Self-Sovereignty and Our Respect for All Things as it concerns the Great Careenavirus itself! I didn’t plan this, the astrology led me to it – as it’s often wont to do! This is on some level, what, the Major Issue of our Time? Is this about Me, or is this about Us? Duh! Isn’t this about Me Hoarding As Much As I Can for Myself While I Can Still Hoard? I mean, What Else Is There? Isn’t that how the Earth Game is played in Western Cultures? Where’s Alex Trebek when we really need him? This may explain part of the Vehemence and even Violence in the apparent over-reactions from some of the AntiVaxxers, instead of the simple “No thanks” that seems more appropriate to the situation. You’d think they were being Asked to do something Harmful, like accelerating Global Warming.
  • The current Hopi-Hylonome Cycle began in 13 Capricorn, A Fire Worshipper Meditates on the Ultimate Realities of Existence.” Rudhyar comments (in 1973), “In times when collective, perhaps total, death could be in store for mankind, the process of subjective meditation is fascinating an ever-greater number of people.”
  • Okay, so that Cycle, where Consciously or Unconsciously we’ve all been doing some version of this “Meditation” on the Balance between Our Self-Sovereignty and Our Respect for All Things has recently passed it’s Culmination (its Phitile). I don’t look up the next Cycle because anything we consider about it will be from the Perspective of the current Cycle, and therefore not only irrelevant, but Regressive. We may discover more by looking at the chart of the 10 February 2019 (5:08 pm PST) Initiation of the current Cycle.

4 Responses to “Midpoints III and Cuspathon IV”

  1. Casey c.d Says:

    Woah, lots going on right now. It’s like those books Choose your own adventure, yet somehow the future has already been chosen for you. We are just working to realize we choose our adventure yet it’s already been set in stone. Is this an accurate assumption.

    • astrobuss Says:

      The whole Fate/Free Will thing is a False Dichotomy, as all Dualities are. They exist only in the Dualistic Mind, as an effort to squeeze Multidemensianal and Singular Reality into two Dimensions. Like trying to spread the surface of a round globe onto a flat map – you have to choose some kind of distortion. So yes, as you suggest, it’s Both/And, and from the 2D Perspective, a Paradox. The way I parse it, for practical purposes, yes, our Fate – our Karma – is set in stone. Till we Choose to bring it into Consciousness and Change it. Bringing Fate/Karma into Consciousness means *Noticing* that it’s Deja Vu all over again, Responding Differently this time, and Watching to see what Happens. As a Paradox it aint that simple, but it’s one useful way to slice the Watermelon to see if it’s ripe.

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