Midpoints II and Cuspathon III

Actually, I don’t think we got as far as the Midpoint Action in the last post, even though it was named Cuspathon II and Midpoints I.

I’m still working on Antigone but meanwhile, Time marches on, and we need to begin looking at the other Degree Zone that’s about to become popular, namely the Midpoints of the Signs…

Not that we’re done with the Cuspathon – there are several more events coming up on the Cusps. Among other reasons, Cusps are important because of their Obvious correlation with Change. One can easily say that each Sign is a Reaction to the previous Sign…

Aries moves into the Spiritual Perspective to pull our boots out of the Piscean Emotional Swamp. Taurus moves into Seeing is Believing to ground the Arietian Pie in the Sky. Pluripotent Gemini shatters stodgy Taurean Dogmas. Nurturing Cancer Reacts to Gemini’s Airheaded lack of Empathy. Leo says What About Me?! after tiring of Cancer’s Emphasis on Other. Virgo is Compelled to Examine Who Am I anyway? once we Realize how Lonely Leonine Self-Admiration can be. Still Confused by Virgo’s constant Ego Death, Libra Asks Well, who are these Other people then? What do they Know that I don’t? Not getting what we Wanted from Libran Experiences with Other, we’re Inspired to Get to the Bottom of Things in Scorpio.

When we finally pop out of Scorpio’s The Way Out Is Through mantra, we Find that the motto of Sagittarius is The Way Out Is Letting Go. Running out of Arrows and other things to Let Go Of, in Capricorn we Realize that We’d Better Just Pick Up Our Hammer and Fix It. After we’ve Fixed It Our Way and we’re bragging about it in the local Aquarian Tavern , we Discover that other people had very Different ideas about how to Fix It. Eventually, Realizing that we’ll never Agree on how to Fix It, we get Discouraged and seek Solace in our Emotions, only to Realize that the gas stations no longer give away maps to the Piscean Swamp. So we send a drone up into the Arietian Sky to try to map it ourself. Und so weiter.

We don’t mean to insult anybody here, just to suggest that we take a look at how our two closest neighbors might see us.

So here’s who’s Dancing on our Cusps over the next several weeks…

  • We begin to Examine our Unconscious Limitations Fearlessly on 20 September 2021 (asteroid Vesta moves into Scorpio 9:29 am).
  • For several weeks after 20 September, we get to Review our Emotional Baggage, to see what we need not take with us on the next leg of our Journey (Full Moon in 29 Pisces, 4:56 pm PDT).
  • We have the Opportunity to Study how well our Intuition is Working between now and 27 September, especially around Grokking Perspectives Different from our own (dwarf planet Asbolus Stationary 12:08 pm PDT in 28 Gemini).
  • In particular, stretching to September 30, how well is our Intuition Working around our Unlimited Potential and what parts of it we want to PIAVA for our Bucket List (dwarf planet Chaos Stationary 5pm PDT in 30 Gemini).
  • Meanwhile, till 26 September, we Discover places where our Communication Skills with Other People might be Improved (Mercury Stationary 10:03 pm PDT in 26 Libra).
  • We begin to Seriously Question our Biases after October 4 (asteroid Hopi moves into Virgo).
  • Our Compulsions, especially our Compulsions to Resist our Unlimited Potential to Protect our Ego, are intense through 6 October (Pluto Stationary in 25 Capricorn).
  • This Stresses our Self-Confidence till at least 9 October1 (dwarf planet Chariklo Stationary in 30 Capricorn).
  • After 7 October we start Letting Go of Values that we’ve recently Discovered are no longer Who We Really Are (Venus enters Sagittarius).
  • After 9 October1 we begin to notice that Concerns we’ve had about our Relationships have faded, and our Relationships begin to Change Spontaneously (asteroid Atropos moves into Libra and asteroid Lachesis moves into Sagittarius).

1 A lot Changes on 9 October; also see below.

Meanwhile, our first Sign Midpoint event occurs on 21 September (coincidentally, the Cusp of Libra). While the Seasons Change on the Cusps of the Creative Signs (Northern Spring/Southern Fall on the Cusp of Aries, Northern Summer/Southern Winter on the Cusp of Cancer, Southern Spring/Northern Fall on the Cusp of Libra, Southern Summer/ Northern Winter on the Cusp of Capricorn), the Pagan Cross-Quarter Holidays occur at the Midpoints of the Fixed Signs (Imbolc at the Midpoint of Aquarius, Beltane at the Midpoint of Taurus, Lughnasadh at the Midpoint of Leo, Samhain at the Midpoint of Scorpio), which are also referred to as The Four Horsemen of the Apocalype.

  • Until 21 September (3:10 am PDT) our Self-Love is tested again, in a Review of our extensive Work on it in July. When our Self-Love is Lit Up, it’s important to Remember that Self-Doubt is a Paper Tiger that can be Dismissed summarily. Self-Doubt is just Our Thoughts About Our Feelings of Discouragement, and by now we all know that Our Thoughts About Our Feelings can only lead us astray (asteroid Sappho Stationary in 17 Aquarius). What Is It About the Apocalypse that Frightens You? That would be Your Thoughts About Your Feelings, wouldn’t it. How about instead, Where in Your Body Do You Feel Your Fear About the Apocalypse? Can You Be Loving With It There? No? Well, Keep Trying!!
  • We’ll be Busy with our Judgments and our Compulsions the week of 3 October, but till 9 October (there’s that date again), our Understanding of Sustainability will be Shifting (dwarf planet Ceres Stationary in 13 Gemini). It’s always useful to Remember that Sustainability starts with Sustenance, that is, What Can I Do Without? Notice, above1, that our Self-Confidence is also Up for Repairs, while our Karma is Shifting profoundly, both in terms of natural Expiry dates (Atropos) and in terms of what we can Change Consciously (Lachesis).

Oh, did I mention that we’re likely to be Seduced by Our Thoughts About Our Emotions between 10:18 pm PDT 26 September and 2:58 am 1 October (Moon Out of Bounds between 15 Gemini and 5 Leo, peaking at 26:07 North Declination and 10 Cancer at 1:27 am PDT on 29 September), implying that there’s likely to be much Cultural Stress during that week, as this kind of astroevent usually leads to being Seduced by our Collective Thoughts About Our Collective Emotions. COVID perhaps? Economic Survival? Government Shutdowns? Hurrycanes? Apocalyptic Horrors we haven’t even contemplated? (That would likely involve Pholus, which was lit up last week.)

One Response to “Midpoints II and Cuspathon III”

  1. Bob (in Australia) Says:

    Und so weiter indeed ! & with a sense of humour that cuts through the 3D responsibilities that constrain us, I think I’ll be sleeping with my intuition cap on for the next few weeks !

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