The Cuspathon Continues

Of course all Sign Changes are Cuspal events as well. This month already, Our Relationship Karma was Triggered on 1 September 2021, we Started Second-Guessing our Confidence again on 6 September, and we Began Deepening our Relationships on 10 September. Later this month, we Act to Set Better Relationship Boundaries after 15 September, and Get a Lot More Curious about what Makes our Unconscious Limitations Tick after 20 September.1

Our next Big astroevent occurs 12 September in the last Degree of Sagittarius – I know we’ve all been Feeling it for several days already – as our usually Hidden and often Forbidden Genius, the one who needs to Break all the Rules to Be Themself, gets harder and harder to Repress. It’s not “the Devil” that makes us do it this time, it’s Orders from Galactic Headquarters.2

It’s about the part of ourself that was Shamed or Punished into hiding when we weren’t old enough to be able to Claim Our Own Power. As Powerful as this Energy is for us, it’s almost certainly also Karmic. We spent many Lifetimes developing this Skillset, partly because we knew we – and the Planet – would need it in the End of Days.3 As a Soul we knew that the most Powerful way to bring it into Consciousness would be to expose it to Resistance and Repression.4

Don’t be misled by the 2D version of this Skillset that the Intellect has access to. If we think we Understand it, we’re probably wrong. On the trivial Dualistic level, which is the Skill we need – What Is Repressed? Or The Skill at Repressing It? What we and the Planet Need is probably some Multidimensional but Unitary combination of these two and many more Energies5 that are accessible only to the Intuition.

All next week, through 17 September, “Global Warming” Heats Up. Global Warming is an innocuous-sounding Metaphor for the fact that our Obsessive Left-Brain Laser Focus on ripping the asphalt shingles off of the roof of our House and tossing them into the Fire leaves us Wondering why we’re getting Wet and having trouble Breathing the Toxic Smoke, while Indulging our Victimhood about our Misfortunes.6

1 Asteroid Karma moved into Libra 1 September, dwarf planet Chariklo backed into Capricorn and asteroid Eurydike moved into Virgo 6 September (9:30 am and 12:15 pm PDT respectively), Venus moved into Scorpio 10 September (1:30 pm PDT). Mars moves into Libra 15 September (4:51 pm PDT) and asteroid Vesta enters Scorpio 20 September (9:29 am PDT).

2 Dwarf planet Ixion is Out of Bounds (Exaggerated impact), and Stationary (Strong) 12 September (5:07 am PDT), Merged with the Galactic Center, which is three Degrees shy of the Capricorn Cusp.

3 Think about your T-Squares, especially your most Difficult T-Square – they define your Lifetime Curriculum, and your Frustrations from them are your greatest Teachers.

4 We know it the End of Days (as we know them, of course) because the Plant Sources of both Chocolate and Coffee are threatened with Commercial Extinction.

5 For starters, what about the planets in the Base of your T-Squares? And what other Angles and Configurations do they participate in? What other Angles and Configurations do the Foci of your T-Squares make? Especially the “Hidden” Angles and Configurations – the 5th (360/5=72 Degrees), 7th (360/7 etc.), 8th, 9th, 10th, 11th, 13th, and numerically higher Harmonics, the Angles that don’t join the same Degrees in different Signs. Find the meanings of the higher Harmonics in Angeles Arrien’s Tarot Handbook, correlating each Harmonic with the corresponding card in the Major Arcana. We don’t have to be Encyclopedic about it, we can just follow our Curiosity. Pay particular Attention to the 18th Harmonic, symbolizing Authenticity, as this Path also leads to your Wholeness.

The 18th Harmonic comprises 20 Degrees, 40, 80, 100, etc., omitting the Angles that can be divided by 30. Looking up these Angles isn’t as hard as one would imagine. For instance, in the chart of the 29:21 Sagittarius Ixion Station, the 18th Harmonic connects Ixion to 9:21 of the Dynamic (Air and Fire) Signs (Aquarius, Aries, Gemini, Leo, Libra, Sagittarius), and 19:21 of the Magnetic (Earth and Water) Signs (Capricorn, Pisces, Taurus, Cancer, Virgo, Scorpio).

We would use no more than one Degree of Sensitivity or Orb, ie, 8:21 to 10:21 and 18:21 to 20:21). Other astrologers would use 24 Arcminutes (0:24) as the Sensitivity, but other astrologers consider these “minor” Angles, which they are as far as the Ego Personality is concerned. Our aim though is to fathom the Relationship between the Ego and the Unconscious, and in this realm the “minor” Angles are where some of our deepest and potentially Most Essential Secrets are kept.

The 18th Harmonic is related to the 9th Harmonic, The Hermit, or the Novile Angle series, symbolizing Introversion and Meditation. For convenience, let’s name the 20-Degree Angle the Unoctile (Un as in “one,” rather than “not”). It’s also known as a Seminovile, but I prefer to use a name for the actual fraction, rather than dividing a larger Angle. We Recognize that Introversion and Meditation are a primary Path to finding the Essential Authentic Self, as Stephen and Ondrea Levine describe in Who Dies?.

If we use Serrenu ( for 12:07 UT 12 September 2021, we find…

(a) Distant minor planet Arrokoth [Close Examination] and centaur Orius [Pirate] at the Waxing Unoctile [Authentic, Integrated]. We might Ask ourself, If we were a Pirate, how on Close Examination would we Feel about that? Would we Empathize with our Victims, Gloat over our Genius, or …? If we were around in 2014, we might remember Arrokoth as Ultima Thule, the target for the leftover fuel in NASA’s flyby of Pluto [Unconscious Compulsions], since renamed Arrokoth.

(b) Plutino Lempo [Love Daemon] at the Waxing Septunoctile (7/18th of 360 or 140 Degrees ahead of Ixion) [Timeliness or Safety of Being Authentic]. We might Ask ourself, In this Moment, do we Feel that Love is Dangerous, or Predatory, or Deceptive, or…?

(c) Dwarf planet Ceres [Sustainability] at the Waxing Quadranovile (160 Degrees) [Adeptness with Authenticity]. We might Ask ourself, Is our Intuition about When to Be Authentic, and When it’s not Appropriate or Safe, Sustainable, or do we Frequently Misjudge How Authentic to Be in a Situation or Relationship?

(d) Asteroid Requiem [Respect for Death], whom we’ve met, at the Waning Septunoctile [The Peter Principle (approaching the Phitile)]. We might Ask ourself, Do we Know When to Call It Quits or to “Get Out at the Top”?

(e) Sun and asteroid Hygeia [Clean] at the Waning Quintunoctile [Learning to Let Go]. We might Ask ourself, Is it Time to “Come Clean” about our Lack of Authenticity in a Relationship? How would we Go About that?

(f) Asteroid Atlantis [Technohubris and Greed] at the Waning Binovile (80 Degrees behind Ixion) [Knowing When to “Fold”]. We might Ask ourself, If I didn’t have to Pay the Consequences, Where would I throw my Sabots to Use My Unique Skillset to Create the Maximum Impact to Stop Hupers from Destroying the Earth‘s Ecosystem? Are we Close Enough to the End that it’s Time to Damn the Consequences rather than Continue to Endure the Status Quo? Is that My Addiction to Comfort Speaking, or My Honest Intuition about the State of the Planet?

6 Dwarf planets Quaoar and Pholus are Stationary on 16 (9:18 am PDT) and 17 September (4:58 am PDT) respectively, near the same Capricorn Cusp (in 4 and 3 Degrees Capricorn respectively. Quaoar is about our Survival Instincts, and Pholus is about What We Haven’t Realized Is Dooming Us. We’ll have No Trouble staying in our Pholian Denial, because we’ll be Covering the Intuitive Warnings that our Emotions are Giving Us, by keeping all of our Mental Attention on our Self-Pity over how the Plagues, Floods, Fires, and other Apocalyptic Events are Victimizing us – if we have any Spare Attention left over from Whining about what a Sacrilege it is to have to keep our Piehole covered, as if that’s any different from keeping our Peehole covered. We should stage a counterprotest about how Unconstitutional it is to have to wear pants. All God’s Chillens gots to have their Freedom…Freedom…Freedom.

We don’t Notice and Acknowledge the Emotional Intuition because we Respond to the Moon being Out of Bounds by making a Big Deal over our Thoughts about our Emotions, especially our Collective Thoughts about our Collective Emotions. The Moon goes out of Bounds at 2:31 am PDT 13 September in 15 Sagittarius. On its way South it crosses Ixion at 3:28 am PDT 14 September, Pholus at 9:16 am, and Quaoar at 11:24 am. It reaches Peak Southness at 25:59 S Declination in 10 Capricorn at 8:45 pm 14 September. While still Out of Bounds it Unxes Ixion on 16 September at 12:22 am PDT, Pholus at 1:10 pm, and Quaoar at 3:21 pm. It returns In-Bounds in 5 Aquarius on 16 September at 3:43 pm.

The Recognition that the Apocalyptovirus is a Natural Child of the “Global Warming” Created by Huper Technohubris and Greed is there, but scarce. Even the Acknowledgment of Huper Technohubris and Greed is rare. Mostly it’s about Beating it’s Chest. After nine years of Flirtation (within 3 Degrees of Sensitivity) and five years of foreplay (1 Degree of Sensitivity), Pholus (Taking Full Responsibility For) will finally Consummate it’s Meeting with Quaoar (Our Survival Instincts) on 8 February 2023 (7:52 am PST) in 9 Capricorn (“An Angel carrying a harp: The revelation of the Spiritual meaning and purpose at the Core of any Life situation” ), beginning a new approximately 120-year Cycle in how Seriously we Consider our Survival. That’s 17 months from now.7

7 Pholus has an elliptical Orbit of almost 92 years, ranging from Saturn to beyond Pluto. Quaoar’s Orbit, at almost 289 years, is a little longer than Pluto’s. Quaoar’s almost-round Orbit is closer to the Sun than Pluto when the latter is furthest from the Sun in its elliptical Orbit, though at the moment Pluto is nine Earth-Sun distances closer to us than Quaoar. Quaoar will be closer than Pluto starting in 2053, at the Midpoint of Aquarius. If Quaoar then replaces Pluto as the arbiter of the Zeitgeist, Survival will become The Most Important Thing, even more than it appears to be today. It was last inside Pluto’s Orbit from 1803, 15 years after the French Revolution, until 1908.

The Cycle that we’re concluding now began in mid-October 1901, at 11 Leo (“Children play on a swing hanging from the branches of a huge oak tree: The power of Tradition as it shelters the beginning of individual self-expression” ). Well, we’re certainly seeing the Death Throes of “individual self-expression,” as the covidiots wave their “Give me Liberty (from Masks and Vaccines) or Give me Death (from COVID)!” flags with Revolutionary fervor. Here’s one result…

And another…

“Death Panels” are actually nothing more than Triage, which has been around forever in situations where Injury and Disease has exceeded a Community’s Healing capacities, and where “the Rich will Live, and the Poor will die.” It’s just not something we’re used to in the “Developed” World and the 21st Century. Is it an aberration, or the start of a trend?

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  1. Casey c.d Says:

    This is amazing, I will be spending some time on all you’ve noted, and trying not to be an encyclopedia about it while I’m at it πŸ˜‰ Posted 3 days after the big β€˜41’, I’m one degree past the novile, seems fitting πŸ˜‰β˜ΊοΈβœ¨πŸ’• πŸ‘

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