Expanding into Fear

I’m late with this…

We don’t all live in Kabul or New Orleans or Waverly Tennessee or Northern California, but many of us are Feeling as if we did. The primary astrocorrelate of what’s-going-on is an Emphasis on Converting Fear to Power (dwarf planet Sedna Stationary) that peaks at 7:09 am PDT 30 August 2021. Sedna is about the Terror or Helplessness or Despair we Feel when an Energy or Entity far larger than ourself appears to be Out-of-Control Angry with us, or Acting as if they are. Like Gaia for instance. The Sedna Station occurs in the last Degree of Taurus, “A peacock parading on the terrace of an old castle.” A symbol for Homo exitius I guess.

The Moon crossed Sedna at 8:13 am PDT 29 August. The Moon is often the timer that Triggers an event.

The impact of an astroevent usually drops off rapidly after the event, assuming we haven’t made Decisions that will cement in place a negative Reaction to the event, such as I’ll never do that again! In this case the Converting Fear Energy may be stretched out for several days, as it will make an excellent Justification for the Excess Emotionality that usually accompanies Moon Out of Bounds, which will span 4:54 pm PDT 30 August through 4:08 pm PDT 3 September (in 16 Gemini through 4 Leo), peaking at 5:24 pm PDT 1 September (Stationary at 25:23 North Declination in 10 Cancer).

The Sedna Station chart emphasizes Awareness of our Karma on a very Deep level.

I’ll detail that (and the “Expanding” part) in the next post, as I want to get this one out before it’s even later yet and folks start making Decisions.

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