Expanding into Fear III

I reassembled and replaced the previous post. Now the software we won’t name is censoring my posts. They don’t tell me I’m being censored, they just delete a line or two, and break the post so I can no longer edit or post it. I really need to find a new one.

6 Responses to “Expanding into Fear III”

  1. Arlan Aka Arkan Says:

    That sucks!

  2. markwhammond Says:

    Sorry to hear this. Super sloppy AI. Just finished reading 1984 for the first time since high school and here we are with “thought crime” policing done by some junior programmer with marching orders from his manager, zero wisdom and few key strokes. Ah, the sweet banality of evil. It’s all done by people who just want to go to lunch and not get fired. OMG!
    best, Mark
    Mark William Hammond

  3. cat friend Says:

    hmmm… the software we won’t name tends to get bogged down and buggy if database cache is not flushed every now and then (very south node). I had a similar issue and installed a plugin that helps with it. Could also be the visual editor which can “eat” posts as you write them if you’re using a browser it doesn’t agree with. You can try a different browser or use the text editor instead to mitigate.

  4. charellesno305 Says:

    I am devastated what do I do?

  5. charellesno305 Says:

    You need to speak the truth it’s extremely important and let other people know about the software! Grrrr…. Don’t fall victim because somebody offered you nice software for free and it’s not capable or working the way it should be. Please get a VPN from now on and pay for it it’s extremely important right now in your circumstance I’m so sorry this happened. I love your channel

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