Soul Descending

In the Unconscious, there is no Direction, only Dimension. So Ego Ascending and Soul Descending are the same thing. Except of course that Ego is tricky to define. We’re said to have to “Let Go of the Ego” in order to Ascend, but that refers to the colloquial definition of Ego, the one that’s associated with Pride. No question that it’s difficult to fit a swollen Pride through the narrow Portal of Ascension – remember when you single-handedly wrestled the handle-less Queen mattress into your new house or apartment the last time you moved? The Ego isn’t just big, it’s slippery and easily changes shape. Think Loki or Coyote or Mercury – very hard to pin down unless you’re a lawyer who’s tricked every fool into thinking that Debate has winners and losers rather than just mutual self-abusers.

Why did they take the handles off of mattresses anyway? Lobbying from the moving industry? Figuring no one would notice and they’d save $20 per million mattresses, that the CEO could sweet-talk into a $20 million bonus?

To us Ego isn’t about Pride, it’s just the part of the Psyche that’s been put in charge of our Survival. So the sense of “Letting Go of the Ego” is just about Letting Go and Letting the Goddess, Surrendering our Survival into the hands or tentacles or fins or hoofs or wings or breast of a Greater Power. But if the Goddess helps people who help themselves, who is it that buys the Lottery ticket? The Ego. The Rhetoric is tricky. Power and Ego are synonyms. Which is easier, Just Do It! or Talk about it? We probably need both. It’ll probably help to Intend to Collaborate instead of Competing.

Anyway, I’ve several other relatively urgent tasks this afternoon, so I don’t have time for a full-out post, but there are a couple of things that are easy to forget, but which we need to remember, before the 19 August 2021 Exaggeration of the Soul (Station of Uranus, peaking 6:40 pm PDT, at the Midpoint of Taurus). First, traditional Ego astrology interprets Uranus as Disruption, and appropriately so. And second, we interpret Uranus as Disruption of All that Is No Longer Aligned with Our Soul’s Purpose. So it’s a great time to Let Go and Let the Goddess Open Up Space for our next Adventure.

We’ll look at the Uranus Station chart tomorrow.

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