Thoughts about Emotions

The Meyers-Briggs inventory identifies the parts of ourself that we tend to emphasize – Feeling versus Thinking, Introversion versus Extroversion, Perception versus Judgment, Intuition versus Sensing. Not that those characteristics are Either/Ors, or even Opposites, but people usually lean toward one side or the other in each of those comparisons.

Two of the comparisons are split more or less 50-50 in the general population, but the other two are more like 75-25, leaving the two 25% groups as often misunderstood. For instance, one minority group is Introversion, and Extroverts generally have no basis for comprehending Introversion. Since there are very few if any introverted grade-school teachers, and we often can’t rely on our parents to grok Introversion either, most of us Introverts have learned to regard ourselves as Inadequate Individuals by the time we’re twelve.

A quick rule of thumb, by the way, is that, when Frazzled, Introverts reassemble their Sense of Self in private, while Extroverts need to bounce off other people in order to find their Grounded Center again. No one is 100% one way or the other, it’s a matter of degree of emphasis. When Jupiter is Lit Up, we’re more likely to be Extroverted, and when Saturn is Lit Up, Introversion is more likely. A good friend has a natal Jupiter-Saturn Square (Challenge), and they have had a difficult time finding Balance, boomeranging between Extroverting till they can’t stand it, then Hermitting till they can’t stand that.

When I first took the simplified version of the Meyers-Briggs in Jerome Keirsey and Marilyn Bates’s book Please Understand Me, some forty years ago, I was shocked to discover that I had two sets of answers – one for general consumption and another for secret, personal Truth. If anyone was looking, I emphasized Thinking. If no one was looking, I favored Feeling. So I set out to Recover my Emotions. Like any Addiction, one is never Recovered, but always Recovering. After forty years of Recovery, my True Self is still a small voice in the back of my First Chakra.

One of my most important recent Discoveries is that Our Feelings are very different from Our Thoughts about Our Feelings. This is true whether we’re talking about our Emotions or our Sensations. We Easily make ourselves sick by focusing on Our Thoughts about Our Fears when something Feels Amiss in our Bodies. On the other hand, we can often quickly Eliminate Physical Symptoms by focusing Intensely on Exactly what it is we’re Feeling, and Precisely where in our Bodies we Feel it. “Mind over Matter” such a practice is often called, but the term is misleading, because “Mind” is often Confused with Logical Thought, rather than Attention. The phrase “Attention Heals Discomfort” is more appropriate.

At any rate, we should be replete with Opportunities in the coming week to Discern the Difference between Our Feelings and Our Thoughts about Our Feelings. Until 1:22 am PDT 19 August 2021 (and beyond, if we get Trapped by Our Thoughts about Feelings), The Truth of the Mind is Exaggerated (asteroid Veritas Stationary, in 22 Aries). During this astroevent, we’re also Experiencing Exaggeration of the Truth of the Soul (Uranus Stationary, in 15 Taurus) till 6:40 pm PDT 19 August.

Emotions, and most Sensations, are Transitory, and the sooner we Let them Go, the better. Yes, we read them, Pay Attention, and take them seriously as the Intuitions that they are, but they’re Messages, not Gospels. On the other hand, Thoughts, especially when they lead to Decisions, can Easily become Programmed into our Everyday Self. So Our Undesirable Feelings, when Cemented in by Our Thoughts and Decisions, or even just Compulsive Thinking about them, Stick to us like Tar, and with enough Replications, can become new Karma to haunt us, potentially for Lifetimes.

It should be Obvious that Messages from our Soul are Important, and “worth keeping.” We aren’t so sure about Our Thoughts about Messages from our Soul. For instance, if our Soul says, “Don’t Do that,” and our Thoughts say “But they’ll be so disappointed and so will I,” or “But we’ll starve,” which voice are we likely to Trust? At the very least, it would behoove us to Learn to Know the Difference, even if we Compromise and Ignore the Soul again.

To complicate things, the Moon will be Out of Bounds. When the Moon is “OOB,” there are always Excellent Reasons (that is, Thoughts) to Freak Out about something, and since everyone else will be sucked in (especially the Media), it’ll be Difficult to Trust a voice suggesting that we go our own way. The Moon is OOB from 11:17 pm PDT 16 August till 7:42 am PDT 20 August (spanning 16 Sagittarius through 4 Aquarius), peaking at 3:30 pm PDT 18 August (Moon Stationary at 26 South Declination, in 10 Capricorn).

The Moon is astrology’s alarm clock, so there are a couple more times that may prove to be significant – we’ll leaf them into a calendar for 19 August…

  • 12 am PDT (midnight Wednesday night) – A good time for Potential Insights into the ways we habitually Discourage Interaction with our Soul (OOB Moon Trine Stationary Uranus).
  • 1:22 am PDT – Exaggeration of the role of Thinking in our Spiritual Life (Veritas Stationary in Aries). Jung referred to people who overemphasized Thinking as “Irrational,” because they were less likely to be in touch with their Values, and hence were not aware of when and how they Sabotaged themselves. Aries is about Creative Spirit, and it is pitifully Easy to second-guess our Spiritual Creativity as Out of Line, as it almost always Contradicts Norms, and Aries is several Signs from having any idea what it is they’re Creating, and therefore cannot Explain themselves or the Purpose of their Creations.
  • 10:36 am PDT – A likely time to get caught (not necessarily by others) relying on Stories that don’t Grow Corn, or that Conflict with one another (OOB Moon Square Stationary Veritas). Stories that Conflict happen all the time, since Stories (aka Philosophies or Rules for Living, or “Gospels”) are just Metaphors. But we may be Inspired to find the MetaStory that Resolves the Conflict, or to Appreciate the Inconsistency as Mystery. Either way, they need to Grow Corn (perhaps by Leading us to more Contact with our Soul, for instance).
  • 6:40 pm PDT – Strong Contact with our Soul as it Descends into Flesh (Uranus Stationary in Taurus).

2 Responses to “Thoughts about Emotions”

  1. DavidKornSpecialProjects Says:

    Amen brother!
    Well said!
    Thank you, David

  2. Cheryl Anne Ruebner Says:

    I very much appreciate the Jung factoid and your take on Aries here.

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