Yintegrity Guilt

Interesting. Early this morning I almost finished a very long post on the upcoming Emphasis on Growth in Consciousness (asteroid Juno Stationary 2 August 2021 4:42 pm PDT, in 9 Sagittarius). Frankly, I thought it was one of my best posts ever, and I was thinking about how, when I think a post is great, it gets little Response. So, evidently to Mirror my Negative Thinking, WordPress has obligingly Disappeared my draft, saving us both the trouble of Acting out our Karmic Dance. This is Zero-Point-Field stuff, where one’s Thoughts are instantly Manifested.

I had hints – Preview wasn’t working, for instance. But I ignored them, and didn’t make a backup as I should have, didn’t even think of it (that’s dwarf planet Pholus talking – failing to consider the most important details; it’s just out of “orb” or valid closeness, at 4 Capricorn). There’s no way I could re-create what I wrote, and even if I tried, there’s no way my other Obligations would permit me to spend that much time on it.

One quote that I hadn’t finished entering…

“Learning to function from your center is a crucial luck skill to practice. This includes moving your body at a rate that’s in harmony with your core, listening to your intuition, and being true to your values, passions, and priorities.

“The vehicle for getting you to the right place at the right time is your body, but most of us walk around oblivious to what’s happening inside of us physically. We’re distracted by what’s going on around us or, more often, caught up in our thoughts, which are usually elsewhere – worrying about the future or regretting events in the past.

“Operating at the speed of luck requires finding the stride that allows you to be present in both mind and body right where you are – in the moment happening now. You’re not out in front of the moment or being dragged behind it.

“We call that stride your “essence pace” – the speed at which you can move through space with a happy, sincere smile on your face. You can be moving quickly or slowly, but always with a sense of grounded ease. The key element is that you aren’t stressed or anxious. When you move at your essence pace, you’ll certainly enjoy yourself more, and in our experience, you’re also more likely to arrive at the optimal spot at just the right time.”

–Gay Hendricks and Carol Kline, Conscious Luck, pp.126-7.

Which seems to be the Growth in Consciousness for me at this time – like the automated speed llmit sign says,

Slow Down!

Before I go any furthur, I’m going to make a backup, and then try Publishing this, to see if the container is poisoned, as has happened before.

3 Responses to “Yintegrity Guilt”

  1. Fran Says:

    Sorry to have missed your full post but the abbreviated one is v helpful

  2. desmene Says:

    Love the “essence pace” concept… thank you!

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