Yintegrity Guilt 2

So I can at least show the chart (though even that may be a little blurry, but readable with a little effort)…

And summarize quickly…

We’re Growing in Consciousness around our Held Emotions (Juno Stationary Conjunct South Node). Since our Held Emotions are the ones we’d Rather Die than Feel, this is no fun for our Current-Moment Ego. If you’re Feeling a Death Wish, Embrace it, it’s just your Ego Molting. Meanwhile, if we can Tune into it through the Carnage, our Instincts are in touch with our Life Mission (Moon Conjunct North Node). This dynamic is Challenged by largely-Unconscious Recollections of the Original Source of our Karma, as we re-Experience the Original Bummer (dwarf planet Orcus T-Square Nodes and Juno-Moon).

And we’re being Advised that The Most Important Thing if we Wish to Jettison this batch of Unpleasant Karma, is that we Be Loving with every Part of Ourself in the Experience, Then and Now (Saturn Opposite Sun and asteroid Hopi Out-of-Bounds, T-Squared by asteroid Lachesis).

What we actually Manifest will Depend on our Unconscious Limiting Beliefs, whether we focus on the Bitter Lemons from the past, or the Sweeter Lemonade we will Create though Letting Go of this Trauma (asteroid Vesta Conjunct dwarf planet Makemake in Trine Bridges to both T-Squares, and in an Air Grand Trine with Saturn and Moon-North Node).

(WordPress Disappeared this one too, but I may have discovered a clue to the earlier post’s demise, as I was recover this one by loading the chart differently.)

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  1. boozilla Says:

    your posts ALWAYS help. !

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