We’ve been taking pains, more or less, to indicate that we interpret dwarf planet Eris as Revelation of What’s Been Denied, on a personal level (Eris Stationary 20 July 2021 2:08 am PDT, in 25 Aries, #5 in the series), so as not to confuse it with Revelations per se, the Apocalyptic putative addendum to the Christian Bible. But there are a lot of events lately to suggest that we should consider it to apply to the Cultural and Hysterical levels as well…

We can’t borrow the pictures from this article because they’re protected, but do look into the first five or so pages (they scroll to the right) to see the “before and after” pictures of the floods in Erfstadt-Blessem, Germany…

Not much of a Blessem, and just one of many places…

Even the Sky-Is-Falling climate scientists were “shocked.” Not to mention the story today where someplace in Henan, China received Eight Inches of Rain in an hour.

We live in a dry spot near one of the planet’s great Raincoasts, and we Experience One Inch of Rain in a Day as a Pourdown.

And then there are the monster Forest Fires in the Western US that are sending smoke 3,000 miles to the east…

Or the Locusts…

Oh, and I almost forgot the rise of the more-contagious Delta Variant of our by-now “Olde Friend,” the Garudavirus. To quote Tony Faucheesy, “…If anybody here is lying, Senator, it is you.”

The Goddess Eris tossed a Golden Apple labeled “To the Fairest of them All” into a Feast that included all of the Iconically Bootiful usually-naked Greek Goddesses, and these Ladies fought over it like Crows and Seagulls. Evidently retaining the same Vanity, Ego astrologers today still interpret Eris as Discord rather than Denial. Denial is an epithet we, as Children of course, liked to throw at people who reject our Criticism, but it’s actually a Healthy Psychological process, used to mete Trauma to ourself in digestible batches, so we don’t get Overloaded and Revert. Those Greek Tragedies liked to portray people who were Trapped in their Fate, and of course Zeus and his drinking buddies loved to portray women as petty, fragile adornments that were addicted to Vanity.

We’ll discover otherwise shortly, as our next Self-Love Station in the Gauntlet is about exactly that – whether we Choose to remain in Denial and suffer the resulting Fate for the duration, or Choose to face the music, suffer the Ego Death, and emerge into Consciousness of our Fate or Karma, where we can Practice and Learn to Choose Alternatives on a Rep-by-Rep basis (asteroid Moira [Fate or Choice] Stationary 22 July 9:12 pm PDT, in 29 Pisces). If we Choose to Accept it, Venus [our Values] will Help here, entering as it does into Virgo [Ego Death] 22 July 5:36 pm PDT.

Plus, the Moon is Out of Bounds, starting 20 July 6:10 pm PDT, in 17 Sagittarius, till 23 July 10:39 pm PDT, in 4 Aquarius. When the Moon is Out of Bounds we tend to get Tranced Out by our Dramas, Confuse our Emotions with our Thoughts about our Emotions, and let our Victims out of their cages. With Moira about to Retrograde back furthur into Pisces, it’s all likely to be even more Intense. The Floods and Fires and Locusts et al are our Invitations to this Dance. The Moon-OOB maxes out when it’s Stationary (furthest South and turning about), 22 July 8:10 am PDT, in 25:39 South Declination and Longitude 11 Capricorn).

The Full Moon follows at 7:37 pm 23 July, in 2 Aquarius, a few hours before the Moon returns In Bounds. It’s a Fateful Full Moon, Merged with Moira, and only four Degrees from our original 8 July Self-Love (Sappho) Station.

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  1. desmene Says:

    Yep— intense.

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