Nemesis and Self-Love

Major July Self-Love astroevent #4 is an Exaggeration of Guilt and Blame (asteroid Nemesis Stationary 18 July 2021, 1:06 pm, in 29 Scorpio).

Someone I thought was my friend Betrayed me the other day, and I’m Helicoptering (my mind keeps going around in circles) about whether it’s their Fault for being such a Jerk, or my Fault for failing to Realize that I needed to set better Boundaries last week while we were Adjusting our Boundaries to better Accommodate Self-Love.

You don’t know what they did “to” me, but I hope you recognize that scenario, I hope you have a Strong Opinion about it, and I hope your Opinion is that It Was What It Was. Trying to figure out who to Blame is something most of us do in the Heat of Emotion, and if I’m Angry enough I might need to label two pillows, one THEM and one ME, and pound on them for awhile, as a therapeutic Exercise. But when anything is about Blame, we aren’t looking at the Real Issue. Every attempt to Blame ourself is an Opportunity to switch to Self-Love, especially this month, and Blame and Love Live in very Different Universes. Every attempt to Blame someone else for something, is a missed Opportunity to Notice we’re Stuck in Blame like a Pig Stuck in their own Poo, and Choose an Alternative.

Blame is a Complete, Closed, and Insidious Worldview, without clear Exits. No matter what’s “Wrong,” someone is always to Blame. Many, if not most, people Live their whole Lives without ever leaving the Blame Universe. Most of the time, many of us find it difficult to Think of an Alternative way to view the World. Yet we all Operate from the Unconscious almost all of the time. We even Blame the Ego (ours or theirs) for not being Conscious of the Unconscious. Blame and Self-Love reside in Completely Different Universes. So how do we Get Out of Blame then? And if Blame is Complete, where are we when we do somehow Stumble Out? In Guilt?

Nemesis the Goddess Punished Wrongdoers and Scofflaws. Our more modern Nemesis is the Enemy that we expect to be our Undoing, like my supposed friend. Well, yes, chronic Guilt and Blame will certainly be our Undoing if we continue to see the World through their red-tinted Glass, particularly so if we never Notice that the Glass is there. Which Noticing is, as is usually the case, a key to the Exit door. Omigosh, I’m Blaming, or I’m Looking for Someone to Blame! What can I do instead? Forgiveness is a lousy Alternative. We can’t Decide to Forgive, we have to wait till we Notice that Forgiving has occurred. And Forgiveness implies that there was something to Forgive, something Blameworthy.

The Difficulty is that we’re trying to Operate from the Ego, and the Ego is Stuck in Blame because it’s Attached to Cause and Effect. If there’s an Effect we dislike, there must be a Cause to Blame. It’s even harder to Escape the Closed Cause-and-Effect Worldview than it is to Escape the Closed Blame Universe. Most of us were Taught to Blame in Childhood, but almost all of us were taught that Cause and Effect is the onliest Operating Principle in the Universe. But it ain’t. Cause and Effect is just another artifact of the Dualistic Mind, and Reality is Perpendicular to the Dualistic Mind. So when it’s Helicoptering you, put your arms out like an ice skater, to slow yourself down to a standstill, and Notice that your Helicopter only has two blades, and you’re now looking in a third Direction.

Which is a great start. The meat of our Emotional Issue was in the blades. There’s nothing but a blank tarmac in the third Direction. Or maybe the airport cafe. And that’s the point. The two blades of your Helicopter, now represented by your hands, were beating each other up, or beating on your head. That’s enormously Self-Abusive. Now that you’ve extended your arms and Separated your hands, there’s Nothing there in front of you, except maybe lunch. Now you’re looking at a Different Universe, and if you’ve spent most of your Life in Blame, you won’t Recognize anything in it, because Up Until Now, you’ve never looked.

That pretty colorful thing on the other side of the tarmac – could that be a Flower? You’ve probably heard about those, but you may not have ever actually Looked at one. Who does it Blame, for what? What can we Blame on it? Is it Arguing with that Bee, or Making Love to it?

One Response to “Nemesis and Self-Love”

  1. desmene Says:

    Re-read 8/30– amazing insights.

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