Back in the day, Susan Osborn had a song about Moonbathing – one of her many wonderful songs that were lost to us when her publisher stashed her catalog in their vault. You might remember her from Paul Winter’s Missa Gaia

“I will go Moonbathing again, and Feel my Edges,”

If you’ve seen the last several posts, you know that this month, July 2021, is a Heavy Portal that Asks us to Leave Behind everything that diminishes our Self-Love before we Cross the Threshold. We’ve been through a Direct Challenge to the Unconditionality of our Self-Love, and a Rebirth into it. Now we come to a very complicated section of it, a two-week Gauntlet where the other segments rush upon us in quick succession. We’re Vulnerable here to Discouragement,1 Guilt,2 and Overwhelm,3 and We come Face to Face with our Fate,4 all while the Veils are Super Thin and we’re Adjusting our Edges from 3D to 5D,5 our Relationships are being Rebooted,6 and our Emotions are all over the Map.7

  • 1 Despair and Miracles are Exaggerated (Chiron Stationary 15 July 9:40 am PDT, in 13 Aries). Let Go of Discouragement by saying to yourself, “You Poor Sweetheart, you’re Discouraged, aren’t you” – Empathy Heals, and Self-Empathy works. The you have to Change the Subject or your Mind will recreate your Discouragement before you can Allow the Miracles.
  • 2 Guilt is Prominent (Asteroid Nemesis Stationary 18 July 1:06 pm PDT, in 29 Scorpio).
  • 3 What’s Been Denied is Being Revealed (Dwarf Planet Eris Stationary 20 July 2:08 am PDT, in 25 Aries).
  • 4 Fate and Choice are Lit Up (Asteroid Moira Stationary 22 July 9:12 pm PDT, in 29 Pisces). We only have to Live our Fate or Karma until we bring it into Consciousness. Once it’s Conscious, we have Choice, though we may have to first Change our Habit of Believing that we Don’t have Choice.
  • 5 Boundaries are Emphasized (Asteroid Pallas Stationary 14 July 12:40 am PDT, in 28 Pisces).
  • 6 A New 2½-year Relationship Cycle Begins (Mars Initiates Venus 13 July 6:32 am PDT in 20 Leo).
  • 7 We may not Realize how Emotional we are, because we’ll Believe we have good Reason to be Feeling the way we do, forgetting that Reason and Emotion Live on different Planets, and we only Ask the Intellect to Explain our Feelings because Intense Emotion interferes with the Intuition that would normally Flesh Out our Emotions (Moon Out of Bounds from 6:10 pm PDT 20 July in 17 Sagittarius till 10:39 pm PDT 23 July in 4 Aquarius; max OOB [Moon Stationary] 8:10 am PDT 22 July in 25:39 S Declination and 10:05 Capricorn).

Apart from the questions about the Edge of “Space,” even the Veil between this World and the Others is diaphanous. Those people we keep seeing out of the corner of our eye, and the ones we keep bumping into even though they aren’t actually there, are our Ancestors and our Soul Tribe and various Fae that we’ve forgotten that we Invited. And perhaps Others who are Invading our Space Psychically, that we don’t usually “See.”

A long-time reader writes, “I have been feeling a bit conflicted about neighbors coming through the gate into the back yard and even opening doors into the house where I am sometimes wrapped in a towel while getting a second cup of coffee. Part of me feels like I’m being too self-absorbed in protecting my sacred space and part of me wants to tell the neighbors to be more respectful. Especially the ones who are not friends.”

My Response: “Thanks for the heads-up – we have a neighbor (just one thank Goodness) with loosey-goosey Boundaries too, though not nearly that bad.  I’d start by locking my door.  Nobody’s got the right to enter another’s house unless it’s an emergency, and then only after knocking a lot.  It’s a very Invasive Action.  And if they aren’t friends?  I’d be considering calling in the Police!  What are they doing when you aren’t home?

“Mirrors might help (Imagine holding an invisible wardrobe Mirror between you, facing them, to reflect their Invasive Energy back at them). We have one ex-for-good-reason-friend that, when Mirrored, would just ‘come around to the back.’  Me own Mum, Bless her Innocent Heart, did that sometimes.  For folks like that we need 360-Degree Mirrors, and sometimes even a Dome of Mirrors overhead.  I’ve never Experienced the need for a full Sphere, but I suppose it’s possible, if they have Dwarf (underground-Fairy, not small-person) Blood in their lineage.

“The beauty of the Mirrors is that, once we practice with them enough, the Practice actually fills the Holes in our Aura that were crafted by our Programmers so they could insert their Psychic hand and pull our puppet-strings.  As my First Teacher used to say, ‘No one can Invade you if your Aura is filled with Your Own Energy.’  Feeling Guilt or even Shame (the Nemesis Station ain’t far behind) is common when we do this – part of our Programming, as our Programmers used Guilt and Shame to carve the Holes and keep them open.  That makes our Perseverance more difficult but more Important, if we want to Heal up the Holes that Invasive and Abusive folks Intuitively ‘See,’ and are Attracted to like Moths to the Flame.

“Of course it’s Karmic. Our Programmers, and even our later-day Invaders and Abusers, are just Unconsciously Helping us Clean Up our Karma, so No Blame. The Mirrors are a Powerful tool. They often work better than Direct Communication, because folks with porous Boundaries are usually Unconscious of it, it’s just the way they were raised, and they wouldn’t understand what you’re talking about. Or, they’re Grifters, and they’d Deny everything and work your Guilt. Ultimately, the only Perfect Protection is Vulnerability, but at this stage of the Shift to 5D, when the Patriarchy and the “SJs” are Flaming Out their own Abuse Karma so flagrantly, it’s Risky. When we’re dealing with the Ego, we don’t want to Stretch too far at once, lest we get burned and have to backtrack, which would Add to our Karmic Load. Which is more Unconditionally Self-Loving, Confronting an Unconscious Abuser, or just locking the door?

“We can and should use PIAVAs, maybe Thetas, to Define the sort of Living Conditions we Want for ourself, and put that message out to the Universe as a Request or Command to the Creator of All Things. It’s ‘Blaming the Victim,” but everything in our Young Lives has been Invited by some part of Ourself, and if anything is Invited by a part we haven’t met and befriended yet, then it’s an Invitation to get to work getting to know them, not get to work trying to upgrade the neighbors’ finesse with Boundaries. Befriending our Self-Sabotaging Unconscious parts is Life-Changing. Those are the Important Boundaries.”

We can Expect the Edges of our Relationships to be Changing, as we move into the new Ritual to the Sun Relationship Paradigm. May The Force Help you Negotiate Win-Win with any Relationships Worth Keeping. In 5D we’ll be Living Yintegrity. In Yangtegrity, we Do what we said we were going to Do, when we said we would Do it. In Yintegrity, we Do what we Dang Well Feel like Doing, Moment to Moment. To Live in Yintegrity as much as possible in a Yangtegrity World, we have to Minimize our Commitments, Renegotiate when we need to, and Make Amends when Renegotiation isn’t possible and the Relationship Is Worth Keeping.

The Most Fundamental Relationship we all have, is the one between our Inner Female and our Inner Male. As our External Relationships Change, we want to be Mindful about that. For instance, do your Girlfriend and your Inner Female sometimes get Confused in your Mind? Or in theirs? Same with your Boyfriend and your Inner Male. The Pallas and Moira Stations aren’t that far from Neptune, Master of Confusion. But Neptune represents Confusion only in the Material Realm. In the Spiritual Realm it fills in for Clarity. If any of our Relationships are Confusing to us, we only need to move to the Spiritual Realm. How to do that? We Ask ourself, “What if we Did Know?”

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