Confusion Contusion III

An article from a few hours ago, ” ‘Worst Day in Pigeon Racing History’: Thousands of Birds Die”…

And from The Invisible Rainbow, Arthur Firstenberg, pp.330-331…

“In early October 1998 the story made headlines all over the US as, during a two-week period, pigeon races far and wide ended in disaster, with up to 90% of birds going missing… The trigger for the two weeks of sudden bird disorientation was apparently the commencement of microwave rain falling from satellites. On September 23, Motorola’s 66 newly-launched Iridium satellites had begun the first-ever cell phone service from space, everywhere on Earth, to its first 2,000 trial subscribers.”

Op.cit, p.329… “In the late 1960s a team of Canadian researchers… measured radiation patterns in the laboratory using both individual feathers and arrays of feathers spaced varying distances apart, and proved that bird feathers make fine receiving aerials for microwaves.”

Microwaves of course are what 5G uses. And how many WiFi satellites are up there as of this week?

A longtime reader sends the photos at right, taken on the street in front of their house using a new App they got from a UAP, that reads the Thoughts of the photo’s Victim and prints them on the photo.

Have you noticed that you no longer have to scrape smashed bugs off your windscreen? Bugs and Frogs and other Critters don’t have feathers, but they have their own sensitivity to electromagnetic radiation, as do Hupers, as the Acupuncture Meridians in our bodies are electrical circuits. And many Bugs and Frogs and other Critters are Leaving this World.

I was surprised to learn that some of the media reports were speculating that the rather spectacular Miami-area 12-story Condo Tower collapse that occurred around 1am EDT 25 June may have been helped along by rising Sea Levels. The reports pointed out that the Tower was built on imported Sand and Fill, on top of porous Limestone, so that could prove plausible. What surprised me was seeing the mainstream media speculating about the Climate Crisis. Miami Beach, though, has been regularly flooded at high tide for years already, so they’re no strangers to The End of the World as We Know It.

Again, the Moon is as Big tonight as it was Wednesday. It may be stuck on Full. That could seriously impact our Sleep schedules.

The 24 June 2021 Full Moon occurred right between the planetary symbol for Our Unique Genius Who’s in Charge of Spreading Love and Light 1, and the planetary Merging that represents The End of the World as We Know It 2. This planetary Merging is Exact on 2 February 2022 at 3:03 UT. Note that numerologically 22/2/2022 is 2+2+2+2+2+2=12=3. The 2nd Harmonic is The Priestess, symbolizing Rule-Based Tradition, or the Power of Repetition. The 12th Harmonic is The Hanged Man, hanging by his feet to Change his Perspective, or the Pattern-Breaker. The 3rd Harmonic is The Empress, meaning Love with Wisdom. 3:03 adds to 6. The 6th Harmonic is The Lovers, or Partnership.

1 Dwarf planet Ixion.

2 Dwarf planets Pholus [Being Fully Responsive] and Quaoar [Our Survival Instincts] Conjunct.

On the Left Coast of the US, that’s 21 February 2022 at 7:03 pm PST. That date adds to 2, The Priestess (2+1+2+2+2+2=11=2), and the time to 10 (7+3=10), The Wheel of Fortune. True to form, the US is more interested in Control and Money, while England opts for Love with Wisdom and Partnership. Boris notwithstanding I suppose. At least he got rid of Blue Meanie Dominic.

The Quaoar-Pholus Initiation takes place in 8 Capricorn, “In a Sun-lit home domesticated Birds sing joyously.” We’ll have to explore that chart further. Maybe it means Hupers will finally Wake Up, though History suggests otherwise.

2 Responses to “Confusion Contusion III”

  1. Isaac George Says:

    Good one!! 5G utilizes millimeter wave frequencies. Think 4G on steroids. Much higher and more intense and broad spectrum than 4G (or older) and not as focused. Musk’s 5G Starlink sat program has already placed over 3000 units in low Earth altitude and at overlapping latitudes. Eventually there will be 40000 in orbit.

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