Confusion Contusion II

The chart of the 25 June 2021 Exaggeration of Confusion (Neptune Stationary 12:31 pm PDT, in 24 Pisces), is unusual in its Simplicity…

Mostly it suggests that our Confusion will be about Unconscious Beliefs (Opposite asteroid Vesta in 21 Virgo, the red lines) that no longer seem to Match our Perceived Hardcopy Reality. For instance, has anyone else wondered why the photos of the Chinese astronauts in their new Space Station show no sign of weightlessness? ISS inhabitants are always bouncing all over the place or hanging onto something. Maybe they’ve invented a Gravity Machine, or wear magnetic booties, or maybe they’re really in one of the Hollywood Studios they’re bought? Aha, they stick one foot under those raised bars on the floor so they can pretend they’re engaged in normal protocol! Clever folks!

The Navy UFO report is due to the US Congress this month, that could Confuse many Earthlings. I guess “UFO” is a nineteenth-century term, as they want to call them “UAPs” now – Uninvited Alien People. Good thing many states now require voter ID! As delightful as the last one was, who knows who might have become the next POTUS!

There are two Bridges in the Exaggerated Confusion chart to Help us with our Confusion. Our Natural Compulsions will provide Blessings (Pluto Trine Bridge, the blue lines), and Bring us a New Trance that has more Resilience. And,What We’ve Been Denying will provide Curiosity (Eris Quincunx Bridge, the green lines). Like Confusion, Curiosity is an Emotion in it’s own right, also called Awe, or Wonder. And like Confusion, it’s Important not to try to Fix it with Thought or Figuring It Out. It’s about Appreciating the Emotion itself. We’re here to be Observers, not Masters. Denial is like a savings account – it lets us set aside Issues that would Overwhelm us, while we develop the Skills we need to work with those Issue productively.

I’m noticing here that, while the Moon is Out of Bounds, I’m not so Aware of the Confusion per se as layers of my Limiting Beliefs and Old Habits are peeling away, but I can sometimes get a little Panicked about seemingly “little” things, sometimes a little Paranoid, and often kind of Zombified, as if I don’t know what to do with myself next. One of the major elements of Moon Out of Bounds is that our Power to Fabricate “alledged Reasons” for our Feelings Expands faster than our Appreciation for the Emotions themselves. Crabs carry their Skeletons on the outside, and when they Molt, they’re totally Vulnerable for a few weeks while they harden their Shells, if they can find enough of the right kind of food to supply the Minerals needed for the job. It’s like that for us too, just a little less Physical than it is for Crabs – and the Sun [the Essence] will be in the Sign of the Crab for another 3½ weeks.

The Moon is bigger tonight than it was last night. The influence of a Full (or New) Moon usually spans several weeks after the Event. The major Full Moon Issues are a lot like those of our 17-20 June weekend, with Guilt and Enlightenment our two major Challenges. And of course our Survival! We’ll go into more Detail soon.

2 Responses to “Confusion Contusion II”

  1. chris Says:

    Yours was the first email I read this morning and a marvelous way to begin my day~LOL With life as an earthling, such as it is, your humorous synopsis of the energies are like -Post Cards from the Edge !! Much needed … Thanks!

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