“Chaotic” Summer/Winter III

So, let’s review. The 19-20 June 2021 series of planetary Exaggerations and Cancer Solstice 1 includes 💥 a Balanced Series of Mini-Hassles that we’re better off waiting to let them fix themselves, than trying to Intercede, even though they’re likely to Expose us to Fear, Guilt, nagging Intrusive Memories, and Held Emotions 2, and 💥 two Major Challenges 3 which Ask us to become Adept with our Manifestation Skills 4 and our Enlightenment 5. The chart is repeated below if you want to follow along.

  • 1 💥Dwarf planet Makemake [Manifestation] Stationary 19 June 6:42 pm PDT in 6 Libra; 💥Jupiter [Expansion] Stationary 20 June 8:04 am PDT in 3 Pisces; 💥asteroid Lachesis [Opportunity to Jettison Karma Early] Stationary 20 June 2:42 pm PDT in 6 Scorpio; and 💥the Cancer Solstice [Moving from the Frantic Busyness of Gemini to the Single-Pointed Compassion of Cancer] 20 June 8:32 pm PDT in 0:00 Cancer. With a footnote to the headnotes that 💥dwarf planet Eris [Revelation of What’s Been Denied] came back In Bounds [became less Exaggerated] 18 June 4:12 am PDT in 20 Cancer.
  • 2 A Grand Cross (four planets more or less equally spaced around the Zodiac, in the chart as a red square with an X connecting the corners) comprised of 💥Stationary Jupiter Conjunct dwarf planet Gonggong [Intrusive Memories] in 3-6 Pisces, 💥asteroids Nemesis [Guilt] in 1 Sagittarius and 💥Karma [Held Emotions] in 4 Virgo, and 💥dwarf planet Sedna [Converting Fear to Power, with e.g. Kagels] in 29 Taurus. Converting our Fear to Power is likely to be the most Challenging of the four, because the other three Signs are Mutable [Relatively Easily Adapted to], while Sedna’s Sign is Fixed [Relatively Persistent and less Changable ]. However, the Sedna T-Square is Self-Resolving (a Diamond Star, where the same planet is the Focus of a T-Square and of a Finger of the Goddess).
  • 3 Two T-Squares (two planets Opposing one another, with a third halfway in between, in the chart as red triangles). A T-Square Challenges us to become Adept. We often react to them by Struggling for Perfection and repeatedly Failing. To Adapt to them we need to Reject our Perfectionism, and Realize that they’re the equivalent of Graduate Seminars – there are no Answers, only better Questions. So instead of Judging ourself for Failing again, we Want to Honor ourself for our Persistence and Resilience by comparing our current “Failure” with our many previous “Failures” and Noticing that we’re actually Learning and Growing. While it’s hard to revise our Negative Attitudes toward them, our T-Squares actually indicate our Greatest Skills, simply because we have so much Experience with their Real-World Difficulties. The Challenging Energies are Channeled mostly through the third, middle planet.
  • 4.1 💥One T-Square Challenges our Manifestations (Makemake) from a very complex base, namely 💥the Solstice Sun [Exaggeration of our Essence – a Solstice is a Station, as the Sun stops heading away from the Equator, Stands Still, then Turns About and heads back toward the Equator] Conjunct dwarf planet Chaos [Unlimited Potential] across the Cancer Cusp, 💥Opposing a Stellium (group of three or more planets) across the Capricorn cusp comprised of the Galactic Center [Headquarters] and dwarf planets Ixion [our Hidden and often-Forbidden Genius that is often Motivated to Violate Social Norms], Pholus [our Ability and Willingness to Respond], and Quaoar [our Survival Instincts]. The ongoing low-speed Conjunction of Pholus and Quaoar [our Willingness to Respond to our Survival Instincts] represent the Climate Crisis that threatens the Planet and most species, including Hupers.
  • 4.2 💥Ixion’s Presence reinforces the Channeled Wisdom that in order to Survive we all (or at least the square root of 1% of us – or is it 70%?) need to wriggle out of our Codependence and Trust our own Deep Values more than we Trust our Deference to Social Norms and Authority. Obviously, Social Norms in the supposedly “Developed” World protect Capitalist Exploitation, which is exactly what Creates more Climate Crisis. 💥The closeness of Headquarters (a Locus of More-Whole Consciousness) implies that the Issue is increasingly Urgent. 💥The Chaos-Ixion Opposition is the key Unconscious-Limitation-and-Ego Conflict that Prevents us from Claiming our Power, as both Chaos and Ixion are Overwhelming. The more we Follow Zach Bush’s “monologue” (previous post), the more this Opposition becomes Facilitating for us.
  • 4.3 The 💥Vacancy (the Zodiacal Location that would “complete” the T-Square and make it into a Grand Cross, which would be a little Easier) is 6 Aries. If you have a planet there, you’re a Poster Child for this Manifestation-Limitlessness-Genius (Makemake-Chaos-Ixion) Issue. If you don’t, you can Meditate on “A square, with one of its sides brightly illuminated ” (I don’t think Elsie Wheeler, who Channeled these Sabian Symbols, Consciously meant a T-Square or a Grand Cross, but rather the four-sided geometrical figure, though the connection is quite intriguing). 💥Near Earth Asteroid Orpheus is there. It will flyby Earth this year (don’t know the date) at 15 times the distance from your house to the Moon. Orpheus of course was the Famed and Loved Lyre-player who tried to rescue his Deceased Beloved Eurydice [Trust] from the Underworld.
  • 5.1 💥The second T-Square focuses on our Enlightenment (Zhulong-Lachesis-Moon) from another complex base – 💥dwarf planet Chariklo [Self-Confidence or Self-Doubt] Opposing another Stellium, this one made up of (the aforementioned) 💥asteroid Eurydike [Trust], Mars [Action, Energy], dwarf planet Varuna [the Life Force], and asteroid Hopi [Respect for All Things]. So our Enlightenment may not be handed to us on a silver platter, as we may need to Align our Gratitude and Respect, our Trust, our Actions, and our Vitality, not to mention our Confidence, before we can get on the escalator. Like Zach says, it’s about being Fully Accepted just as we Are, by Ours Truly.
  • 5.2 The 💥Vacancy here is 6 Taurus. So if you have a natal planet near there you may well be a Poster Child for this Energy as well. 💥Asteroid Amor [Cupid] is there, helping us to be Fully Accepted Just as We Are, if we’re Willing to Petition for it, with PIAVA or Theta, for instance.

❤️ The Chart…

…is Well-Integrated, as five Fingers of the Goddess or Yods tie the Grand Cross and the two T-Squares together. A Finger of the Goddess stands for Pay Attention to This! – to the planet at the point of the green wedge. The base of a Finger of the Goddess is always a Sextile, an Angle between two planets two Signs apart, meaning Grace if we take the first step toward it. The planet to which we’re urged to Pay Attention! to would help Motivate us to take the first step if we Allow it to.

For instance, the base of the Expansion-Intrusive Memories Finger of the Goddess (Jupiter-Gonggong), in the 💥Grand Cross, is the Sextile between the Focus of the 💥Manifestation T-Square (Makemake) and the Trust-Respect-Action (Eurydike et al) Stellium in the base of the 💥Enlightenment T-Square (Lachesis et al). The bases of the other Yods, to Confidence (Chariklo), to Genius (Ixion et al), to Trust-Respect-Action (Eurydike et al), and to Fear/Power (Sedna), are likewise members of the other two major Configurations (the Grand Cross and the two T-Squares).

💙 The chart also includes two Dumb-Luck Blessings (Grand Trines, “GT,” three planets more or less equally spaced around the Loop, mapped with a blue triangle), on the Water (Emotion) and Air (Mentality) Cusps. Both include planets at the end of a preceding Sign – Chaos in Air (Thought) in the Emotion GT, and Sedna in Matter (Earth) in the Mentality GT. Including two Modalities in a Grand Trine Confuses the Blessings, because the very definition of a GT is that the three planets share a Modality. Yet the planets are three Signs apart. Kind of like an Alien in an ill-fitting Huper suit.

There are no Grand Sextiles (six planets more or less equally spaced, which would be mapped as a blue hexagon) in the chart. However, the asteroids in the two T-Square Vacancies, Orpheus and Amor, would both complete Grand Sextiles, and both of them together would complete a…

💚 Grand Unx (twelve planets equally spaced, which would be mapped as a green twelve-sided “circle”). A Grand Unx would mean a “Get Out of Jail Free” card for any Obsolete Habits that we Choose to Change. Even without the Vacancies, we have nine Unxes, more than enough to make mincemeat of our Karma if we so Chose. (An “Unx” is one twelfth of anything; we map an Unx Angle in our charts with short green lines.) The Easily-Broken Patterns are in our Habitual Relationships Between…

  • Fear and Unlimited Potential (Sedna and Chaos), between
  • Unlimited Potential and Trust-Action-Respect (Chaos and Eurydike et al), between
  • Trust-Action-Respect and Held Emotions (Eurydike et al and asteroid Karma), between
  • Held Emotions and Manifestation (asteroid Karma and Makemake), between
  • Manifestation and Enlightenment (Makemake and Lachesis-Zhulong-Moon), between
  • Enlightenment and Guilt (Lachesis-Zhulong-Moon and Nemesis), between
  • Guilt and Genius (Nemesis and Ixion et al), between
  • Genius and Confidence (Ixion et al and Chariklo), and between
  • Confidence and Expansion (Chariklo and Jupiter-Gonggong).

We’d be ahead to Choose one Habit we’d like to Change from each of those ten categories, then Theta or PIAVA to Change it. Gary Craig, the Creator of EFT or Tapping, now prefers to use an Unseen Therapist instead. I often combine Theta with my Unseen Therapist, as in something like “God/Goddess, Creator of All That Is, I Command that My Unseen Therapist Revert Any Habit that Constrains My Manifestation of Enlightenment! It Is Done, It Is Done, It Is Done! Thank You, God/Goddess! Show Me!” If I didn’t get a satisfactory Show Me! result, I’d Tap Out any shortcoming I Saw or Felt, then repeat the Theta.

💚 A Finger of the Goddess is made up of two “Quincunxes” (Angles between planets that are Separated by five Signs), mapped in our chart by long green lines. It behooves us to Pay Attention not just to the Fingers of the Goddess, but to all of the Quincunxes, because they hold important Contextual information for us. A Quincunx always Advises that we Avoid Intellectual Anal-ysis in the particular Issue indicated, in the context defined by the chart. In the Cancer Solstice chart above, there are no unpaired Quincunxes, they are all parts of Fingers of the Goddess.

Let’s take one Quincunx at random, such as the one between Guilt (Nemesis) and Unlimited Potential (Sun-Chaos). I’m sure we can all think of examples from our Childhood where we wanted to Experiment with something (“Playing Doctor” might be an example), and we were Shamed for it. Shame is Deeper than Guilt, but they’re in the same league. The result, especially if it was chronic Shaming, would be Guilt around our Curiosity about Other People’s Anatomy. Aiming to Let Go of Guilt, we might try to Figure Out why we Feel Guilty about this.

One obvious problem with this Approach, is that the Origin of Feelings is always Ambiguous, and usually Hidden. If it’s an Issue of any Importance in the Current Lifetime, it almost certainly has Karmic Roots in Other Lifetimes. So trying to Analyze Current-Lifetime examples will seldom Change our Deeper Patterns. Plus, problematic Patterns are often passed down from previous generations without Real Context, as Shoulds and Nevers – so we may not even be working with our own Experiences, but with those of distant Relatives whom we likely have never met and who are probably long since dead. Trying to work with Emotions that aren’t our own almost never produces good results.

💚 The Advice given by a Quincunx is to rely on our Intuition instead of our Intellect, and it’s not idle Advice. So if we’re trying to Change a Pattern around Guilt and Unlimited Potential – such as a tendency to shy away from Experiences that would have worried our parents or other Childhood Programmers – we’re better off using the Unxes rather than the Quincunxes, because the Unxes usually Respond to fairly casual PIAVAs. At this point in time, we can Easily Change (the Unxes) the Relationships between our Guilt and our Genius, and between our Guilt and our Enlightenment. And we can Easily Change the Relationships between our Unlimited Potential and our Fear/Power, and between our Unlimited Potential and our Trust-Respect-Action.

So for instance, if I try to Ask (one of the As in PIAVA) to have my Ancient Patterns around Guilt and Unlimited Potential Resolved in favor of Expanding into my Unlimited Potential, I immediately get a picture of a Parachute failing, or a Rappel Rope pulling loose the rock it’s anchored to, or not Realizing that the stove is Hot when I put my hand on it. Those may not all be my Fears, but there they are. Well, there’s an Unx between Fear (Sedna) and Unlimited Potential (Chaos), so I can PIAVA those Changes now, while they’re Easy. Nemesis has an Orbit of 4½ years, so it’ll be Dancing the Unx with Chaos in about two years. I can clean up any unresolved Guilt Patterns then.

Chariklo on the other hand has an Orbit of 63 years, so it’ll be 2055 before they Dance the Unx together – unlikely in this Lifetime for me! So if I want to Improve my Confidence about my Unlimited Potential, I’ll need to work directly with the Quincunx, or wait till the Trine (2029). At the Trine, should I hang around that long, I can PIAVA that the then-Easy Current Relationship between my Confidence and my Unlimited Potential Become Permanent.

💚 If I’m more Ambitious than that, to work directly with the Quincunx, I’d start (because of the Finger of the Goddess pointing to Chariklo) by Meditating on my Confidence in general. When I had that Located in my Body and had a good Feel for it, I’d Introduce Places I’d Love to Go but my Hesitation Prohibits me. If I can Easily Visualize or “Feelize” (or however your Intuition operates) those scenarios, I’m there already, no worries. If it Triggers Fear or Anticipatory Guilt, I would move my Attention to where those Emotions arise in my Body, and send Love into that place. Then I would Let It Go and Change the Subject.

Remember that PIAVA requires that we Change the Subject immediately afterward, lest our Old Prohibitory Patterns move back in, which they’ll do very quickly if we let them. It’s Reps, Repetitions, that cement Habits, both good ones and bad ones. So we want to Indulge Negative or Inhibiting Thoughts about What We Want as infrequently as we can.

On the other hand, trying to Mental It Out usually results in Grinding – I might Ask myself, Why Can’t I Trust a Parachute? over and over again, probably with some Self-Judgment. That would be the same as Reps of I Can’t Trust a Parachute! over and over again, cementing the unwanted Pattern in place more firmly. Not only that, but the Feeling we have during our Reps is more important than the content of our Thoughts. So we’re also cementing Self-Judgment and Self-Doubt in place more firmly – hardly the way to Improve our Confidence!

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