“Chaotic” Summer/Winter II

The chart of the Northern Summer/Southern Winter Solstice (Sun entering Cancer, 8:32 pm PDT 20 June 2021), which is also the chart of the almost-simultaneous Exaggerations of Expansion, Manifestation, and the Opportunity to End Karmic Limitations Early (19-20 June Stations of Jupiter, dwarf planet Makemake, and asteroid Lachesis) looks like so…

We’ve already talked, in the previous post, about our Exaggerated and Expanded Opportunity to Manifest the Shedding of Karma Before it’s Expiry Date 1 and mentioned its Merger with Enlightenment 2. What we’ve Noticed since writing that post, is that our Instincts are also Merged with this Energy 3. In other words, We know perfectly well How to Do This; it’s only our Conditioned Hypnotic Belief that it’s Matter and Emotion and Thought that are Real rather than Energy, and our Belief that it has to be done from our Will or Ego rather than via Cooperation with a Higher Energy, that stop us from Just Doing it.

  • 1 Asteroid Lachesis, which because its Station occurs last in the sequence of Stationary Jupiter [Expansion], Stationary Makemake [Manifestation], and Stationary Lachesis [Opportunity to Shed Karma Early], we Expect its influence to Prevail.
  • 2 Conjunction of Lachesis and minor planet Zhulong [the Chinese Red Dragon of Enlightenment].
  • 3 The Moon [our Instincts, as well as what Triggers Manifestation and Maintains Form – it’s the Moon that Holds the Illusion of Materiality for us] also Conjoins Lachesis and Zhulong.

Here’s how a Scientific Adept, and incidentally the Creator of an antidote to Glyphosate, assembles the Story…

And he’s not even Channeling an Arcturian (he probably is one)! After that, need we say more? Which is different from will we say more – we’ll delve into the other complexities of the chart in the next post.

2 Responses to ““Chaotic” Summer/Winter II”

  1. Bob (in Australia) Says:

    I’m so looking forward to your further interpretation of this chart and the energies it represents and definitely do say more, and is it by chance that Astrobuss wordpress.com happens to appear in an area of the chart that appears to contain an important balancing vacancy to the complexity of this chart?


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