“Chaotic” Summer/Winter

Only from the Perspective of the Ego does dwarf planet Chaos signify what we usually consider “Chaos” or Disorder, simply because dwarf planet Chaos is about erasure of all Limits, and our Limits Define our Ego. Dwarf planet Chaos is Merged with (Conjunct) the 20 June 2021 (8:32 pm) Northern Summer/Southern Winter Solstice (Sun enters Capricorn). Because we’ve spent our entire Lives Deciding what’s Safe and what Isn’t (plus being Programmed about their definition of Safety by our Childhood Significant Adults) we could feel like Tweetybird caught outside his Cage.

Dwarf planet Chaos actually represents Opportunity, as it symbolizes Unlimited Potential. It was named after the state of the Universe before Zeus declared the Patriarchy. Opportunity is also suggested by the three planetary Exaggerations (Stations) occurring 19-20 June…

  • Manifestation (dwarf planet Makemake) reaches peak Exaggeration 19 June (6:42 pm PDT, in 6 Libra).
  • Exaggeration of Expansion (Jupiter) is maximum 20 June (8:04 am PDT, in 3 Pisces).
  • The Opportunity to End Karmic Limitations Early (asteroid Lachesis) is Strongest 20 June (2:42 pm PDT, in 6 Scorpio).

But since these four astroevents are all less than three Degrees from their co-conspirators, we have to consider this Exaggeration of Expanded Manifestation of extra-Karmic Opportunity as one event, and grant the greatest Power to the Opportunity to End Karmic Limitations Early (Lachesis Station), since it remains Strong after the others have reached their technical peaks. However, the Moon crosses Lachesis at 1:28 pm on 20 June, so the Energy peak may be an hour or so Early.

The Solstice also Dances cheek-to-cheek with our Rule-Breaking Closet Genius (Solstice Opposite dwarf planet Ixion), which shouldn’t be a big Surprise, since Big Opportunities almost always involve Stretching, if not Breaking, Cultural Norms. This juxtaposition also directly Challenges our Exaggerated Manifestation Energy (Sun-Chaos and Ixion both T-Square Stationary dwarf planet Makemake).

Just to make sure the Challenge to our Good-Girl and Good-Boy Programming is Complete, we also get to deal with Guilt 1, Fear 2, Intrusive Memories 3, and our Held Emotions, the Emotions We’d rather Die than Feel 4.

However, these Challenges Balance one another to some extent 5, so the Real Challenge is to Sit Still for them and let them happen. We can and should Tap Them Out, and we can and should Theta or PIAVA What We Want after Tapping on them. But if we Act Them Out in the Material World, we may shoot ourselves in the feet (yes, plural). Acting from our Discipline can make things worse, because Discipline is Ego’s child, and the Ego (or Eggo) is “taking a great fall” as it’s being massively Upgraded. Better to Manage our Negative Thoughts, focus on What We Want, and Give that Over to a Higher Power.

  • 1 Asteroid Nemesis T-Square Stationary Jupiter and asteroid Karma.
  • 2 Dwarf planet Sedna also T-Square Jupiter and Karma.
  • 3 Jupiter Conjunct dwarf planet Gonggong.
  • 4 Jupiter Opposite Karma.
  • 5 Jupiter-Gonggong, Karma, Nemesis, and Sedna form a Mutable Grand Cross, and even though four T-Squares comprise a Grand Cross, they’re in Balance, so the T-Squares usually Complement one another, even though they feel like Hassles. Here, they Conspire to Deconstruct our Obsolete Egoic Relationship to Materiality.

There’s more – the Opportunity to Let Go of Obsolete Karma Early (Lachesis) can lead us toward 5D (Conjunct minor planet Zhulong), though it’s Challenged by our Confidence, Trust, Impatience, and Respect (T-Squaring an Opposition from Chariklo to asteroids Eurydike and Hopi, Mars, and dwarf planet Varuna), but we’ll talk about that in the next post, after we draw out the chart. And Ixion is joined by a small crowd of other Players.

Revelation of What We’ve Been Denying is also becoming less intense (returning from Out of Bounds) on 18 June (4:12 am PDT in 20 Cancer), which could go either way – we could start Denying less vigorously, or allow our Denial to sneak back into the Unconscious. Recall that Denial is a Healthy process that Protects us from Overwhelm, and Overwhelm is a real Possibility here (Stationary Jupiter Conjunct Gonggong).

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