The Most Important Thing

By now you should be very clear about what for you really is The Most Important Thing (Saturn Stationary 23 May 2021, 2:18 am PDT, 14 Aquarius) and what you’ve been Choosing Not To Do, or very much Wishing you “could” Choose Not To Do. Or what you’ve been Choosing Not To Feel, or very much Wishing you could. Or whom you’ve been Choosing Not To Be, or very much Wishing you could! I know what I meant, but I’m not sure I’d be able to decrypt that sentence, let alone expect youalls to, so I better spell it out…

I’m guessing you spent most of last week doing one of two things…

💥 Doing What You Love, while Fearing That What You Weren’t Doing But Were “Supposed To” will come back to haunt you.


💥 Doing What You Were Supposed To Do, while Ruing That You Were Unwilling To Give Yourself Permission to Do What You Love.

And I hope, for you, that you were Doing What You Love. You can recast those two sentences around Feeling What You Love To Feel, and around Being Who You Want To Be. You can probably think of many more ways to recast them.

This is how Saturn works. Remember that the Saturnalia in ancient Rome was the Italian equivalent of Germany’s Oktoberfest, where you have License to Do What You Love To Do. We thrive in a heavy Saturn astroevent, such as a Station, by Giving Ourself Permission to Do/Feel/Be What We Really Want To Be Doing and Feeling and Being At That Time. But what about our Shoulda’s and our Supposta’s? For most of us, our Egos are Attached to our Shoulda’s and Supposta’s, and we can’t give them up without an Ego Death. Which feels quite Real, as our Shoulda’s and Supposta’s are so often what pays the rent and puts dinner on the table.

But after Consciously Dancing with Saturn for the last fifty years, here’s how it works for me…

If I define What I Love as Priority #1, and assign lower Priorities to all those Shoulda’s and Supposta’s. Then whenever Saturn is Lit Up, I Focus on Priority #1, and let all of the lower Priorities take care of themselves. And they do (not that I don’t still Worry about them). When a Saturn event is over, I’ve always expected that I’d have to Make Amends for my misbehaving, but I’ve never had to. Whomever I owed a duty to, had always been so busy with their own Love/Duty Conflict that they’d Forgotten all about me and whatever I was Supposta be doing for them.

I’m curious: Do you Experience Saturn astroevents as a Love/Duty Conflict?

Do you Manage the Conflict, or just Choose one side and Suffer the other? If you Manage it, how?

If you’ve tried anything similar to the Strategy I’ve found useful, I’d Love to Hear about it. If you have a different Strategy, I’d Love to Hear about that too. My Saturn is in a Mutable (Flexible) Sign, and that may impact my Experience, as Discipline is Alien to my Mutable Saturn. If your Saturn is in a Fixed Sign, for instance, your Saturn astroevents could be Massively Productive or even Manic Attention to Duty.

However, if Saturn is so all Lovey-Dovey, why is it that Saturn has such a Stern reputation? My own guess is that the Love-Duty Conflict is so Stressful that few people Enjoy it – that was after all the Popes’ primary motivation for working hard to Associate Saturn with Evil. Angeles Arrien points out that Evil is Live spelled backwards.

We’ve mentioned before that we’ve already had our first Saturn Waning Square Uranus or Challenge to Let Go of Everything That Does Not Serve Our Soul’s Purpose, in mid-February, which of course was then The Most Important Thing. These subsequent Squares in the series (culminating mid-June and late December) are just Teaching Opportunities where we find out more about what freaked us out in February. We Hope you didn’t Live in Texas, but then many other areas were hit by the February Storms as well. We Experience heavy Saturn-Uranus astroevents every eleven or twelve years, so by the time we’re thirty we’ve already been through two of them, though we get a Waning Square only every 45 or so years, and Waning Squares are often the most Stressful – if Letting Go was Easy, nobody would ever keep any Karma, would we.

If we white-knuckled our way through February and Repressed the Experience as quickly as we could, we could Easily Feel Attacked again by Forces that Appear to Want to Rip Away Our Security. If you’ve been reading here long, you’ll know that this is “just” an Ego Death. Here’s the Saturn-Station chart…

That Grand Cross (Constant Irritation) across the Nodes (Karma and Mission) is worthy of comment. The Great Attractor is pulling our Karma out of our South Node so it can be laundered and resold at auction to the highest bidding Soul that wants to try their hand at Earth Drama. If Souls can be said to have hands – I’m thinking they can have pretty much anything they want. The other axis connects Abuse and Privilege (dwarf planet Nessus) with Obsolete Unconscious Karmic Agreements that Haven’t Been Let Go Of Yet (asteroid Vesta and dwarf planet Orcus). These could be supremely Irritating, except that the Vesta-Orcus side is Self-Resolving (T-Square plus Yod equals Diamond Star or Self-Resolving Challenge), and the Nessus side is significantly Blessed (the double Trine Bridge via Saturn and Chiron).

That informs us that The Most Important Thing for Breaking Ancient Abusive Karmic Agreements, is to monitor our Mood, and Consciously snag any Despair we Feel creeping in, and Convert it to Miracles (Chiron) as soon as we are able. As frequent readers know, our favorite process for Converting Despair to Miracles, is to Poor-Sweetheart ourself. Since this axis is perpendicular to our Nodes, it’s about more than Healing or Feeling Good. It’s about Clearing Away Karma for good, and the Clearings should be Profound. For instance, you might Let Go Of any Karma that’s been inhibiting your Permission to Love Yourself enough to Do What You Want.

The Full Moon on 26 May (4:18 am PDT, 6 Sagittarius) is not only the largest-looking SuperMoon of the year (because it’s closer to the Earth than any other Full Moon, though it has enough momentum that we needn’t worry that it’ll crash into our Planet), but it’s also a Total Lunar Eclipse (starting just after 4am). You can find the whole Eclipse Story at We’ll get to its chart in the next post – it looks like a yarnball!

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