Doubt and Confidence

Thanks to everyone who responded to “Test Post.” For some reason I don’t seem to be able to write part of a blog post, save it, return later to finish it, and then publish it. I get to the publication stage and WordPress says that the post isn’t “mine” so I can’t do anything else with it. I tried a dozen different ways to publish “The T-Square 2” and failed every time. (Hope I don’t jinx this post by mentioning its name.)

🦦 At any rate, we’ve made it past the Exaggeration of Doubt and Confidence (3:57 pm PDT 7 May 2021 Station of dwarf planet Chariklo), which as I said, was Dancing on my natal planets. What I Learned loud and clear at astroschool this last week was, if you want to Manifest anything, PIAVA it, don’t even Think of trying to force it through with the Ego! Which means getting really Clear about Exactly What We Want, and spending a good deal of time Rehearsing it, in the sense of Immersing yourself in How It Will Feel when the Gift crash-lands in your yard. (I’m hoping you aren’t longing for a Long March 5B, as the delivery might be a bit rough.) If you’re toiling over How It Could Happen, take a cold shower instead. If you don’t have it already, it’ll happen through some weird circumstance you can’t imagine, so just save your Energy for something useful.

I’m sure something will turn up, it always does, but the next Main Event on my calendar so far is an Exaggeration of our Priorities (Station of Saturn) on 23 May. Just as well that it’s otherwise quiet (if it actually turns out to be), as Exaggerations of our Priorities are always a Big Deal. I’m feeling it already. It’s like every bone in your Body is telling you to Do What You Are Most Inspired to Do rather than all those things you’re Supposed to be Doing. All those Shoulds which we usually assign High Priority to (you know, things like Food and Sleep and Work) fall away and it’s very Distressing as they do. But in all of the hundred-odd Priority Exaggerations that I’ve lived through, the message is always Trust Your Instincts rather than your Shoulds, and your Shoulds will end up taking care of themselves just fine. This one happens in 14 Aquarius, which should be friendlier to my own natality than Doubt/Confidence was.

We do have some “Little” stuff in the interim…

🌷Venus (our Values) moves into Gemini (Flexibility) on 8 May (7:01 pm PDT), which should Loosen our Heartstrings through the end of May. Values do Change, but never because someone else talked you into it. Betray your own Heart at your peril, because your Real Values will sabotage you very effectively through the Unconscious. Actually, while you have the Opportunity to Reshape your own Interpretation of your Heart’s Truth, it wouldn’t hurt to have a look at anywhere you Self-Sabotage already (that is, places where you don’t quickly and easily Manifest What You Want), and PIAVA to Get Clear about how you have been Misinterpreting your own Values. When we filter our Values through the Mind (“I’m [not] the kind of person that…”), the result will always be Inaccurate, as we’re using black-and-white 2D glasses to view a very Colorful Unitary and Multidimensional phenomenon.

We’re better off to Ask our Gut, or whichever other Organ(s) we Receive our Intuitions through, instead of Asking our Mind, because our Intuitive Organs are Unitary and Multidimensional tools. One Caveat though – we’ll need to Distinguish our True Values from our Unconscious Limitations, as the two can Feel very similar. Suppose for instance that I have a Value of Supporting Myself and Others, but I have an Unconscious Belief in Scarcity, so I always Feel Bad when I Give Away What I Need, but I also always Feel Bad when I don’t Give Someone Else What They Need. If you haven’t guessed already, that Feel Bad is the key. Am I Feeling Hurt because I Betrayed my Values, or Feeling Scared because I’ve Exceeded my Limitations?

You can Tap It Out (eg, “Even though I Just Gave Away What I Need, I deeply and completely Love and Accept Myself….) or Theta it (eg, “…I Command that I Receive a Better Substitute for What I Just Gave Away…”), and if these Prayers are stingy with their Insights, you can alternate the two of them till you Feel more Clear, Grounded, and Present – not Clarity in your Thoughts, but Contentment in your Intuitive Organ(s). This might sound like a Bother, but the more you do it, the more automatic it will become. Once you get used to doing it, the Tapping and Theta will fall away, and like walking or driving, it’ll “just happen.”

🌷Asteroid Atropos (Karma that Expires on its own) moves into Leo on 11 May (5:25 pm PDT), which could Peel away layers of Ego. Great Stuff, but potentially an “Eek!” as it happens. It’s there till the end of July.

🌷Asteroid Veritas (Truth of the Mind) moves into Aries (Creativity) on 12 May (2:25 am PDT), which means we’re likely to be Investing a lot less Emotion into our favorite Conspiracy Theories. This lasts till May 2022.

🌷Jupiter (Expansion) moves into Pisces (Letting Go of Emotional Baggage) on 13 May (3:36 pm PDT), which means that our Relief from Investing less Emotion may only last a day. We don’t need to Feel maudlin about this – we’re just Likely to Feel that way. Emotion is Really Important for many of us, but it doesn’t need to lead us around by a rope through our nose. So the next year will be dedicated to Learning to Use Emotion as a Guide without all the Excess Drama that Exhausts Us even as it Exhilarates Us.

🌷Asteroid BZ509 (Transcendence), whose new official name is Ka’epaoka’awela, moves into Scorpio (Relentlessness, Fearlessness) on 13 May (11:46 pm PDT), till early April 2023. Were likely to Leave No Stone Unturned in our Quest to Eliminate our Self-Sabotage till then. May we Succeed Beyond Our Wildest Dreams.

🌷The Moon goes Out of Bounds again on 13 May (4:55 pm PDT in 17:20 Gemini), till 17 May (12:43 pm PDT, in 4 Leo), probably making us More Emotional, though it’s likely to be well Rationalized, as we pay more Attention to our Thoughts about our Feelings than we do to our Feelings. Think back to “9/11” – if you watched that on TV, were you Lost in your Emotions, or Absorbed by your Thoughts about your Emotions? Can you tell the difference? If we Feel Detached from the Drama going on in the Outside World, it might Behoove us – just as an experiment – to Explore what it would feel like to have our Heart Open to some of the Drama. The Moon spans Cancer while it’s Out of Bounds, and Cancer is about Empathy, the most Healing Energy there is. Our Instincts will likely be More Powerful (Moon Stationary as it turns to head back South) on and around 15 May (3:22 pm PDT, at 25:39 North Declination, in Longitude 11 Cancer)

🌷Then while Saturn is at the height of its Standstill, on 22-23 May, Mars and Venus do a switcheroo, as Mars returns from Out of Bounds (Exaggerated Actions) and Venus goes Out of Bounds (More Attention to our Values) until mid-June. Paying More Attention to our Values will help a lot to Eliminate Self-Sabotage. Jung said that Thinking People are actually Irrational because they aren’t in touch with their own Values, with their own Heart.

🀄️ The pictures in this short article are protected from being copied, but the People in them are incredible – highly recommended! –

4 Responses to “Doubt and Confidence”

  1. Casey Says:

    Unbelievable stuff, you are right on the money. Thank you for being my guide through these very harsh challenging transformations I FEEL myself going through;) you are truly a gift and blessing for me, thank you ❤️

  2. Casey Says:

    At this very moment it’s way way heavy … what is going on?! It’s like major crossroads to healing perhaps?! Your insight appreciated, as I’ve been so heavily impacted emotionally with complete resistance from masculine of returning loving compassion and empathy in more than a couple relationships…. I’m feeling like I’m living in an alternate reality – help! Lol

  3. Casey Says:

    You being a male has made my reasoning confirmed that there are men who have feelings to express!!

    • astrobuss Says:

      I know, they/we were mostly taught how to Repress em, but they’re still in there, all mixed up into a mess, and screwing up everything they/we Feel, Do, Say, and Express.

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