≀5/7 Self-Doubt

πŸ’₯ That’s our nemesis (the Challenge, not the asteroid) this week, till 7 May 2021 (3:57 pm PST), as the influence of dwarf planet Chariklo (Self-Doubt and Self-Confidence) is Exaggerated (Chariklo Stationary, in 5 Aquarius). Self-Doubt’s been rampant hereabouts already, but then Chariklo’s twerking on my natal planets and stirring up my Held Emotions. Fortunately, so far I’ve been Realizing that this is pretty much Exactly the Dark Side of what I’ve been Asking to Manifest. Not that there haven’t been some moments of Alarm, like when my credit card was rejected for no apparent reason, and when my WC quit working two days in a row.

As we’ve averred, one of the Greatest Blessings I’ve found from astrology is knowing that when we’re Conscious that an Energy is Exaggerated, we may be able to Avoid becoming fully Hypnotized by the Contents of our Thoughts about the Feelings that are Triggered by the Exaggeration. That was an accurate but convoluted sentence – let’s iron it out…

🦦 A Strong astroevent introduces a Wave of Emotion that’s actually as Impersonal as the Weather (which isn’t entirely impersonal, but that’s another issue). We think they’re Our Emotions, don’t we. And we’re in the Habit, many of us, of trying to Figure Out these (“Our”) Emotions Intellectually – we try to contort a 9D Wave into a 2D wrench. No wonder we make a Mess of it all!

If I Believed those old “You’re Worthless” and “You screwed up” and “If only” voices, and made Decisions based on those Beliefs (such as, “Oh, okay, I understand, Manifesting that is above my pay grade after all, isn’t it “), I’d be regrouting my Karmic walls and cementing my Limitations in place.

So we convert our Self-Talk from Negative Reinforcement (“You dumb shit!”) to Positive Reinforcement (“Whoa, Lucky You, you didn’t fall for those Self-Defecating Thoughts! Good Work! Thank You, Great Spirit!”) and go from there, with Self-Confidence our destination, or at least Neutrality.

πŸ’₯ We’ll go into more detail about this later. For now, let’s talk about a few of the Embellishments…

πŸŒ™ The Moon’s Out of Bounds again, meaning we’ll be more Emotional, probably without noticing that we are, which can be good or bad! Like “9/11”, the Shinolavirus is a Moon OOB phenomenon. The Moon steps OOB for a few days every two weeks for about eleven years, then for the next eleven or so, it doesn’t step OOB at all. 9/11 and the advent of the Shinolavirus both coincided with the first OOB Moon of a series. The Moon will come back In Bounds on 3 May. I’ve been listing the times and Zodiacal locations of the first and last OOB Moons, and their intervening Station, when the Moon turns around and heads back toward the Equator. Was anyone using those times and Degrees? Let me know if you want me to resume.

πŸ€„οΈ Asteroid Moira (Fate and Choice) moved into Pisces 30 April 2021. Moira was in Aquarius for only two months, but in Pisces it does a Retrograde, so it stays in Pisces for ten months. Moira in Pisces means that our Response to things like Moon OOB, and our Stories about passing Emotions, will Focus on the Drama.

πŸ€„οΈ Mercury moves into Gemini on 4 May, where it stays till 29 May. Mercury in Gemini should make it easier to speak words to one another, but not necessarily easier to Understand one another, as the Focus may be surficial. Since our brains will be busy working over the details of all of our Projects (Gemini is when a Project goes to Version 2.0, or gets out of Beta testing), and so will theirs, we could talk right past one another without realizing it.

πŸ€„οΈ Mercury also goes Out of Bounds on 7 May, till it turns Retrograde on 30 May. Mercury OOB in Gemini will make Miscommunications all the more Outlandish. It means we’ll be supercharged about getting our Projects into Version 2.0 though.

πŸ€„οΈ And on 8 May dwarf planet Ceres (Sustainability and Sustenance) will move into Taurus, till 31 July. Taurus is as Relentless at Making the Surface Polished and Stable, as Scorpio is Fearless about Getting to the Bottom of Things. Take Advantage of the last few days of Ceres in Aries to pick Creative Ideas out of the Aethers. Listen closely for them, as they may be Whispers on the Wind. Sustenance – Eliminating the Unnecessary – is the first step, and maybe also the last step, toward Sustainability.

Ceres in Taurus will be a Demon for Sustenance and Sustainability, leaving few Stones unturned, and having little Patience for Dalliance. Hopefully we’ll take this “technology” to taming the Shinolavirus and paying the Global Heating Bill, and everything they’re Attached to. Wouldn’t hurt to use this Strategy for our own Enlightenment Projects either.

2 Responses to “≀5/7 Self-Doubt”

  1. boozilla Says:

    Yes, please, more times and degrees? thank you!!!!

  2. Casey c.d Says:

    This sentence (below) says it all for Me – Your speaking my language πŸ˜‰ Learning to curb my enthusiasm of exaggerating feelings (OY., Jupiter midpoint of Su/Mo and Ve/Ma -Pl/NN too- Ya think Jupiter might play into it?! 🀣)
    β€œ I’ve found from astrology is knowing that when we’re Conscious that an Energy is Exaggerated, we may be able to Avoid becoming fully Hypnotized by the Contents of our Thoughts about the Feelings that are Triggered by the Exaggeration. β€œ

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