≤ 4/27 Enlightenment, Self-Love, Heavy Fear

I better start with the Heavy Fear, after a headline like that.

The Heavy part is a 26 April 2021 (1:01 pm PDT) Exaggeration (Station) of the Energy of Transformation (Pluto), which we usually Experience as Heavy (as in “Heavy, Man!1) or Foreboding. An early version of this blog described a Pluto Station as being like Swimming through Jello, to which many agreed. It hasn’t seemed to involve quite that much Resistance lately, maybe because Pluto isn’t in Scorpio any more, like it was in the 1980s. But the Potential remains. If it feels like you’re pushing a Rock uphill, Step aside, give a Shout to those below, Let the Rock do its own thing, and sit down to rest until Wednesday (check to see if anyone above you on the same hill is Liberating their Rocks before you Choose where to sit.)

Trans-formation is a Change of Trance (the Unitary and Multidimensional Tapestry Created by our Beliefs). Since our Identity is almost always invested in our Trance – how could it be otherwise? – Change of Trance is no stranger to Ego Death. Pluto was the God of Death, so Ego Death shouldn’t be a surprise. Pluto Stands Still twice a year, and few of us have been Dying Physically twice a year, so we probably needn’t worry much about that. Two Ego Deaths a year isn’t out of line at all. If you Aspire to Enlightenment, though, you might want to Pray for more than that – Lovingly and Gently of course.

If we Accept and Appreciate all of our Feelings as Emotions and Physical Sensations, and regard the Mind’s running commentary about them as Comedy rather than Drama, then the Influence of astroevents like Stations drops off rapidly once the Station Completes.2 If we get stuck Believing the Mind’s Narrative, then the Energy falls off more gradually, if at all. If we make Decisions based on the Mind’s Narrative, we can carry the Energy with us into the Future, and even, as Karma, into Other Lifetimes.

The Pluto Station occurs at 27 Capricorn. Pluto leaves Capricorn (Just Fix It! ) and enters Aquarius (It Should be this way! ) in January 2024. After one last Capricorn Debriefing, it Abandons Capricorn in November 2024 “for good,” till it visits again about 230 years. If there are any Important Hardcopy Endeavors you haven’t Completed yet, try to finish by 2023. You can then use 2024 for Piloting, and start Selling in 2025.

That’s the Heavy part. The Fear part is more complicated. The Pluto Station sits in a Grand Cross – four planets ± equally spaced around the Zodiac. A Grand Cross introduces constant Hassles, but because they Complement one another, they’re more Nuisance than Project-Stopper.

If we Respond to these constant Hassles as if our Life is infested with Friendly but Practical-Joking Pixies (Pukwudgies, some Tribes called them), and Lovingly Greet each Pixie (you can pretend to be mad, while winking at them) and Thank them for keeping us on our toes, a Grand Cross will Resolve itself. If we try to Intervene, we’ll just muck it all up, because their Practical Jokes are in 5D while our Reactions are in 3D.

It’s the same with Ego Deaths – they’re taking place in who-knows-how-many dimensions, and they’re one coherent Gestalt, but if we try to “Fix It,” we’ll muck it up totally, because we’re coming from Dualistic Either/Or Thinking in 3D. We’re hopelessly outnumbered, and we seldom even Notice the Whole, we’re too busy fussing over the Parts. We’re too busy trying to dig that BB out of our thigh, to notice the Cruise missile coming over the hill. Or, while we’re out going to the bank, the Publisher’s Clearing House guy gives up because nobody answers our door.

The Pluto Station chart…

…also includes a separate Big Challenge (T-Square), however, and that simultaneous Challenge is likely to paint our Heavy with Fear (the T-Square focuses on dwarf planet Sedna [Conversion of Fear to Power]). Sedna teaches us to Convert Fear to Power. Adding Breathing to Fear gets us Excitement, Fear plus Tapping equals Grounding and Presence – which is intimidating to would-be antagonists, including especially our own Inner Playwright, and Fear plus Kegels equals Power. In addition to a hefty dose of blood-curdling Terror, the Sedna story also contains strong elements of Anger and Competition.

That’s the Bottom Line, we’ll try to add the many fascinating details (including the two Yin Gate Mystery Schools) later. Meanwhile, before we get to 27 April…


There’s a Full Moon. We’ve been Feeling the Pluto Energy for several weeks now, but it’s been more in the background while the other astrostories (such as Vesta-Hylonome-Mars) were playing out in the foreground. Some of our Vesta-Hylonome-Mars Boundary revisions have laid foundations for getting us in the Habit of Identifying with our Immortal and Unmoving Soul instead of our Neurotic Ego and Emotions and Silly Beliefs – by Replacing our Old Beliefs (Vesta) with New Ones. The other astrostories are pretty much finished, so now the Pluto-Sedna thing takes over the whole stage, and takes over the audience too (including us) of course, unless they know how to Separate Themself from the Energies.

The Full Moon occurs at 8:32 pm on 26 April (in 8 Taurus). While the Energy of a Station gradually increases up till the time of the Station and then Lets Go, the Energy of a Full (or New) Moon begins shortly before the “Moon,” and remains in place through the following several weeks. So there may be seventeen pretty Intense hours between 8pm Monday and 1pm Tuesday. So not only is the Transformation Exaggeration (Pluto Station) Entangled with the Fear Challenge (Sedna T-Square), but both get Entangled with the Full Moon. So let’s look at the Bottom Line of the Full Moon…


…which is pretty Intense as well. Our Instincts (the Moon) lean toward Enlightenment (Moon Conjunct minor planet Zhulong [Enlightenment]), and our Essence (the Sun) leans toward our Soul (Uranus) – an Exciting if Challenging Combination. In Ego astrology, Uranus means Disruption, so that may not Feel so Exciting. In our Cosmology, however, Uranus Disrupts whatever the Ego no longer Needs as a Crutch for the Soul. Ego is Tenacious by definition, so this may not be Fun, especially with our Ego Trance already “Under Attack” (being Transformed, which to the Ego feels like Death).

And Zhulong is the Red Dragon of Enlightenment – Breathing Fire and threatening Chaos. Dragon always stands between Ego and Enlightenment. Like any Critter, Dragon can “smell” Fear, so they roar and belch Fire until we Lovingly Greet each Roar and Flame (you can pretend to be mad, while winking at them, if you dare), and Thank them for keeping us on our toes. Easier to do that with a cute little Friendly if Mischievous Pixie, than with a giant scaly Monster Serpent Breathing Fire on your deck.3

They both have the same aim – to get us in the Habit of Identifying with our Immortal and Unmoving Soul (ie, Enlightened) instead of our Neurotic Ego and Emotions and Silly Beliefs. They just come at it from different Angles. Here we are, Fully Involved with dodging jets of Fire on the deck and rushing around to put out the places where our “House” (Ego) is already aflame, while Pixies pull at our pantlegs, blow Dandelion Fluff in our face, and Tickle us!

And that isn’t even the Challenge! One of the two Big Challenges in the Full Moon chart is a T-Square on the Full Moon itself. This Soul-Enlightenment dichotomy (Uranus-Zhulong Opposition) is Challenged (T-Squared) by Our Confidence in our Self-Love (dwarf planet Chariklo [Confidence/Doubt] Conjunct asteroid Sappho [Self-Love/Self-Judgment]). You’d think Soul and Enlightenment would co-exist well, but the nature of an Opposition is that it always Teaches us more Subtleties about their Differences.

If we’re totally Self-Loving, we’ll Love Ourself Unconditionally. So it doesn’t matter how much the Ego suffers, we just Love the Poor Baby. Notice the Oxymoron there? “We” is the Ego, so how can we expect Ego to Love itself when it’s already Shattered and doesn’t know who it is? That’s why we have to move our Identity toward the Immortal and Unmoving Soul. “I” am Suffering!

Oh wait, I Remember now, we’re in the queue for the X-Prize on Enlightenment. They’re giving 5D to the winners. Well no wonder “I” am Suffering! So, okay then, what the Hell does it mean to “move our Identity closer to the Soul”? I mean, Wait, it’s the Soul that’s the Perp here, making a Victim out of my poor Ego, Abusing it! I know, it’s “for my own Good” – where have I heard that one before? Do I find my Inner Sadist, so I can be the one Enjoying Victimizing myself? That doesn’t sound right, does it.

Do I know any Tricks for getting out of an Abusive Relationship? I guess a place to start is to Recognize that the Victim-Ego’s Resistance to the Perp-Soul might be an Addiction. Otherwise, wouldn’t the Victim just Move Out? But the Perp is Immortal, and we’re Hopelessly Entangled. If we can muster enough Sadism to Identify with the Perp-Soul for a moment, and then Move our Identity back and forth from Victim to Perp and back again several times fairly quickly, we might Notice that it must be someone else that’s doing the Moving!

Who would that be? It’s obviously “us,” but not the us we’re used to. “It” seems to be neither Victim nor Perp, but something of an Actor, swapping Identities in and out, and an Observer, observing our Identity-of-the-moment from the outside. Hmmm. Maybe it’s a good time for a Poor-Sweetheart or two. That usually means that Chiron is lit up, since Chiron is the Poor-Sweetheart planet. Whaddayaknow, it’s an important part of the single Yin Gate Mystery School in the Full Moon chart…

…and the base of the second Big Challenge (T-Square) in the Full Moon chart, the Challenge we haven’t talked about yet. Chiron Conjoins the asteroid that means The Truth of the Heart. That means we need the Ego’s Commitment to Support our own Truth Unconditionally. That’s not someone who submits to Abuse, except in an Effort to Break an Addiction to Victimhood. I guess on our Journey to 5D we’re all doing that, aren’t we.

Then we’d need to Recognize that this Change of Trance and Ego Death is something that We have Chosen. And Lo, the Focus of the T-Square that Chiron is in, is the planet that means The Ability to Respond, also known as Responsibility (dwarf planet Pholus). But not Blame, of course. And Pholus is joined by the planet that means Our Survival Instincts (dwarf planet Quaoar) – so whoa, our Suffering here is in the Service of our Survival! And in general, Pholus-Quaoar is the astrostory about Global Warming, or the Survival Crisis that our Species has Encountered.

So not only is this Suffering Our Choice, to further our personal pursuit of 5D, but it’s also part of Our Service to the Planet, to help Resolve the Global Crisis. Of course it’s not a Crisis for the Planet, Mother Gaia. She’s Changing Her Trance too. We have to assume She’s pretty Skilled at Ego Death. So this “Global Crisis” is really a Shift in the Earth’s Planetary Energy, and we have no Choice but to Adapt or Die Off, 3G and all.

We have Pholus-Quaoar at the Focus on this T-Square, and Aletheia-Chiron on one side of the base. What’s on the third corner? The planet that symbolizes Manifestation – dwarf planet Makemake. And this Opposition, between Makemake and Aletheia-Chiron, is the Central Axis of the Full Moon’s Yin Gate Configuration. That means we’re in a Mystery School where we Learn the Nonlinear and Multidimensional Secrets around the question, “What exactly are We Manifesting here, and is it Aligned with my Commitment to Support My Own Truth Unconditionally?

Yes, What Is is Our Manifestation. But it doesn’t feel like We have Chosen it, more like someone else has Chosen it for us. But if it’s Our Manifestation, then that someone else is part of our own Unconscious, and it’s obviously someone we need to get to know better, and probably even Identify with, since they’re Obviously a Powerful Manifester, and and since they apparently really do have our Interests at Heart, and our Survival at Heart.

When we have to Recognize that we’ve met a part of Ourself that we hadn’t really included among our Identified Selves, the asteroid that symbolizes Growth in Consciousness – Juno – is usually involved. Is it? Of course! It’s on the Galactic Center in the Pluto Station chart. That tells us that this whole episode of our Lives is in Response to Orders from Headquarters (the Galactic Center).

Juno is also in a naked Opposition (that is, no Squares) to the symbol for Unlimited Potential – dwarf planet Chaos. Unlimited Potential is what we Expect from 5D, so we’re on the right track here.

There’s more, not the least of which is the two Yin Gates in the Pluto Station chart. But let’s save those for next time.


1 Just in case you’ve never been introduced to Hippy Lingo, “Heavy, Man! ” is what you say, with a deep intonation, when someone tells you a tale of woe. “Bummer! ” is an alternative. It’s a statement of Empathy. Hippies were Cool, so this is pretty hardscrabble Empathy. Translated to Warm, the equivalent would be “Poor Baby! ” where the Baby is Affectionate, not Diminishing or Sarcastic.

2 While the Station Completes at 1:01 pm 26 April, there’s a possible alternative or additional peak at 4:15 am PDT, when the Moon makes a Waning Square to Stationary Pluto. If you find you haven’t slept because you’ve been Worried about what seems to be the end of some Enterprise, Let the Enterprise go. No sense Feeding a Dead Horse, unless it’s a Ritual Feeding.

3 BTW, CellFood® Oxygen Gel works great on burns, and once the blistering has healed, Young Living® Gentle Baby® Essential Oil Blend can prevent scarring.

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