Healing, Molting, Refocusing

Big Doin’s today, 15 April 2021, as the Life Force is Lit Up like your uncle’s nose at your cousin’s wedding (dwarf planet Varuna [Healing, Vitality] Stationary and Out of Bounds [Waving Arms and Shouting] in 4 Leo, 3:56 am PDT). Leo is where an Energy Perfects itself, so any number of suppressed strange symptoms could show up, and if they do, Pay Attention, they’re pointing out something important. What? Isn’t the Universe cute, with all of its Funny Riddles! Best strategy is to go into Meditation and Ask your symptoms what it is they’re trying to tell you, then forget about it and go about your business – you’ll get a Clear answer out of the blue later.

Tomorrow, 16 April (11:07 am PDT), the Moon goes Out of Bounds (Exaggerated Emotionality) again, as it’ll be doing every two weeks for the next decade. Moon OOB Exaggerates our Emotions, but it’s so Subtle that we usually Believe that the Exaggeration is appropriate. Anything you catch yourself Feeling Strongly about, Tap It Out. No matter what the issue is, you’ll have much better success if you can get Neutral. Being Neutral doesn’t mean you don’t Care; it just means that you aren’t so Obsessed that you can’t see the Poison Ivy for the Trees. Or the Forest. The Moon returns In-Bounds on 20 April (4:53 am PDT).

While it’s OOB, it travels from 18 Gemini to 4 Leo, 4 Leo being the location of Varuna’s Station, within a tenth of a Degree. So it might be several days before your Funny Health Riddles make sense to you. Meanwhile, Avoid Overreacting to them – it’s not good for your Health. Gemini-to-Leo is East-West. Out of Bounds is North-South, in this case North. OOB means more North or South than 23:27 Degrees from the Equator (the “Tropics” of Cancer and Capricorn). The Moon is max OOB on 18 April (9:02 am PDT) at 25:33 North, where it Stands Still before it turns Southward again. The North-South Station occurs when the Moon is at 11 Cancer in its East-West travels. If your Health Riddle is still puzzling then, that would be an excellent time to Meditate and interview it.

The Varuna Station chart is quite busy. I’ll just list the major issues it introduces or resolves.

  • The Varuna Station is part of a Grand Cross (four planets ± equally spaced around the Zodiac), which is usually only occasionally irritating, as the four Hassles (T-Squares) in the Grand Cross Complement one another, if you can stay Calm and give them time to do it. Both the Varuna T-Square and the Zhulong [the Red Dragon of Enlightenment] T-Square are Self-Resolving (Diamond Stars).
  • The other two non-Self-Resolving corners are Venus and Sappho-Chariklo [Self-Love and Self-Confidence]. Of course Self-Love and Self-Confidence can come across as Self-Judgment and Self-Doubt, and the key is to watch for any Self-Judgment or Self-Doubt, and Reject it out-of-hand. The part of you that’s Judging and Doubting is probably just trying protect you from yourself, so it needs to be Loved too. But not Believed. I’ll wager if you listen closely you’ll notice that its Voice is not yours, but someone’s from you childhood, maybe an Overbearing parent or Competitive sibling. Tell them, “That Was Then, This Is Now! ” and Ask them to Shut the Fork Up If They Can’t Support Who You Really Are.
  • The other two Mergers (Conjunctions) are informative. OurUnique but Forbidden Genius (dwarf planet Ixion) is called to assist in our own “small” way with the Huper Survival Crisis (Ixion Conjunct dwarf planets Pholus [Willingness to Respond] and Quaoar [Survival Instincts]). I think it was Margaret Mead who said “Never Do Nothing because You Can’t Do Enough.” Our Survival Crisis can’t be Resolved using the same Thinking that Created it, so set your Genius Free to Roam Widely.
  • The third Merger is between Intrusive Memories (dwarf planet Gonggong) and Fate (asteroid Moira). Since Fate versus Free Will is a Duality, we know it’s a Fiction meant to keep you from dealing with the Real World. We subvert Fate by becoming Conscious of our Unhelpful Repeating Patterns and Changing them. Remember that when old Memories Intrude and try to Bring you Down. Ask if they’re part of a Pattern, and if so, Select an Alternative.
  • There are two Grand Trines (three planets ± equally spaced around the Loop), meaning Dumb-Luck Blessings, in the Air Signs (Thought, Communication, Mental Health) and in the Earth Signs (Matter, Substance, Health). They’re great Compliments to a Station of Varuna.
  • And, most Intriguing and Educational are the two Yin Gates. A Yin Gate is a “Golden Rectangle” (two Trines and two Sextiles making a rectangular box) with two additional planets at the Midpoints of the Sextiles. It means a Mystery School about Paradoxical Relationships between the two additional planets, or the Central Opposition. Oppositions usually suggest Debates or Either/Or Arguments, but in the case of a Yin Gate, the Opposition represents Paradox, meaning we have to Project ourself Inside the Countradistinction while Asking to be Enlightened by New Information about how they Relate to one another.
  • One of the Yin Gates features Gonggong-Moira Opposite asteroid Vesta. Vesta is about our Unconscious Limitations, so if we’re willing to look into our Intrusive Memories (see the fourth bullet, above) for Repeating Unhelpful Patterns, we may be Enlightened about Unconscious Limitations we didn’t know we had (they’re Unconscious after all). Our Unconscious Limitations are well Rationalized, so we don’t think of them as Limitations, we think of them as Ego Badges or What anyone with half a brain would Prefer. Breaking out of them can Liberate our Genius and our Joy.
  • The other Yin Gate Opposition is between asteroid Aletheia (Truth of the Heart) and dwarf planet Makemake (Manifestation). What We Want, no matter how selfish it seems, is always a step toward our Sacred Mission. The more we work with WhatWeWant, the closer it gets to something resembling our Mission. Along the way though, we need to Trust our Instinctual Urge to Want More, and not get stuck on What We Wanted Last Week. So what we’ve been working to Manifest is being Tested, to see if it’s Really WhatWeWant This Week. The Prouder you are of What You Manifested Last Week, the more important it is to Let It Go and Let Yourself Move on. The Pace is getting Faster every day.

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