Guilt and Resistance

I’m just recovering from Ixion, and up comes another busy weekend. Reminds me of the old Frank and Ernest cartoon where one says to the other (I’ve never figured out which one is frank and which one earnest),

“I just get my budget in order, and along comes a Big Surprise, like rent or a weekend!”

Another person with a Mutable1 Saturn! We get beat up a lot by the tight sphincter crowd, don’t we. (That’s actually a cluster of clusters of Wavellite Aluminum Phosphate Needles over there.)

I mean, a third of us have natal Mutable Saturns! And at any given time a third of us should have either Transiting or Progressed2 Mutable Saturns! By the time we include all of those thirds, that should cover most of us. [We usually eschew footnotes, but we’re using them here to define these terms, lest the idea flow be interrupted overmuch.]

This weekend’s several astroevents all seem easily relatable to one another, so we’ll Anglicize them as a Unit in a minute and look at their charts in the next post, but first, this weekend’s Gauntlet…

  • 2 April 2021 (till 12:06 am PDT) asteroid Karma Stationary (Focus on Karma) in 18 Leo.
  • 2 April (after 12:45 pm PDT) asteroid Sappho (Self-Love) leaves Capricorn (Pragmatic) and moves into Aquarius (Social).
  • 3 April (after 4:21 am PDT) asteroid Aletheia (Truth of the Heart) leaves Pisces (Emotional) and moves into Aries (Intuitive).
  • 3 April (till 5:12 am PDT) dwarf planet Pholus Stationary (Prominent Ability and Willingness to Respond) in 7 Capricorn.
  • 5 April (till 1:40 am PDT) asteroid Nemesis Stationary (Emphasis on Guilt) in 2 Sagittarius.

Methinks the Important Issue here is about Being Responsive to Our Guilt, and/or Being Responsive to Our Resistance to Our Guilt. Remember that Responsibility is not Blame, it’s our Ability to Respond Consciously, as opposed to our Karmic Habit of Reacting Unconsciously. It has nothing to do with Blame. By and Large, our Guilt here probably derives from our Karma and our 3D3 Programming, while our Resistance to our Guilt probably derives from an outbreak of our new 5D3 rash.

If your Saturns (natal, Transiting, and Progressed2) lean more toward Fixed1 rather than Mutable, you may have been Programmed to be more Laissez-faire than you actually are at Heart. You could be a natural-born Disciplinarian or Encyclopedist. You may be Feeling Guilty about Responding Casually to things, while trying to Dismiss your vague sense that you should be more Serious about them.

We may have been Grieving a bit over the last several months, as asteroid Aletheia in Pisces (Emotional Sensitivity) could have either Triggered our Grief about seldom having our Heart’s Truth Recognized and Validated, or our Grief about Our Failing to Honor Our Own Heart’s Truth. By and large, our Mind’s Truth follows our Programming, while our Heart’s Truth follows our Soul’s Path. The Mind’s Truth is subject to Debate, while the Heart’s Truth is definitely not, though it may be Reinterpretable.

(Thanks to a Long-Time Reader!)

For instance, the US is an ongoing experiment in converting Racism to Nationalism, while the EU is an ongoing experiment in channeling Nationalism into Pan-Europeanism. While the Failures of these and other such experiments (such as Yugoslavia and the UK) are obvious, it has been done before, as in the nineteenth-century Unification of tribal Germany, and the relative longevity of the Roman Empire’s many incarnations. A major anthem4 of the current Century is “a Flag turning into an Eagle turning into a Rooster Saluting the Dawn” – Nationalism evolving into Far-Seeing Perspective into Enlightenment. We need to Reframe these Failures into Learning Opportunities.

If you always Live Intuitively, you may have been Feeling your Abandonment by those who don’t (which could be everyone else!). But if we read English, it’s likely that we’re overfilled with Reductionist5 Mindgames that go out of their way to Invalidate our “Irrational”6 Intuition. Aletheia in Aries (Sensitivity to Spirit, should we Choose to Accept it) will be shifting us from Grief to Discovery, if our old 3D self doesn’t Reject it out of hand.

In Capricorn, asteroid Sappho (Self-Love) may have spent the last several months making Pragmatic Compromises to “get along” without rocking the boat too much, more than Claiming the Space to be True to Ourself. As Sappho moves into Aquarius, our Self-Love will be hungrier for Sympathy and Understanding, Harmony and Trust Abounding, and more likely to Embrace a Community that Encourages us to be Honest with and about our Heart’s Truth, one where we don’t have to Stretch or Struggle to Claim Space for our True Self.


1 Signs, and therefore the Energy of planets when they’re in those Signs, either lean toward Creativity (“Cardinal” Signs – Aries, Libra, Cancer, Capricorn), Certainty (“Fixed” Signs – Taurus, Scorpio, Leo, Aquarius), or Flexibility (“Mutable” Signs – Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius, Pisces).

2 Our Natal planets remain, for our entire Life, in the Sign and Degree where they were when we were born. Transiting planets are in the Sign and Degree where they are Now (or at any other specific time). Progressed planets are in the Sign and Degree where they would have been a certain number of Days after our Birth, and they Influence our Lives the same number of Years after our Birth. Our Natal planets influence us for our entire Lives, while the influence of Transiting and Progressed planets vary over the course of our Lives.

3 Many folks agree that the Energies on Earth are Evolving. We’ve been trapped in a “3D” view of Reality, mostly by the Programming provided by Western Civilization. 3D is Hierarchical, Patriarchic, and Competitive. Earth’s Evolution appears to be in the direction of a more multidimensional “5D” Perspective that’s more Egalitarian, Collaborative, and Synchronistic. Many confuse these Energies with their Projections on Other People, lamenting that it’s so Difficult to get Others to move toward 5D. We don’t move to 5D by Changing Other People, or waiting for them to Change. We get to 5D by following Gandhi’s advice to Become the Change You Wish to See in Others and in the World. In other words, our Desire for Others to Change directly or indirectly masks the Changes we need to make in Ourself.

4 The Sabian Symbol of Pluto’s Initiation of Chiron at 12 Sagittarius in the last few days of the Twentieth Century.

5 Western thought, since at least Newton and Descartes, is “Reductionist” – that is, it attempts to Understand things by Reducing them to their constituent parts as if they are “machines,” and the Illusion that Time is Linear. Since the Whole is always more Complete than the Sum of its Parts, this approach is not only doomed to failure, but is the major intellectual shortcoming that has resulted, and continues to result, in the Disordering and Dysfunctioning of our 3D Earthly Milieu. Systems Theory, Chaos Theory, and Quantum Mechanics are well-established (but Understood by Few) approaches to a more Multidimensional (and Unitary) 5D Perspective, where the concept of Paradox replaces Contradiction and Both/And replaces Either/Or. Outside of and Prior to Western Colonialism, most of the World already Lived Sustainably in 5D, and many Indigenous Cultures still do. One of the fundamental principles of 5D is that EveryThing is Alive and Conscious.

6 Carl Jung pointed out that, while Western Thought regards Intuition as “Irrational,” in fact it’s the Intellect that’s “Irrational” because it ignores our Values, which derive from the Heart’s Truth rather than the Mind’s Truth. The Intellect relies on Logic, but Logic is a fragile “House of Cards” as long as the Underlying Assumptions are not Explicit. In Western Thought, the Underlying Assumptions are almost always the Unstated Values of the Reductionist Intellect. Excellent, and Critical, examples are the Capitalist Pursuit of Profit, the Political Pursuit of Power, and the Pathological Pursuit of Individual Success, while ignoring other Huper Values and the “Greater Good.”

2 Responses to “Guilt and Resistance”

  1. Casey c.d Says:

    Hahah I LOVE that B+W Comic, That is literally me everyday lately! My Mind wants Knowledge, and so it seems my Body decides to agree with the mind – Or more so, I’ve got a very controlling Mind that overrides the energy to action ?!? Who knows but it’s driving me crazy lately!!! (+ My husband too LOL ;)

  2. Casey c.d Says:

    I love this identification: “Pathological Pursuit of Individual Success” as its so clearly being shown to me, this vision of a hurried rat race where everyone wants a piece of success and they are all running rampant over each other, completely just making more confusion and choices where we have to continually sort the wheat from the chaff (So many experts! Lol) Not to mention the potential impeding damage to our own self-sovereignty as we are pinned up against each other, with this over-idealized way we should be “living”, running around ‘creating’ tasks and jobs to fill our days with, as if it’s somehow not our own double edged sword.

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