“Rilke poignantly captures the shifted and distinctly different perceiving I [Stephen Buhner] am talking about… but he also encounters a depth, a meaning, that is tremendously disturbing to him…

” ‘But the woman; she had completely collapsed into herself, forward into her hands… I began to walk softly as soon as I saw her… The street was too empty; its emptiness was bored; it caught my step from under my feet and clattered about with it hither and yon, as with a wooden clog. The woman startled and pulled away too quickly out of herself, too violently, so that her face remained in her two hands. I could see it lying in them, its hollow form. It cost me indescribable effort to stay with those hands and not look at what had torn itself out of them. I shuddered to see a face from the inside, but still I was much more afraid of the naked flayed head without a face.’

“Rilke is not talking here about a fantasized image, but something deeper, an underlying truth he found one day when he was not expecting it. Looking at the world with his deeper perceiving, he came upon the real face underneath the one the woman wore in her daily life. He captures the terror that can be – and sooner or later, always is – encountered when using feeling perception to see and feel the world around you. Although the beauty is what we’re most drawn to, in the darkness and terror are truths that all travelers in the metaphysical background eventually encounter, must face, and come to terms with. They all have teachings that are necessary. If you are so afraid of the dark that you always run from it, it is impossible to truly learn to heal anything – either landscapes or people…

“In this process, we have to learn – and it does take time, years of it – to walk in damaged landscapes – of both the Earth and the human heart – and not lose our way, not lose ourselves. For when you enter the world with your feeling sense intact, you will encounter everything that is there. Eventually. That is why learning how to take care of your deepest self is an essential part of the journey.”

–Stephen Harrod Buhner, Plant Intelligence and the Imaginal Real: Beyond the Doors of Perception into the Dreaming of Earth, pp.277-279.


The Exaggerated Exposure of Our Hidden Forbidden Genius that intensifies until 31 March 2021 (8:07 pm PDT) may Conflict Painfully with The Truth of Our Heart (in the guise of a naked Square from asteroid Aletheia in 30 Pisces back to the Station of dwarf planet Ixion in 2 Capricorn). This is the Coming of Age of a four-year Cycle that began in early 2020, and is about Seeing through the Illusion of what’s Politically Correct in 3D, to see the Underlying Pain of the Earth, and of Her Denizens (Ixion Initiated Aletheia 8 January 2020 at 29 Sagittarius, Sabian Symbol “A fat boy mowing the lawn of his house on an elegant suburban street,” and this is the Waxing Square, the signal for the Energy of a Cycle to finish its Apprenticeship and claim its rightful place in the Mainstream). Probably no coincidence that the timing of the Karumbavirus is similar.

We may Experience this Adventure, till 31 March, as Exceedingly Painful, or as Ecstatically Liberating – or Both. The Pain is Intensified by the Square being Cuspal. A Square Angle (90-Degrees or three Signs of Separation) signifies Becoming Adept by working through a Challenge. Ixion is in Capricorn, Cardinal Earth or Creativity with Matter and Form. So a Waxing Square to it “should be” from Aries, Cardinal Fire or Intuitively Creative Spirituality.

But this Square is from the Last Degree of Pisces, and Pisces is about Letting Go of Obsolete Emotional Baggage. If we’ve been Trusting the Truth of our Heart since mid-January, when Aletheia entered Pisces, and we’ve been Honest and Thorough about Feeling and then Letting Go of our Karmic Pain and Poignancy, then the Last Degree of Pisces will be a Surprise Celebration of ??? – We Won’t Know What We’re Celebrating, we’ll just Feel the Excitement of Celebration and a vague sense of newfound Freedom, because what comes next in Aries (Aletheia enters Aries at 4:22 am PDT on 3 April) is always a Mystery that won’t begin to take Form until Taurus. Aletheia gets to Taurus on 9 July.

But if we’ve Avoided or Denied or Projected or Gotten Lost In our Karmic Emotional Pain, then the Cuspal Square will be Giving us one more Chance to Embrace the Pain and Let It Go. The Good Goddess has generously given us plenty of excellent candidates to Project It On, so we’ll want to Call that Energy back and Own it. The Pain will almost undoubtedly include Reliving the parts of our Infancy and Childhood where our Unique Genius was Suppressed. Hopefully the Mars-Vesta-Pluto Mjölnir that we Enjoyed at the Equinox will have Given us, or will Give us (the Equinox chart reigns for at least three months), enough Epiphanies about our Righteous Anger at our Programmers for Suppressing our Deepest Talents, that we can Convert our Ancient Anger into Current-Moment Excitement about Recalling and Restoring those Talents, which are so Necessary for Healing the Planet. And of course Ourself.

The Ixion Station chart…

…also includes two other Major Hassles (T-Squares), or Opportunities to add Skills to our quiver.

One tells us that By Interpreting all Intrusive Memories as Intuitions that will Lead us to Healing and Freedom, we can Easily Recover our Lost Instinct for Converting Fear to Power. This T-Square Focuses on asteroid Moira (Fate and Choice) Merged With (Conjunct) dwarf planet Gonggong (Intrusive Memories), from the base of the Debate (Opposition) between our Instincts (Moon) and our Temptation to Trust Fear as a Warning rather than taking the Opportunity to Convert our Fear to the Power that we may need for Responding (dwarf planet Sedna). Kegels and Tapping both Convert Fear to Power. While the primary Focus of any T-Square is on the planet at the Midpoint between the other two (ie, the one at the 90-Degree angle), in this T-Square a Finger of the Goddess (Pay Attention!) points at the Sedna/Fear side of the Opposition.

The second T-Square advises that Attending to our Physical Well-Being and having Confidence in our Unconditional Self-Love will move us toward a multi-level Rebirth into Enlightenment. The Focus of the T-Square is about Rebirth on both the Physical (dwarf planet Haumea) and the Karmic (asteroid Klotho) Levels, and Enlightenment (dwarf planet Zhulong, the Chinese Red Dragon of Enlightenment). Rebirth on the Physical Level doesn’t necessarily mean Physical Death – you could just be switching the Identity you regard as “You” into a new Parallel. The T-Square Resolves the False Argument (all Dualistic Arguments are Fictional because Reality isn’t Dual) between the Life Force (dwarf planet Varuna) and our Confidence, or Lack of it, in our Self-Love (dwarf planet Chariklo Merged with asteroid Sappho). A second Finger of the Goddess or Yod (Pay Attention!) singles out Varuna.

Converting Fear to Power (Sedna) and the Life Force (Varuna), by virtue of their respective Yods, are Power Points in the chart. However, they’re also the feet of a third Finger of the Goddess that further Illuminates the already Bright – Stationary, Out of Bounds – Ixion (Learning to Express our Unique Genius) as the True Core of the chart. All eight planets (counting the Conjunctions as one “planet” each) in the chart are highly Networked with one another, reinforcing the notion that 5D is founded in Mutual Collaboration rather than Competition.


For comparison, Marilyn Raffaele channels the Arcturian Perspective for us…


“It is tempting even for the very evolved to slip into fears that arise from outer appearances, but never doubt that the Divine Plan is solidly in place. You, the awakened ones, are today’s spiritual warriors simply because you carry the Light of truth in consciousness. Because there is only One, the higher resonating energy that you secretly and silently carry with you acts to lift and assist others to recognize how much of what has been accepted as normal, is in reality false, cruel, and unnecessary.

“Life is difficult for most at this time. People are tired and want things to be normal. Try to think of present times as a pause rather than a problem. A pause that was necessary in order to stop the three dimensional merry-go-round that so many have been living on in the belief that it was normal. The ‘pause’ has allowed many to step back and re-evaluate their beliefs and life choices.

“This ‘pause’ in normal activity has forced many to courageously make changes that align more closely with their awakening state of awareness. Rather than continuing to plug along with choices made from a previous and less aware state of consciousness, the break from habit and routine is helping many to examine themselves more honestly, a process that would have taken much longer without the ‘pause.’ “


The Energy of the 28 March 2021 (11:48 am PDT) Full Moon in 9 Libra is Complex and Tightly Integrated (another illustration that 5D is too Complex to Intellectualize; rather it must be Intuited), and quite Benign. The Saturn T-Square is Self-Resolving (a T-Square and a Finger of the Goddess pointing to the same planet, together called a Diamond Star), and all of the other red lines (Potential sources of Tension) play together in a Grand Cross (four planets more or less equally spaced around the Zodiac), where the Tensions basically Complement one another…

One Skill that is required in order to Live in Peace with either Diamond Stars or Grand Crosses, is Patience. Neither of these Configurations will routinely scatter Rose Petals on our Path. Rather, especially Grand Crosses, they will scatter little Thorns, too small to do Serious Damage, but in each of their moments, Irritating. These little Irritations will be Resolved by subsequent Thorns, if we don’t Freak Out at one of them and let it dump us into Negative Expectations. Chiron, between the Sun and Venus, is all about Negative Expectations, and their Healing. While we’re in Negative Expectations, the Irritations Compound rather than Complement one another.

One Response to “Ixion”

  1. Bob (in Australia) Says:

    Perhaps a bit more “synchronicity” for us here too !
    as Uranus (though not stationary) still very active in a current cycle ? and in opposition to Zhulong (our enlightenment) and I believe I can see 3 vacancies in a grand unx in the full moon chart which might also give us some clues that might compliment the energies for expressing our unique genius? Anything of note in those locations?


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