Fearbruary II

Here’s an example of the Squares to Uranus. We’ll start with Jupiter, which Waning-Squared Uranus on 18 January 2021. The chart is pretty benign…

The Square is the base of a Mjölnir (Epiphany) to Vesta, clearly indicating that the Main Effect is Expansion of our Consciousness by Letting Go of Limiting Beliefs (Vesta), especially around Adjusting our Ego-Attachments to Gender issues (with Mars [quintessential Male] and Lilith [quintessential Self-Sovereign Female] Embracing Uranus [Soul] from both sides). (The Mjölnir is the red-and-yellow triangle, a Square and two Trioctiles. An Ego astrologer would call it a “Hammer of Thor.”)

It’s not about pronouns or bathrooms or whom we prefer to date, it’s about whether our Inner Female and Inner Male Collaborate more than they Compete. Our External Reality is a Mirror for our Internal Reality, and 5D prefers Collaboration.

It’s Lilith that carries our Ancient Wisdom, and it’s the Inner Female who Knows Who We Are and What We Want. Eve, who God plugged in to replace Lilith, Manipulated Adam by sticking him in his Left Brain with that Apple, depriving him of his Intuition. Absent his Intuition, he ended up Lusting after his own Rib. Descartes just collated the Encyclopedia, he didn’t Create the material – that was Eve’s work (think Venus). If Adam had been willing to Serve Lilith instead of demanding that she Serve him, the World would be very different today. We can still Choose to get back there and correct the error. The more of us Trust the Guidance of our Inner Female (whatever our birth or adopted Gender), the sooner we return to the Garden.

The recent 28 January Full Moon Lights it Up even more…

… with a T-Square, or Direct Challenge from the Full Moon itself. The Full Moon is another Female-Male analog, and it’s ambidextrous. In Western Culture the Moon is usually Magnetic and the Sun Dynamic, but the symbolism is reversed in many Cultures, even German. In this Blog we interpret the Sun as Essence and the Moon as Instincts, so they’re of indeterminate Gender, yet the Sun-Moon Relationship is arguably more Important than the Venus-Mars Relationship in comparing two charts for compatibility. Venus-Mars is Hotter, but Sun-Moon is more Lasting and more conducive to Community. Look closely and you’ll also see a green wedge (Finger of the Goddess) pointing at Uranus, making the Soul Challenge Self-Resolving.

The Full Moon chart also features an Almost-Grand-Sextile (the blue all-but-hexagram) – a would-be Great Boon if we could find the Key to the Vacant position in early Aries. Which in this case is Easy – all we have to do is stretch our Sensitivity (Orb) from 3 Degrees to 3½, and Chiron pops right in to Complete the Grand Sextile. So yes, we have Inner Integration homework to do, but the Angels await our requests for their Assistance. Grace erupts from a Grand Sextile only after we take the First Step.

But the Big Deal here is that the Jupiter-Uranus Square is Waning – Jupiter has gone three fourths of the way toward Completing its Current Cycle with Uranus, which means that while all of the above is terribly relevant in the short term, the longer-term Impact is that the Current Cycle is Winding Down, and we need to take that into account.

What’s the Current Jupiter-Uranus Cycle about? Jupiter-Uranus in general is about Expansion of the Soul’s Role in our Life. This one began in 2010 at 1 Aries, “A Woman just risen from the Sea, being embraced by a Seal” – Venus on the half-shell.

So what have we been doing for the last Decade – Rising above our Emotions? I’m not sure that would be very Global. Womankind arising out of Immersion in the Unconscious? Or Immersion in Codependence? Those trends are far older than ten years. We can look at the Initiation chart in the next post.

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