Global Fairy Congress

Very profound, this online Global Fairy Congress. Lots of Integration. I don’t really feel like a Different Person this morning, but there are obvious signs of Ego Death (What was my email password?), and so much has Changed (such as my Approach to the Natural World), and there have been many Integrating Realizations and Insights (such as Whoa, this talk about 5G and Earth-Splitting aren’t Metaphors and Omigosh, so those are the Fairies! I’ve been seeing them all along but I didn’t recognize them as Fairies because they’ve been shapeshifting to make themselves more recognizable!).

Healing the Heart of the Earth

The highlight webinars for me were Marko Pogačnik describing his 1980 Dream about the coming Gaian Transformation that set him on his Life Journey of Lithopuncture, and RJ Stewart’s fascinating discussion of Fiona McCloud and esoteric Gaelic history, both examples of how to make an hour feel like a week. Mahala Frye detailed her Land-Clearing process, and I discovered that Jaap van Etten, the Encyclopaedist of Fairy, is very illuminating in person, while more encyclopedic in writing. Webinars overlapped, so I haven’t been able to watch the workshops by David Spangler, Orion Foxwood (many raved about that one), Camilla Blossom, and others, but all were recorded and I’m looking forward to watching the rest. I’m not sure if the recordings will be open to all or only to “members” of the Congress, but membership is still open, and additional monthly webinars are planned.

How totally appropriate to hold the Congress when our Souls are Expanding more deeply into Matter (Jupiter in Aquarius Waning Square to Uranus in Taurus, 4 pm PST 18 January 2021, in 7 Degrees, with Uranus still Stationary [Strong]) and our Unconscious Limiting Beliefs are Open for Revision (asteroid Vesta Stationary 1am PST 19 January, in 22 Virgo). If you remember the third chart in the previous Soul Descending post, both of these astroevents are part of the current Grand Octile, signifying Adjusting and Rebalancing into Wholeness. The other five members of the Grand Octile are…

>>Consciously Ending Karma that Blocks our Openness to the Light (asteroid Lachesis [Ending TimeLines Consciously] Conjunct [Merged with] minor planet Zhulong [the Red Dragon of En-Light-enment] in 6-9 Scorpio).

>>Our Health and Vitality (dwarf planet Varuna in 5 Leo).

>>Unconditional Love for our Held Emotions, the one’s We’d rather Die than Feel, or where we often Mentally plug our Fear of Physical Death into the place where an Etheric Ego Death belongs (asteroid Sappho [Unconditional Self-Love] Conjunct the South Node [Held Emotions] in 19-24 Sagittarius, which Conjunction was exact at 2:40 am PST 4 January by the way).

>>Intuitions about our Mission in the Lifetime (dwarf planet Asbolus [Intuition], which is Out of Bounds (Strong) Conjunct the North Node [our Mission] in 19-23 Gemini).

>>Material Confusion and Spiritual Clarity (Neptune).

Meanwhile, Uranus is Integrating Action and Self-Sovereignty, unifying the Assertive Masculine and the Mystical Feminine (Conjunct Mars and Lilith). And Jupiter is simultaneously Expanding our Utmost Priority, our Instincts, and our Mentality (Conjunct Saturn, Moon, and Mercury).

Jupiter Square Uranus would usually be interpreted as a Challenge to Expand into Integrating Ego and Soul, and this will still be true on a very Local level in Time, but this is a Waning Square, meaning that the real, and ongoing, Challenge is to Let Go of any Attachments we have to the Waning Jupiter-Uranus Cycle that began in 2010. Let’s talk about that in the next post. The primary Configuration in the Local chart is the Mjölnir (Trioctile Yod, often referred to crudely as a “Hammer of Thor.”) from the Jupiter-Uranus Square to Stationary Vesta, indicating Epiphanies around our Limiting Unconscious Beliefs.

Meanwhile, there are two primary Challenges (T-Squares) in the 19 January Vesta Station chart…

The first is potential Difficulty with the Revelation of What’s Been Denied (dwarf planet Eris in 24 Aries), mostly because we Hesitate to Believe or Trust what we’re Remembering, even though we’re having even more trouble Letting Go of It (the base of the T-Square is Pluto [Compulsion] Opposite an Out-of-Bounds [Strong] asteroid Eurydike [Trust]), possibly because Accepting the Revelation will require too much Adjustment of our Self-Image for Comfort, or because we’re Wasting the Opportunity by Blaming our Emotional Reaction on someone or something in the Present Moment instead of Dealing with it as our own Karma (Eris Quincunx [Curiosity] to Vesta in Virgo [Ego Death]) – that is, Resisting Ego Death or Compulsively seeking Cause instead of Embracing Curiosity as an Emotion in its own right.

The second is parallel and possibly compounding – potential Difficulty Accepting our Intuition (dwarf planet Asbolus Out of Bounds in 23 Gemini). The root of this Difficulty may lie in Difficulty Embracing Confusion as the First Step in Growth (dwarf planet Ceres [Sustainability] Conjunct Neptune [Material Confusion and Spiritual Clarity] in 19 Pisces Opposing Stationary Vesta itself).

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