Eris, Pluto-Moira, and the New Moon

If we take the 10 January 2021 Pluto-Moira Initiation chart (Addiction to Karma), which is also the 10 January Eris Station chart (Opening Up to Denial), and we peel the Moon off of asteroid Sappho and plunk it down atop the Sun (and Moira and Pluto), we get the 8:59 pm PST 12 January New Moon chart. The Eris Station chart applies mostly to the week prior to 10 January but also the week following, and the Pluto-Moira Initiation chart applies for the next five years (or at least the next three-plus years, till the Cycle begins to Wind Down – though that doesn’t mean laggards won’t cling to it). The New Moon chart applies mostly to the two weeks following 12 January, but also, less strongly, to the fortnight after that. In other words, I hope everyone takes the FBI’s warnings seriously, and Joe & Kamala wear their bullet-proof vests at their inauguration.

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