Minor Planet Thereus

A dwarf planet, like former asteroid Ceres and former planet Pluto, has enough mass and spin to rotate itself into a sphere, and enough suck to glom unto itself a goodly part of the debris that cluttered its orbit. “Minor” planets might be asteroids or any number of flavors of iceball that Live furthur out in the tules. “Centaurs,” in the astronomical sense, are dwarf or minor planets that have fairly irregular and relatively unstable orbits more or less between Saturn and Uranus. There’s a couple hundred of them. They’re called Centaurs because like the chimeric Centaurs of Greek literature, they seem to behave partly like planets and partly like Comets that have been “captured” by the gravity of the Giant Gasball planets (Jupiter to Neptune). The classic Centaur is Chiron, but we also routinely use Chariklo, Hylonome, Pholus, Nessus, and Asbolus. I recently read someone referring to Bee-Zed as a stabilized Centaur.

Thereus is a small, 50-mile- or 80-km-wide Centaur with a 35-year orbit in the neighborhood of Saturn. If it came to visit us, it would fit tidily between London and Cambridge, Melbourne and Puckapunyal, New York City and Philadelphia, or San Francisco and Sacramento, though with devastating effect. Even if it figured out how to land gently, it would still squash a lot. By comparison, the asteroid that wiped out the dinosaurs was somewhere between 10 and 50 miles wide, so if we did invite it, we’d probably have to ask it to land gently in the Sahara or Washington DC or some other desert. It wouldn’t work in the Mohave because of the Desert Tortoise. My impression of the Sahara is that it’s devoid of Critters, but it probably isn’t, Critters are everywhere. A Thereus landing might actually be useful in Washington just now, if it were timed right and we were careful not to forewarn certain folks. It would save a lot of greenhouse-gas-generating cement.

Speaking of Washington, that’s Why we bring up an obscure planetoid like Thereus. But let’s start from the beginning (of the Why). There are a couple of “Minor” (that is, non-“Major,” certainly not minor) Configurations that keep showing up in recent charts, including the year-ending Full Moon and the 5 January 2021 Makemake Station chart.

One is a Mjölnir or Trioctile Yod, meaning This is an Important Opportunity to Return to Balance! It focuses on asteroid Vesta (Unconscious Limiting Beliefs), and in the Full Moon chart it sprang from the Challenge (Square) between Uranus-Lilith (The Self-Sovereignty of the Soul) and Pallas-Veritas (Boundaries that Correspond with the Reality of the Connection), suggesting that we “Get Real” with ourself and others. In the current Makemake chart it springs from the Square between Jupiter-Saturn (We want you to show us how to Expand and Contract at the same Timeyou’ll Need this Skill to Adapt to the Digital Age) and Uranus-Lilith (Dropping the subterfuges).

For a trivial example, we’ve all been Contracting sharply in our Face-to-Face Contacts, but Expanding quickly in our Virtual Contacts. Virtual – isn’t that sort of like Imaginary? As we Expand into Encountering the Consciousness of non-Huper Entities and Structures (which is an essential part of Healing our Relationship with the Earth), we’ll be Expanding our Imagination and Contracting our Judgments. To Co-Evolve with 5G, which appears to be It Is What It Is, we’ll need to Protect (Contract) ourself while Expanding the only Protection that works Ultimately – Vulnerability.

We may have to Co-Evolve with any number of Viruses as well. How many of us have Asked, in person, Consciousness to Consciousness, as Individuals, without Fear or Judgment, what it is that the Virus wants from us, or for us?

The other “Minor” Configuration is the root of a Grand Quintile – five planets spaced more or less equally around the Zodiac, signifying the Presence of a major Educational Opportunity. As in “Oh Shit, another Educational Opportunity,” like I saw painted on the side of a badly dented car once. Such Opportunities do often require an Ego Death or two, as we’re Asked to Contract by Abandoning Core Beliefs while Expanding into making Space for more Comprehensive Perspectives. Not all Education involves Transcending our Identity, but if it doesn’t it’s probably more about Technique than anything Life-Changing.

The Configuration here starts with a Quintangle – only three planets separated by Quintiles (72 Degrees, one fifth of the Circle). That’s a good start, but it’s lopsided, not in Balance. Such a structure always Asks to be Completed, perhaps by two asteroids or Stars that we haven’t met yet – Surrogates for two portions of the Unconscious that are Asking to enter our Awareness. Or perhaps by Consciously supplying the missing Energies, which we can read from the Sabian Symbols (readings for individual Degrees) of the two Vacancies. One Space Rock or Iceball that keeps showing up for this task, on the Cusp of Virgo no less (Virgo being the Home of Ego Death), is this Thereus fellow.

The only thing Greek literature tells us about the Mythic Thereus, is that he liked to hunt Bears, wrestle them to the ground, then bring them home with him, still kicking and snarling. Not sure what he would do with them next. Maybe train them and sell them into the thriving trade in trained Bears that the Greeks had with Russia in those days, though I don’t think Ovid ever mentioned that. Probably an oversight, he may have thought that everyone traded trained Bears all the time, so no need to bring it up.

Without thumbs per se, when Bears pick Huckleberries (Wild Blueberries), which is one of their favorite pastimes, they “rake” the bushes with their 6-inch Claws, eating whatever results – Berries, Leaves, Stems. They’re omnivorous, with a small second stomach for fermenting cud – I’ve seen one actually Grazing on Grass like a Cow in the spring while waiting for the early Salmon runs. Funny to see a Grizzly imitating a Cow, but you wouldn’t want to Laugh out loud, or point. Huckleberry Leaves are actually anti-diabetic, which is probably a help since Bear’s purpose is to stuff themselves with Huckles so they’ll have enough fat to burn through the winter while they nap. I’ve seen recently-raked Hucklebushes with Berries sliced neatly in half as if with a razor blade. I couldn’t get a knife sharp enough to slice a Huckleberry in half without flattening the Berry at least a little. So we know Thereus was Rugged!

In wandering around the internet I noticed astrologers who interpret Thereus as a Predator and Stalker, and not especially a good Relationship or Friend candidate, I guess because they don’t think he was kind to the Bears. I’m sure they’re looking at their accumulated client experience, but that doesn’t mean they’re interpreting the connection between Predation and Thereus appropriately.

However, I don’t see Predation jumping out of the Thereus Discovery chart (for 9 August 2001), which Strongly emphasizes Learning (it too has a Grand Quintile, but this one’s Complete already) and Clearing Karma. The Thereus Discovery chart even includes a Grand Unx (twelve planets more or less evenly spaced around the Loop), which is about Letting Go of Obsolete Habits (the Twelfth Harmonic), with only one easily-filled Vacancy. The Vacancy is occupied by the asteroid Itokawa, the tiny Space Rock that Japanese Spacefaring robots took samples from and brought back to Earth. It has a “Potentially Dangerous” Near-Earth Orbit. So yes, Ego astrology would find Thereus Dangerous, as both Learning and Habit-Breaking can Threaten the Ego.

Where is Thereus in our Predator-In-Chief’s birth chart? It’s pretty Intense. Just looking at the Conjunctions, it’s Merged with four other planets – dwarf planet Makemake (Manifestation) and asteroids Nemesis (Guilt, Ego Death), Requiem (named in honor of the Discoverer’s just-deceased mother), and Psyche (the Bride of Eros). It’s one Sign or Unx from asteroid Pandora (Releasing Evil, leaving only Hope in the box), two Signs or Sextile from asteroid Narcissus (Self-Enchantment), three Signs or Square from dwarf planet Ixion (Sociopathy), four Signs or Trine from asteroid Damocles (Self-Undoing), five Signs or Quincunx from asteroid Hopi (Disparagement for All Things), and six Signs or Opposition from asteroid Pallas (Boundaries). Obviously we’re selecting the downside of all those planets, but only because that’s what he Presents.

I’ve always maintained that the reason he’s dominating our Field these days is because he’s Teaching us about Creating our Own Reality, which is certainly what he’s been doing! It may not be a Reality we like, which we can condemn on other grounds, but he has been Teaching us about Rolling Our Own. And we have to carefully consider whether what we don’t like about what he’s been Creating is any of our Business. To the extent it does us Real-Life Harm, for sure it’s our Business. If we just object because it’s not the way we’d do it, or not the way Mom taught us that it should be done, then those are our Unconscious Limits to Manifestation, and they’re Lit Up so we can Let Them Go. We don’t have to Choose them, but if they don’t do us Harm, then it’s we who are holding up our shift to 5D, not them.

And again, if we’re looking at his pitiable Delusions and using it to conclude that Rolling Our Own doesn’t really work, that’s another of Our Own Unconscious Limitations. Unless he succeeds in drumming up a Coup with his ragtag army of submachine-gun-toting war-gamers, or with his fellow Demented Elite in Congress, he’s simply Out of Touch with Hardcopy Reality, his Illusions of Grandeur have him totally Tranced Out, and That’s what’s not working for him, not his Creating of His Own Reality. What he’s Succeeding at Creating – Again – is Mommy Doesn’t Love Me. If he’d Broken Out of that Trance two months ago, he’d be well set up by now for a run at 2024. He’s also Teaching us That!, Teaching us that it’s not about Recreating our Karmic Trances, it’s about Busting Out of our Karmic Trances.

He doesn’t “deserve” our Praise, it would only take him Deeper into his Illness. But he definitely deserves our Silent Applause. Once the concrete is poured, or Thereus has Landed on the South Lawn, we can Shout our Bravos! out loud as we shatter our newly emptied Magnums on it.

2 Responses to “Minor Planet Thereus”

  1. desmene Says:

    Curious about your photo— is that a crystal, or…?

    • astrobuss Says:

      Hi desmene! Yes, it’s a compound Calcite crystal. Pretty amazing, isn’t it! Looks like it could be an antidote to the Garudavirus, don’t it! Calcite is a very Healing mineral.

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