Karmic Digital Age 3

The other Isolated Square (see previous post) in the 21 December 2020 Karmic Digital Age chart pits our Hesitation to Confront the Status Quo (the Moon [our Instincts in General]) against the Realization that it may already be too late to Rescue Huperity from possibly the Greatest Suffering that our Species has ever seen (Sun-Mercury-Pholus-Ixion, with Quaoar not far away). We need to unpack that. Dwarf planet Quaoar represents our Survival Instincts, and dwarf planet Pholus stands for our Need to Respond. We’ve been doing a good job of Hoping that someone else would Step Up for us and Respond. Now it dawns on us (Mercury-Sun) that we need to Call on our own Superpowers (Ixion) because no one else is intervening.

Everyone is running around like they can’t do anything about the big Stalemate around Climate, Disease, Frozen Economics, and Dysfunctional Government. They didn’t have any trouble moving Vice President Spiro Agnes out of the way when they needed to ditch Nixon. They didn’t have any trouble locking up Black Males in their Wars on Drugs and Crime. Let’s see them lock up Rich Polluters in a new War on Climate Change. Let’s see them pull the 25th Amendment on the Antichrist before he does more damage. They aren’t helpless, they’re hapless.

Look at all those they statements. Who the hell are they anyway? By now it should be Clear that “they” don’t have our Needs at the top of their agenda. Who best understands our Needs? Hopefully, us. So what can we do?

Ixion has been in Sagittarius (Letting Go of Impediments to our Unique Genius) since 1995. It dipped a toe into Capricorn (Just Do It, Ok?) in March and April. It returns to Capricorn on 27 December 2020 (1:20 am PST), and this time it’ll stay till mid-July, giving us half a year to get warmed up. It goes back to Sagittarius then for four months, before returning to Capricorn “for good” (till 2039). So we Practice with our Special Skills till mid-July, spend the four months after that conspiring about how to Deploy them, and then we roll up our woolly sleeves and get to work (Big Merino by Moondyne, https://commons.wikimedia.org/w/index.php?curid=15274630, Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0; https://www.bigmerino.com.au/about-the-big-merino/).

I can hear you saying “Whaddaya mean, my Special Skills? What are those?” I know, we’ve Repressed it, because our Programmers thought it was Dangerous. What was it that you liked to do as a tyke, that you got punished for till you gave it up? This isn’t the movies, it’s Real Life, so we probably aren’t talking about Incredible Hulk or Wonder Woman stuff. We might be talking about tactfully telling people how they’re being hurtful, or making “jokes” that gently penetrate layers of Denial, or noticing someone else’s Special Skill and praising them for it to help them Learn to Honor it in themself, or shooting spitwads without getting caught. Whatever it is, it’s important. We need to work from the bottom up as well as from the top down and the middle outward, and every Skill is useful.

This Isolated Square Challenge between our Hesitation to make a big Stink (Moon) and our Perceived need to Do Something because no one else is (Mercury-Sun-Pholus-Quaoar-Ixion) isn’t without Help. It’s part of what we call a Tricolor Configuration – a Challenge (Square), a Curiosity (Quincunx), and Grace (Trine) put together end-to-end. Follow the red line (Square or Challenge) from Mercury et al to the Moon, then the green line (Quincunx or Curiosity) from the Moon to Karma, then the blue line (Trine or Grace) from Karma back to Mercury et al. We unlock the Grace in the Trine, so it can be applied to the Challenge, by Remaining in Curiosity about the Quincunx, and Avoiding Anal-ysis of it. Curiosity as in Awe or Wonder and Both/And, not the sort of Curiosity that inspires Research and Either/Or Decision. Remember that Love Dies when Judgment replaces Curiosity, and Grace is Love.

So we have here, “I Wonder how my Karma Inhibits my Unique Genius.” An Answer would stick you in a 2D Solution, when you need a Multidimensional but Cohesive Response. You might Tap Out something like “Even though my Karma Inhibits my Unique Genius, I deeply and Completely Love and Accept Myself…” and then Change the Subject, to avoid Analyzing. That can Trigger your Multidimensional Intuition and Tune it to the subject. If you’re Brave you could even ThetaGod/Goddess, Creator of All There Is, I Command that I Lovingly and Gently Let Go of Any Karma that Inhibits my Unique Genius. It Is Done, It Is Done, It Is Done. Thank You, God/Goddess. Show Me.

But be Careful to notice the Emotional Tone of your Show Me, not the technical details or Mechanisms. Emotions are Multidimensional and can be Coherent, but only if you Allow them to be Emotions in and of themselves, not Thoughts about Emotion such as Excited about or Angered by... Any hint of Cause and Effect (Because, About…) or Comparison (Feels Like…) or Mechanism (By…) or Generalization beyond the Present Moment puts you back in the realm of Thought, 2D. In this regard Emotions are far superior to Thoughts, and will serve you far better in 5D. You can use adverbial clauses like when” – “I got Angry when…” But don’t Generalize – “I Get Angry when…” is a Thought about your Emotion, it’s not an Emotion. Emotions are Different every time. It’s tricky to do this, and requires Practice, but the rewards are worth it.

It’s also timely to Practice working with our Emotions as Emotions, because the Moon moves Out of Bounds starting at 11:42 am PST 28 November, till 11:12 am PST 31 November. Emotions are stronger when the Moon is Out of Bounds. This “OOB” journey is over the Northern Hemisphere – you may have noticed that the Moon is way Overhead in Germany or Canada, and way on the Northern Horizon from Australia or South Africa. It’s easy to tell just now because the Moon is Full on 29 December, at 7:30 pm PST. We’ll save that for next time.

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