Despair and Miracles

There are three Hassles, er, Challenges, nay, Opportunities, in our Experience of Exaggerated Despair and Miracles (Chiron Station) that peaked on 15 December 2020 at 2pm PST. If you know anything about your natal chart, it’ll Light Up anything around 5 Degrees, particularly in Aries, Cancer, Capricorn, or Libra (these are the Cardinal, or Creative, Signs). If you’re Sensitive, consider 2-8 Degrees. If your Thick-Skinned, try 4-6 Degrees. If you got Discouraged and haven’t come out of it yet, I may be able to help, though I may have to charge a fee. Or, you can try what we suggest below.

The Mythic Chiron was considered the “Unhealable Healer.” He gave up his Immortality in order to get Pain Relief by Dying. But it’s Empathy that Heals. So we recommend Self-Empathy, because it’s Easy and oh so Inexpensive. There’s only one hitch, which we’ll discuss in a minute, along with suggestions for getting past it. Self-Empathy works like this – you say to yourself, matter-of-factly, silently or out loud…

You Poor Sweetheart, you’re Feeling Discouraged, aren’t you.

Then comes the hitch. You have to Change the Subject and Think about something else. If you don’t do that, your Thoughts will take you right back into Despair. Thoughts are Toxic to Unpleasant Emotions. They’ll twist you in knots and wring you out to dry, torturing you till you scream. When we’re Living Right, we Feel our Emotions, we don’t Think them, but for most of us, most of the time, that’s such a weird notion that, should we attempt it, Perish the Thought, we’ll just feel like this blog spends too much time on the Moon, and give up. And by the way, Feel Like describes a Thought, not an Emotion.

The Mind is a Demon, it takes Lifetimes of Meditation to Learn how to Detach our Ego from its constant Livestream. But it’s also fickle, and easily Distracted by shiny objects or things that move, or Chocolate, or Thinking about Sex. Unless you’re ADD, or XXX, reading probably won’t work. Music might, but definitely not if it doesn’t Change the Subject for you. Vivaldi maybe, but probably not Beethoven, unless you’re a musician. YouTube cat videos, they might work, they often feature movement…

Really, anything that takes your Attention away from your Thoughts will do. Periodically, they’ll try to Take Over again. You can try…

“You Poor Sweetheart, you can’t stop Thinking, can you.”

Of course, you’ll be back in the same Dilemma, having to Change the Subject. It might work to Tap It Out, “Even though I can’t Stop Thinking, I Deeply and Completely Love and Accept Myself…”

Of course you could try Tapping your Discouragement Out in the first place, and if that works, great! What Poor-Sweethearting does, is Change your Identity. You start with “I am Discouraged,” and as you Poor-Sweetheart yourself, you move to “I am Compassion.” Sounds like a trick of grammar, but the Unconscious Reacts immediately to your Language. Even changing from “I am Discouraged” to “I Feel Discouraged” can make a big difference. But moving to “I am Empathic” literally makes you the Healer and the Healee at the same time. Tapping changes you from Out of Integrity to In Integrity, because as Jessica explains, you’re bringing your Consciousness to where your Body’s Energy System already is – you Tap on the Acupressure points at the ends of your Energy Meridians. Putting yourself in Integrity or Coherence will make it very difficult to continue to Feel Out of Sorts, because now you’ve Sorted Yourself Out.

Chironean Miracles arise because, once you succeed in Changing the Subject, now you’ll Unconsciously Do and Feel and Think things that were Impossible to Do or Feel or Think while you were Discouraged. Of course you can’t Think About Doing or Feeling or Thinking Miracles, because then you’ll Think yourself out of it. But several days later, when you’re back-filling your Journal, you’ll Recognize that Miracles have happened. Small ones probably, but maybe not!

Our three Opportunities include Ending the Consequences of Climate Change. You may not single-handedly Resolve the Whole Enchilada, but if you aren’t in Discouragement, one of the things you’ll Do instead, is Resolve your own Relationship with Climate Change. For instance, your Immune System becomes much less Vulnerable when you get out of Bummersville, so you may Reject a spikey Virus or two, without even knowing it. You could easily make other small changes to your Lifestyle that improve Life for everyone and everything on the Planet. (Opposing Stationary Chiron is dwarf planet Makemake, which is all about Manifestation. T-Square to this is the Conjunction [Merger] of dwarf planets Pholus [Responding] and Quaoar [our Survival Instincts]. It’s this ongoing Conjunction that brings us face to face with our Survival, and with Huperity’s Inability to Respond.)

A second Challenge is to Improve our Health by Increasing our Self-Sovereignty. Sounds potentially oxymoronic, but when we Give Away Our Power by Allowing Others (including Social Norms and/or perhaps the internalized Voices of our long-ago Programmers) to override What Our Soul Needs to Do, we literally Give Away a significant chunk of the Energy that keeps us Whole and Hale. (Uranus [our Soul] is Merged with Lilith [Self-Sovereignty], T-Square to the Opposition [Apparent Contrast] between the Conjunction [Merger] of asteroids Pallas [Boundaries] and Veritas [Facing Facts] on one side, and a Merging of dwarf planet Varuna [the Life Force, our Vitality] and asteroid Atropos [Ending Untoward Habits] on the other.)

Those poor Covidiots may be stuck in this trap. We can’t Transcend Cause and Effect and get to 5D where we can Manifest Directly, without first Experiencing how Cause and Effect works. Clearly some people Believe that they can just Manifest Directly without worrying about the Trail of Disasters they leave in their path, and whatever substitutes for their Missing Soul obviously Needs to Do Big Risks in order to prove to themselves that they’re Superhuman. Eventually they’ll Create enough Ill Will by Operating this way, that its weight will bring them thudding back to Earth.

So we have a whole Cult of Mask-Deniers that are bringing Civilization to its knees by spreading the Cruelavirus like peanut butter, and a whole army of Believers in Scientism that are trapped in a misguided primitive version of Cause and Effect, Giving their Power to the “Experts,” and Collaborating to kill economic activity for the Common People so the Elite can take more. The simple “fact” is that, without a Miracle (which we definitely needn’t Exclude), we can’t Jump Directly to 5D either way. And what a Demonstration! When we Ask for something that we aren’t Ready to Receive, what the Universe gives us is an Illustration of what Limits our Receptivity. Touché, says the Universe!

The third Hassle in this week’s Despair and Miracle Exaggeration, is the solution to the whole mess, for whomever is Ready to Receive it. It’s not about your Wounded Society, it’s about your Wounded Individual Self that your Wounded Society Mirrors, about the Choices you make moment to moment for yourself. It’s about Recognizing our Karmic Trances and Trance-Sending them on their way. Karma is Dead. The only thing keeping it in place is our Attachment and Addiction to it. It’s what we Know, and we like it better than what we Don’t Know, because we Don’t Know how that will work out for us. We’d rather Commiserate with each other about how the External World has us under its thumb, than Step Out from under it and truly Create Our Own Reality that’s Sustainable.

When I was a wee lad and my father was rebuilding the house around us, every few minutes I’d Ask him Why he was doing something, or How it was going to work. He wasn’t a Builder, he was just trying to keep the Rain and the Cold at bay with his ample Ingenuity – his Why and How were Intuitive, not easily Explained. So when he wasn’t telling my nuisance self that Why was “Just for a Minute,” he was telling me that How required “Holding your Mouth Right.” Which is what it takes to Step Out of a Lifelong Trance, one that everyone has always told us, if we ever had the gall to question it, that it was The Only Way It Can Be Done.

An acquaintance used to say, “Don’t Get Even, Get Odd!” Breaking out of a Karmic Habit requires that we Do It Differently this time. Nine times out of ten we’ll discover that it was the same thing anyway, we just gave it a different name. So we have to Do it Differently ten times in order to catch that one time when what we Do is Really Random. It doesn’t matter What we Do, and it doesn’t matter whether it Works or not, what matters is that it’s Different this time. We can tell by the way it Feels. It will Feel Strange – it’s Different after all! All these years we’ve been looking for Comfort, how were we supposed to know we should have been looking for Strange?!?

(Asteroid Bee-Zed [Transcendence] T-Squares the Opposition between on one side asteroid Karma [Karma], and on the other side the Conjunction of dwarf planets Ceres [Sustainability] and Gonggong, formerly “OR10” [Intrusive Memories]. In that perpetual Livestream of Thoughts, how many are actually your own? How many Voices are babbling in there, and what Century did they live in, on which Planet? Sure, they have good advice – for then and there. But it’s not then and we aren’t there. Our job is to Be Here Now, and it ain’t Easy.)

Here’s the Chiron-Station chart with it’s three T-Squares…

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