Journey from 3D to 5D II

It’ll cost you US$50 (it’s worth it), but Joe Dispenza has produced the most comprehensive and concise (hard to do both, or on this topic either actually!) introduction to 5D that I’ve ever seen…

It disappears after 10 December 2020. The first half hour or so is an entertaining promo for his workshops, but the next hour and 39 minutes really lays it all out for your left brain to Grok. That’s the part I recommend highly to anyone who still wonders WTF 5D is. The last hour and 20 minutes are a meditation.

My own conception of 5D includes the Reanimation of Nature and the replacement of Competition with Collaboration, which Joe approaches more generally through Magnetism and Synchronicity, but his talk is an excellent bridge from the Scienterrific (“We’re Limited by the Myth of Objectivity”) to the Abrahams (“We roll our own”). He doesn’t address the Earth-Splitting-in-Two question, but one can imagine a decent answer by combining Douglas Adams’s SEP Field, the Maharishi Perspective (Global shift of Consciousness), and Michael Roads’s Vision in his Through the Eyes of Love trilogy (quasi-invisible pockets of different cultures, like it was before Farcebook Outed everyone).

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