My most basic thesis is that we gain Experience and Wisdom through Repetition, so I don’t usually pay much Attention to the Inner planets like Mercury, since we get so much Experience with them. Except when one of them specifically seeks out my Attention, such as now, when Mercury – Intellect, Analysis, Communication – joins asteroid Juno in the Grand Quintile – Great Teacher – that we discussed in the previous post.

Mercury Retrograde that is. I also don’t usually pay much Attention to a planet’s Retrograding, since I prefer to focus on its Stations, the times when it Stands Still just before turning Retrograde of Direct, because in my Experience a planet’s Influence on Earthly Life is greatest when it’s Stationary. So its Stations are the best time to study a planet. By comparison I don’t see a Profound Difference between a planet when it’s Direct and when it’s Retrograde. We all see the World differently, so I don’t pretend that this is Universal, just my own Bias based on my own personal Experience or Insensitivity.

Certainly travel and communication can be glitchy when Mercury is Retrograde, but I’ve always found that when I’m Conscious that it’s happening, Respond with Humor, and avoid Identifying with the Drama, it’s no big deal. Just the Coyote-Trickster Loki, and actually a firm Warning that the Intellect really can’t be Trusted, simply because while it does a fabulous job of Manipulating 2D and even to some extent 3D Worlds, it’s woefully inadequate at operating in 4D and Beyond.

Nevertheless, the most important part of Retrogradation is probably the fact that some Zone of the Zodiac gets Lit Up three times in a row, indicating that there’s something going on there that we need to Pay Attention to. In the current Mercury Retrogradation the Zone that’s Asking for our Attention is 26 Libra through 12 Scorpio, a Zone that starts by Showing us how Silly (Virgo Duad of Libra) we are for Believing that Confidence is All we need in a Relationship (Leo Duad of Libra) and ends by Illustrating how far we are off the mark (Pisces Duad of Scorpio) when we Assume we Understand anyone (Aquarius Duad of Scorpio) – Love Ends When Judgment Replaces Curiosity – even when the Judgment is favorable.

A second important part of Retrogradation is when the Retrograding planet crosses another planet thrice – another case of the Universe saying Listen Up! In it’s current backwardation, Mercury crosses asteroid Sappho – Unconditional Love – three times, on 3 October, 15 October, and finally on 4 December. The message is No, you don’t Understand Unconditional Love with your Intellect – Unconditional Love is Bigger than that. As is often the case when Intellect Fails us, we have to move to the Heart to Grok Unconditional Love.

The salient feature of the 13 October 2020 Mercury Station chart…

…is five sixths of a Grand Sextile (the blue hexagram). A Sextile is two planets two Signs apart, and it means Grace, though it’s not automatic – it unfolds once we take the first step. A Grand Sextile is six planets more or less evenly spaced around the Zodiac – six Sextiles back to back. It means lots of Blessings. To complete this one we have to add asteroid Hades. I know, that word catches our Breath, but no worries, as the chart well indicates the Historical Unpleasantness that we’re Composting here.

Moving clockwise from Hades on the short blue lines, we first come to Uranus – our Soul, and our Guide here. Next comes dwarf planet Nessus, which symbolizes Abuse and Privilege – this is what we’re Letting Go Of, our history with Abuse and Privilege. Next on the loop is dwarf planet Hylonome – Codependence – and asteroid Veritas – Facing the Facts. We’re taking a Searching and Fearless Inventory here of the ways we Collaborated in our own Abuse. The next short blue line leads to Mercury and asteroid Sappho – Unconditional Love – of course we Collaborated, because we most likely Believed we could easily get Dead if we didn’t!

Next we have dwarf planet Orcus, sandwiched between Venus and the Moon. Orcus punishes Oath-Breakers, and of course we made an Oath never to tell, because we were threatened that if not us, someone we Loved could get Dead if we didn’t. But Orcus here is Embraced by Venus – the Heart, and the Moon – our Instincts. They tell us that it’s time to Stand Up to Orcus and Recant all Oaths that we ever made under duress. Finally we come to asteroid Hades, completing the Grand Sextile. Hades enforced the Rules in the Underwhere, but he enforced them fairly. He was not Abusive.

The chart also includes one T-Square – a Challenge – the red triangle pointing to asteroid Moira from the Nessus-Orcus Opposition. Moira was the Goddess of Fate. Our Fate is our Karma, it’s what Befalls us as long as we remain Unconscious. Once we get Conscious of our Karma though, just as we’re Getting Conscious about our Abuse here, Fate is replaced by Choice. When we know a Karmic Consequence is likely to occur, we can simply Choose Differently, just as we wear a raincoat when the Weather Forecast advises us that Rain is likely. We don’t have to Stand Still for it, we can Revert it.

Notice that when Hades in included in the chart, it’s five Signs from Moira – hence the green line or Quincunx, meaning literally, five Signs or five twelfths of the Zodiac. It means Curiosity. It joins the green line from Uranus to Moira, forming a green wedge or Finger of the Goddess, that Neutralizes the Challenge of the T-Square by making it Self-Resolving. When we Respond to a Challenge with “Isn’t this Interesting!” instead of “Oh Shit I’m Screwed!” we Intimidate the Challenge, and it cringes off to lick its wounds, leaving us to Respond Dispassionately to the Challenge.

The Mercury Station chart also includes the same Grand Quintile that we discussed in the last post, differing only by the addition of asteroid Sappho on the Mercury-Juno corner – add Unconditional Self-Love to that Pentagram at the end of that post.

There’s one more reason why this particular Station of Mercury is worth Paying Attention to. Mercury turns Direct again on 3 November 2020, a rather momentous date. That’s a fascinating chart, which we’ll look at in the next post.

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