Guilt New Moon Growth

There are two Bonus Configurations in the 16 October 2020 New Moon chart. They overlap at asteroid Juno – Growth in Consciousness. Of course Growth in Consciousness always requires an Ego Death, so it’s seldom Fun, till we Learn to Recognize Ego Deaths and Celebrate them as the stepping stones on our Path to Wholeness and Yintegrity. Then, even if it’s a Bother, at least we know what we’re doing and why!

The two Configurations are a Grand Quintile – five planets more or less equally spaced around the Zodiac, which is sort of like being Gifted with an honorary Masters Degree in the ten interrelationships between the five planets. These planets evoke the Fifth Harmonic (360 Degrees divided by 5) or Quintile Angle, which is about Teaching and Learning. In the chart below it’s the lavender Pentagram.

And a new Configuration that lacks a name but we’ll call it a Reattunement, based not on its shape but its Function, which is to Bring Ourself Back into Balance. It’s four planets arranged so that between them there are two Octiles and two Trioctiles. Octiles – the Eighth Harmonic or 360 Degrees divided by 8 – are about Adjustment, and Trioctiles are about Adjustment with Love and Wisdom. Trioctiles combine the Eighth Harmonic with the Third (360 Degrees divided by 3), which is about Love with Wisdom. The Reattunement is the orange Rectangle in the chart below…

The corner they share is occupied by asteroid Juno, so the whole Complex is about our Growth in Consciousness. This basically Happens to us, so while we can certainly Help or even Lead the process – to the extent that we Identify with our Soul – more often we’ll just be white-knuckling the Changes in our Identity and Life that Happen. Trust me, they’re for the better, even if there’s a rough patch in the Transition. It’s just Turbulence, not the MCAS.

In the Reattunement, Uranus – symbolizing Our SoulAdjusts our Comprehension of our Life Mission – as it Octiles the North Node. We’re beginning to get a rough idea of where we’re heading and why, which might help Explain why our Anxiety has decreased somewhat over the last week – at least, we Hope it has for you, as it has for others we know. Ego astrologers interpret Uranus as Disruption, and we regard it as Disrupting whatever is no longer in Alignment with our Soul’s Path in the Lifetime. So the more we Identify with what we’re being Asked to Surrender, the more Ego Death will be involved, and the rougher the Turbulence in our Life. No Blame or Shame, it’s just How We Grow. Some of our crutches are just Stickier than others, and its a Different Maze for each of us.

Meanwhile, our Growth in Consciousness helps us Grok our Held Emotions – Juno Octile South Node. With Retrograde Mercury crossing Juno, we may even Understand some of them, though Understanding is always Dangerous, because it’s not very Dimensional and it’s so Sticky. Our Concept Set is a Cage that entraps the Ego, and it takes a lot of Effort and Practice to Let Go of our Attachment to our Concept Set – and the Effort is Ongoing, it’s not like we Learn it and we’re Done. We Learn it and then for the next hundred Lifetimes we’re Surprised when You Mean It Applies to THAT too?

It’s what Castaneda called “Cognitive Dissonance,” or Learning to Hold and Live Out Contradicting Beliefs at the same time. There are no Contradictions in Real Life, because Real Life is Unitary and Multifarious, while Contradiction is a Political Construct in the mind of the Observer. We Accept our Fate and Exercise our Free Will simultaneously, for instance, because we Recognize that both are just Ideas, and don’t really have much Impact on Reality. The more we Identify with either or both of them, the more they Impact Our Perception of Reality, but compared to, say, Gravity, or Momentum, Ideas don’t carry much weight in Real Life.

Even though Gravity and Momentum are just Ideas too, and either could get us Dead if we Ignore them in the wrong circumstances. Like the Critters in Orwell’s Animal Farm, all Ideas are Equal, but some Ideas are more Equal than others. Yes, We Create Our Own Reality, but when Our Reality gets too far out of Alignment with the Current Global Trance, our Life gets more Difficult. That works both ways – when our Reality Lags the Current Trance, and when it Leads the Current Trance too much. Both/And always works better than Either/Or, but we can’t pull it off if we Identify with the Either or with the Or. You know why Angels can Fly, right?

The Trioctiles in the Reattunement are Juno to North Node – Our Growth in Consciousness Allowing us to better Grok our Mission in the Lifetime – and Uranus to South Node – Our Soul Intervening to Lighten our Ego Death Load – the more we Identify with Our Soul, the less we have to deal with Ego Death, because our Soul is Immortal, it’s “just Energy.” Remember what Einstein said, Energy is Matter multiplied by a Number approximately seven orders of magnitude bigger than the National Debt (multiply the National Debt by three then add seven zeros). Of course it depends on what units you’re using, but you get the Idea.

The parameters in our Honorary Masters Degree are Growth in Consciousness – asteroid Juno, Expansion of our Trance – Jupiter-Pluto, Our Degree of Victimhood – Chiron, Our Unconscious Beliefs – asteroid Vesta, and Our Collection of Concepts about Materiality – dwarf planet Altjira. These are pretty Heady Concepts, enough to qualify us to rewrite René Descartes’s Principles of Philosophy or Isaac Newton’s Mathematical Principles of Natural Philosophy, if we don’t get too far from the Current Trance.

Think about how each of the ten lines in the map below indicate a Relationship. For instance, do you feel like your Trance (how you interpret your Experience of Life) has Expanded lately? That is, have any of your Attitudes, toward things that are Important to you, Changed? Has your Anxiety Diminished, or Changed, about anything? Has this Changed any of your Unconscious Limiting Beliefs? I know, they’re Unconscious, but your Life mirrors them, usually through your Judgments. Are you Judging anything less harshly than you were a few weeks ago? These Changes might show up most vividly when you think about the Krapolavirus or the Election or Black Lives Matter or your Abundance or Lack thereof.

Review each of the five items and each of the ten lines. Has your Consciousness of Victimhood Grown? Where in your Life do you still not feel like you have Healthy Control? To what Degree do you feel like you’re a Victim of having Taken Material Form? Are you a Soul in a Body, or a Body with a Soul? Are you Conscious that it was a Choice? Do you have any Access to whoever you might have been before you made that Choice? Or was it someone else’s Choice? Do you Celebrate the Choice?

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