Moon OOB

The Moon goes Out of Bounds again, meaning we’re all more Emotional than usual (Check occasionally to see if your Instincts are also Heightened, or are Drowned out by Emotional Dramatizations), from 8:41 pm PDT 7 October 2020 till 12:19 pm PDT 10 October. You maybe have already noticed how rapidly the Moon is moving North.

It would Behoove if we were able to notice if there’s a difference in the Quality or Quantity or Flavor of our Emotionality or Instincts between the times when the Moon is OOB North (like 7-10 October and 3-6 November), and when it is OOB South (like 20-23 October and 16-19 November), though of course comparing anything to 3-6 November will be a stretch.

While it’s OOB the Moon spans 24 Gemini through 27 Cancer, so you can watch how it impacts your natal Proclivities in that Degree Zone. It will likely…

  • Illuminate our Intuition (Conjunct dwarf planet Asbolus) leading up to 12:12 am PDT 8 October,
  • Light up our Genius and Unlimited Potential (Opposite dwarf planet Ixion and Conjunct dwarf planet Chaos) leading up to 5:05 am PDT on the 8th, and
  • Begin to trigger our Compassion (entering Cancer) after 8:45 am PDT on the 8th.
  • 9 October could be quieter, though it will be Opposing all those Capricorn planets, then
  • Our Respect for All Things (Conjunct asteroid Hopi) may be Illuminated leading up to 4:10 am PDT 10 October, and
  • We may find it Easier to dump Obsolete Habits (Conjunct asteroid Atropos) leading up to 11:50 am PDT on the 10th, just before She returns In Bounds.

We could also find our Attention drawn in these Directions (all times PDT of course)…

  • New Beginnings till 1:20 am on the 8th (Moon Square Klotho)
  • Ability to Respond till 11:20 am on the 8th (Opposite Pholus)
  • Survival till 2:10 pm on the 8th (Opposite Quaoar)
  • Changing Habits till 6pm on the 8th (Square Lachesis)
  • Manifestation till 9:30 pm on the 8th (Square Makemake)
  • Victimhood till 9:50 pm on the 8th (Square Chiron)
  • Truth of the Heart till 9:10 am on the 9th (Opposite Veritas)
  • Sovereignty till 11:30 am on the 9th (Opposite Hylonome)
  • Boundaries till 2:05 pm on the 9th (Opposite Pallas)
  • Expansion till 8:20 pm on the 9th (Opposite Jupiter)
  • Change till 3:40 am on the 10th (Opposite Pluto)
  • Denial and Revelation till 6:30 am on the 10th (Square Eris)
  • Priorities till 11am on the 10th (Opposite Saturn)
  • Guilt and Ego Death till 6:20 am on the 10th (Square Nemesis)
  • Confidence and Doubt till 7:40 am on the 10th (Opposite Chariklo)

If you’re in the business of Exploring any of those Topics, or Learning about any of those planets, this is a Golden Opportunity!

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