Wegetwhatweaskfor Full Moon II

WordPress has a new editing program which no longer appears to be optional, and in my 50+ years of working in the software industry I’ve never seen a more screwed-up (to put it politely) user interface.  So some “features” might disappear while I wrestle with it, and I may have to stop using it altogether.  I refuse to support Google or Facebook, so I won’t use the other leading alternatives.  Anybody have other suggestions?

This 1 October 2020 Full Moon chart is remarkable on several levels. 

It’s perfectly symmetrical around the 25 Gemini-Sagittarius axis, which is totally appropriate since the 25th Degree is where Self-Doubt and Self-Confidence was Lit Up Big Time (dwarf planet Chariklo Stationary in Capricorn) a few hours ago (1:20 pm PDT 3 October), and very near where Trance Re-Formation aka Ego Death is Lit Up Big Time (dwarf planet Pluto Stationary in 23 Capricorn) a few hours hence (6:20 am PDT 4 October).  And as regular readers know, there are at least a dozen major astroevents occurring in or near 25 Degrees in the waning days of 2020.

Symmetry generally means Ease, though in the context of a Pluto Station – often one of our tougher Experiences – we have to scrape off the Salt to find the Ease.  In other words, it could be a lot worse, since New and Full Moon charts usually apply to the following several weeks, in this case the first half of October. But in general, if you too feel like the World is going to Shit, hopefully it will improve once Pluto starts moving again.

The Full Moon chart above features two Flying Squirrels (with tail, sans one ear) crossing while flying in opposite directions. (The Bat analogy won’t work here because without one ear the poor fellow would lose his stereo echo-location and starve to death.) I know they’re hard to see, so I’ve emphasized each one in turn…

We know that the essence of a Flying Squirrel Configuration is Coasting. They don’t really fly, they climb high, jump off, spread their Wings, and Coast. But here we’re Coasting in two different directions, and being torn in two. No Fun. Certainly feels like that to me, as I keep trying to Do what I Do, while whoever that is in there that’s in Rebellion, tosses krapola like non-functioning editors in the way, obviously Asking that I go a Different Direction, but offering few clues about which Direction.

Unfortunately, that’s the nature of a Pluto Ego Death. The Universe is now going in a Different Direction, it is casting a Different Trance, and it’s kind of up to us to Learn to make our Lemonade out of it. Meanwhile, we have all this Momentum going from the Old Trance. Of course the New Trance will become much Clearer as we go forward. But in the interim we’ll probably have to make some decisions. With strong winds blowing in both Directions, we’ll have to PIAVA how to maximize our gain from Both/And, how to Pivot our Old-Paradigm Investments so they can Grow Corn under the New Paradigm.

When we draw the chart for the Pluto Station, we’ll probably see that it has some good suggestions for us (I’ve only sketched it out so far, but I can see that it’s substantially different from the 25-Degree chart we’ve been studying…

  • It advocates Trusting Respect for All Things, for instance (Eurydike-Hopi has moved in to Oppose Pluto-Chariklo-Saturn, so the overall Configuration is no longer a Challenging T-Square, but a more-Balanced Grand Cross).
  • The Challenge to What we Do with our Karma (T-Square to the Nodes) is still there, but it’s no longer about Getting Conscious about which Habits to Change (Lachesis), but about Starting New Habits (Klotho).
  • And it advises that we need to be Aggressive with Uncovering our Denial and Be Very Careful to Build new Structures that Eschew Guilt (Mars-Eris Opposite Nemesis-Haumea in the crossbar of the aforementioned Grand Cross).

Meanwhile, we find out more about what we’re Coasting toward by examining the green (Quincunx) Diagonals in the Fez that forms a Flying Squirrel’s airfoil – we interpret a Fez by interpreting the Diagonals. These are about Curiosity, so it’s very important that we Eschew Anal-ysis and Attempts to Understand them. They’re about Learning New Things that, relative to what we Believed we Knew beforehand, will seem Paradoxical at best and Ridiculous at worst, and our Old Ideas will cripple us if we let them.

The first Flying-Squirrel chart above has Just What Is It That We’re Creating? (Sun-Makemake) at it’s Head, so it should give us Input on Where We’re Actually Going. It’s Diagonals are Can We Be Open to Learning Brand New Relationships Between our Soul and our Fate, and Between our Soul and Choice? (Uranus Quincux Moira) and Can We Be Open to Learning Brand New Relationships Between Abuse and our Karma and Between Privilege and our Karma? (Nessus Quincunx asteroid Karma).

The second Flying-Squirrel chart above has Abuse and Privilege (Nessus) at it’s Head, so if we can succeed in staying out of our “Left Brain” – the part that Groks only Logic and Facts and not Heart and Intuition – it will probably give us a Surprising Education about how we might Maximize our Abundance without Harming Others, including All Non-Huper Entities. It’s Diagonals are Can We Be Open to Learning Brand New Relationships Between Our Soul and What We’re Manifesting? (Uranus Quincunx Sun-Makemake), and Can We Be Open to Learning Brand New Relationships Between Our Karma and the Facts? (asteroid Karma Quncunx Veritas).

7 Responses to “Wegetwhatweaskfor Full Moon II”

  1. alchemist0310 Says:

    anyone else feeling this in the solar plexus? perhaps pluto is in direct line with the pit of the belly- collective constipation? :/
    rx: the both/ands (despair and hope), steadfast meditation (i’m enjoying the soothing voice of michael sealey as of late), nutrition (berberine for gut health!), daily dose of jbuss charts (address’ mental health which has a direct relationship to susceptibility of illness!), and, toxic waste removal from our lives– take one to two dose daily!
    another cycle, another opportunity … breathing in, breathing out!
    ps. dear wordpress, why change the wheel?? frustrating–

  2. nwartemis Says:

    Hi Jim,

    If you are looking for an alternative to WordPress, I can highly recommend MadMimi.com , which I’ve used for 8 years now. It’s $10/month for up to 500, $12 for up to 1000, and $16 for up to 2500. They have a very user-friendly user interface, lots of templates, and great support.

    Blessings, Stephanie

    • astrobuss Says:

      Thanks! I’ve seen that name, I think it’s Marilyn Raffaele that uses it. I’ve never scrolled to the bottom of your emails, so I never noticed it on your emails – nor that there was a web version of them! When I get time I’ll look at it – I’m still hoping that when WP answers my complaint they’ll tell me how to restore the editor that worked!

  3. boozilla Says:

    The new WordPress “editor” is indeed krapola…I am hoping to wrestle it to the ground but so far it’s mostly just making me cry. Right now I’m taking the view that we can co-exist and..er…learn new coping skills.
    Thank you for this ongoing careful explication of what IS at present. it is deeply helpful and important and without it one might stay buried under the blankets. xo

    • astrobuss Says:

      I’m slowly gaining on parts of it, other parts (like the jumping and disappearing menus and the kindergarten crayola colors) are hopeless. They obviously never heard of “if it works don’t fix it,” some hapless Alien thinking he’s doing everyone a favor by changing everything to look like it does on some Uranian Moon.

      • T Says:

        Try ghost.dev. I used WP for years and am now using Ghost. And I decided to bypass Ghost’s fee structure by using Gloat.dev for install/setup. If you want totally free + mailing list (but with minimal features), try substack.

  4. astrobuss Says:

    Thanks, T!

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