Wegetwhatweaskfor Full Moon

Photo by Sally Lloyd Jones

It’s no coincidence that they call Her a Laughing Gull.  The 1 October 2020 (2pm PDT) Full Moon in 10 Aries Gives Us What We’ve Been Asking For, but we stumble on the part of We that isn’t fully Conscious.  Whenever we Experience something that we don’t like, we need to Ask Ourselves, “Who the Hell in Here Asked for This, Anyway?!?”

When you notice someone in there Cowering, first take a Deep Breath to soften up a little, then tell them, “You Poor Sweetheart, You’re trying to get Your Needs met, and I haven’t been Listening to You, have I.  I’m Sorry.  How can I make it up to You?” 

By now They may already be Talking to you.

If not you’ll need to work at it.  Our Most Rejected Selves have after long Abandonment become like Wild Animals.  To “tame” Them (it’s actually “Us” that needs taming) we’ll need to set out something we think They might like, turn our backs, and sit patiently waiting to see if They’ll come out of hiding to check it out.  Don’t turn around.  If you do this twenty or a hundred times, they might Feel Safe enough to approach you.  You’ll have to Wait for Them to come to you, you won’t be able to “Here, Kitty, Kitty!” Them – by now they know better than to fall for that from you.

Are you Feeling sickly?

Have you been Wishing someone would take care of you better than you have been?

Are you Enduring Scarcity?

Have you been Judging those who aren’t?

Are you Willing and Able to Ask for Help?

Are you Willing and Able to Receive?

Do you Distinguish Abundance (Having Enough to Share) from Wealth (Having More Than Others and Hoarding It when they Obviously Need It more than you do)?

Are your Teeth cracking?

Has it been you, or your Evil Twin, that’s been Eating more Meat and Sugar (Acid Foods) than Vegetables (Alkaline Foods)?

Are we “Blaming the Victim” here?  Darn right.  Wherever we’re feeling like a Victim, that’s Exactly where our Power lies, and that’s Exactly where we need to Go to Retrieve It.  We’re going to have to Learn to be Loving and Gentle with our Inner Victims, because They’ll never Trust us otherwise, after so many years of our Ignoring or Punishing or Insulting or Intimidating Them.  But it’s never too late to start.

Here’s the chart that says this…

We’ll explain how it says this after we spend some time taking better care than I have been, of an Inner Self or several.

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