Charts of the Portals VIII

Today, 21 September 2020, we’re back to the Global Climate Change chart, our “Stinkbug chart.”  On the Flying Squirrel’s right front paw we found the symbol for Self-Love (asteroid Sappho) Merged with the symbol for Growth in Consciousness (asteroid Juno).  Last Friday, Self-Love finished a nine-month course in the knife-edge between Relationship and Self-Sovereignty (Sappho in Libra), and began a three-month tutorial called “Is That Really Unconditional Self-Love?(Sappho in Scorpio).

Since early last November, we’ve been Growing in Consciousness through our Experiences with other people (Juno in Libra).  You know, How can you wear that Mask?  Don’t you know it’s Unconstitutional?  Of course, if we didn’t Notice that we were in Judgment and spend a few minutes Wondering why someone else’s Idiocy would trigger our own Emotions so much, we sort of missed the point.  We interpret Juno as Growth in Consciousness because the Mythical Juno was Merged with Jupiter, and her greatest Opportunity to Grow was in Recognizing that the two of them weren’t actually the same person.  So Libra is particularly Instructive for Juno.

Starting today (4am PDT), we’ll instead be Growing in Consciousness through our Experience of Ourself (Juno in Scorpio).  Since the Essence of Scorpio is Fearlessness, we’re likely to move into some places that are Painful for our Ego.  We’ll probably be ahead to remember that Self-Judgment isn’t Self-Loving.  As with Sappho (undoubtedly a “coincidence”), the Dance through Scorpio only lasts about three months.

Astrology tends to do this – no matter what astrological Metaphor or Scale you use, the answer is often the same.  For instance, we could ignore all of the Global Climate Change (Pholus-Quaoar) and Digital Age (Jupiter-Saturn) and Patriarchy (Uranus-Pluto) Big-Picture trends, and just notice that while we’re going through this “Constitutional Crisis” everyone who’s anybody –

What after all is more Important for the future of Huperity than Unconditional Self-Love and Growth in Consciousness??

 – is in Scorpio, which is all about Getting to the Bottom of Things.

In order to Grow our Consciousness, one of the prerequisites is Knowing that All There Is Is Now – Frequently Asking ourself, What’s Going On In the Present Moment?  That usually Relieves us of such Follies as Believing the Contents of Our Silly Old Thoughts, and even often Allowing our Emotions to Dance our Thoughts into a Tizzy.  Getting into the Present Moment with our Emotions is a little like doing a Poor-Sweetheart – when we go from I Am Angry to I Feel Anger we Shift our Identity.

Even after only a few hours, I’ll wager that if you look, you’ll Notice that at least once already today, you’ve been naturally Inspired to Shift your Perspective on Patterns that you Live and Act Out daily.  The Insights I’ve had today promise to be Life-Changing, and you’ve probably had some of those too.

A Caveat though – we’ve also entered the Province (in Time) of Exaggerated Dependence or Exaggerated Independence (Hylonome Stationary till 5pm 23 September in 5 Capricorn).  That’ll put a very different twist on our Debriefing of what we’ve Learned this year about Self-Love and Consciousness around Relationship (Sappho and Juno in Libra).  For instance, if you’ve considered or experienced Big Changes in a Relationship, it may well Evolve Rapidly in the next few days.

By all means Take Advantage of what you’ve Learned about yourself and Others, and especially Act to Expand your Consciousness and your Self-Love, but recognize that this “Crisis” stage will probably be Temporary.  If you’re on the verge of Life-Scale Relationship Changes, you may want to “sleep on it” for several days first.  It’s a great time to make such Changes, but if they’re done “in the heat of the moment” you may regret it later.

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