Charts of the Portals VI

Yesterday, 17 September 2020, we had a New Moon in 26 Virgo (4am PDT), “A boy with a censer serves a priest near the altar.”  Its chart is one of the several we’ve been working with, the one with five Stations on it (A “Station” is when a planet Stands Still in the Sky, which is when the Influence of said planet is at its Strongest, which is why we emphasize them so much)

We’ve already (9-10 September) Experienced the Exaggeration (Station) of the Need for Action (Mars) and of our Hidden and perhaps Forbidden Genius (Ixion).  We’ll be Exaggerating our Intuition (Asbolus) on the 25th, our Priorities (Saturn) on the 28th, and our Boundless Unfulfilled Potential (dwarf planet Chaos) on the 29th.

(I’m being lazy saying “on,” because the impact of a Station usually builds for the week or so prior to when it peaks (the “on” point), and then often declines.  So rather than “on” I should be saying “till at least.”  I’m introducing a new color, one that means “this is an aside that can help make sense of what I’m saying, but you can skip it if it’s already Clear as Mud.  Oh, and for review, the pinky color is an optional aside in astrologuese, and the teal color is a link to more information yet!  So the format is sort of Either <English (astrologuese)> Or <Astrologuese (English)>.  Make sense?)

That was yesterday.  Then today, 18 September (1:20 am PDT), we finished a nine-month home-study course on how our Self-Love Dances with our Relationships – or not (asteroid Sappho in Libra), and now we’re beginning a quick three-month workshop on Deepening our Self-Love closer to the Unconditional (Sappho in Scorpio), partly based on that we’ve recently brought into Consciousness about how we tend to Compromise Self-Love to Make Room for Other in our Life.  As we move through the several Imminent and many Slowly Evolving Changes that approach, Unconditional Self-Love will prove to be critical to our Successful Navigation of the Shoals.

Meanwhile, we’re in the process of stumbling through a Summary-and-Detail about the monumental Portals coming up here in the Back End of 2020.  We’ve been Anxious about how some of the Changes will Unfold, and today we got hit with one that wasn’t in the Almanac but which could prove to be the most Monumental of them all, the headline…

Ruth Bader Ginsburg Dies And Creates A Constitutional Crisis

(  Deja Vu 2000 all over again.

Which makes it all the more important that we Realize that We Are Lightworkers.  We are not Victims of the Circumstances or the astrology or our Anxiety or our Fate – unless we Choose to be.  We Took this Lifetime to Change the Earth, not to Nail ourself to its Cross.  We just Forget who we are, and think we’re an Ego or a Body or an Emotion instead of a Multidimensional Beam of Light.  No Blame, it’s Designed that way.  Without Immersion in EarthLife, we’d have no Empathy for the clammy, palmsweaty Reality of being trapped in a Body and an Ego and a Dualistic Mind. 

But the Bell is Ringing, and it’s Time to Wake Up.

It’s a common Choice that the Universe offers – do we want to Get Intense and Get It Over With, or do you want to drag it on as Karma for another couple of Millennia.  I ran across this quote today, from Patrick Noble…

“The central premise of all I write is that we must embrace tragedy – that there is no other course, but to take the tragic rite of passage towards the light on the other side.  Our ways of life are causing terrible tragedies.

“For me, another essential mantra is that comedy and tragedy share identical plots – the one of mind – the other of heart.  Of course, as we see in the best writing and hear in the best and deepest music, comedy and tragedy can weave together as one – just as heart and mind are one.

“It is illogical to say that we cannot act out remedies, because of the tragedies they’d cause to our tragedy-causing ways of life.  Is that not the archetype for the best stage comedies and tragedies?  Of course, we could also say, it is illogical to say that we cannot act out remedies, because of the ridicule and laughter they’d draw from those still engaged in ridiculous ways of life.”

That last paragraph is a little dense; let me paraphrase… “It’s stupid to say we can’t Change because Change would destroy What Was and that would be a Tragedy – because What-Was was a Tragedy!  The Tragedy of destroying an Addiction to a different Tragedy is the essence of Drama.  It’s also stupid to say we can’t Change because we’d be Ridiculed by those who are Ego-Attached to What Was – because being Ego-Attached to What-Was was Ridiculous!”

In other words, the sooner we want the Patriarchy to Self-Destruct, the more Rope we need to give it.  Yes, we’ll probably have to give up Privileges when it Falls, but what will take their place?  Probably something similar to what we’ve been Imagining will take their place.  If you’ve been imagining Poverty or Violence or Hunger or Privation, then what do you think you might be Creating?  We are Powerful Manifesters, and we Manifest by first Creating the Energy of we want to Manifest.  There are many situations where it could be Unconditionally Self-Loving for us to Manifest Poverty or Violence or Hunger or Privation, if for instance we were Simulating it so we could later Empathize with it and help Heal Addictions to it.

But if that’s what we’re Imagining now, I hope we’re doing it Consciously, and for a solid purpose.

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