Charts of the Portals V

Our 15 September 2020 (till at least 11:20 am PDT) Celebration of Survival and Response (Stations of Quaoar and Pholus)

…includes these features…

The first step to actually Accepting the Global Climate Change Challenge (Pholus-Quaoar) will be to ship the Deniers off with a few fishhooks, several Sheep, some Dandelion seeds (they’re very nutritious and they’ll grow anywhere), a Moai, and all the Money they can eat, to live on those newly Ice-free mountains in Antarctic.  Then we can All Pull Together to Create the World We Want to Live In, and the Opportunities will be Enormous (Pholus-Quaoar Opposite dwarf planet Chaos [Unlimited Potential]).  If that sounds fantasmagorical to you, your Assignment is to Imagine it for us, eliminating all Negativity and just keeping What You Want.

Of course there’s a possibility that our Karma could intervene and we could Forget that Everyone’s Truth of the Heart is Different, and if we’re going to make something Sustainable Together we’re going to have to Figure out how to Express the Truth of Our Own Heart without Negating Anyone Else’s Truth, and Accept the Truth of Everyone Else’s Heart without Believing it Conflicts with Our Own Truth (a T-Square to Gonggong aka OR-10 [Intrustive Memories, including Karma], Ceres [Susainability], and Aletheia [Truth of the Heart]).  If that sounds fantasmagorical to you, your Assignment is to Imagine it for us, eliminating all the Yes-Buts and just keeping What Will Work.  (We’re speaking of Truths, not Actions.)

Just to show us how Important this Truth of the Heart Business is to the equation, the Universe scheduled the symbol for the Truth of the Heart to be Super Strong (asteroid Aletheia Stationary almost exactly 24 hours after the Pholus Station, in a very tight Unx [Pattern-Breaking] Angle) just as Global Climate Change is Lit Up (Pholus-Quaoar).

To Manifest our Fantasies, we’ll need to Transform our Fear to Power (Sedna) and Transcend our Addiction to the Victimhood of Fate (asteroids Bee-Zed and Moira in the base of the T-Square; Bee-Zed was recently given a Real name, Ka’epaoka’awela).  Fate is only Fate while we remain Unconscious.  Once we Merge our Egoic Identity with our larger Soul Self, Choice replaces Fate.

Conveniently, we’re aided by another set of “Problems,” the solution to which will provide Insights into How We Can Imagine our “Impossible” Outcomes.  In order to Imagine the Phantasmagorical, we’ll need to Expand our Consciousness (Juno) enough to Fully Grok Unconditional Self-Love (Sappho).  To do that we’ll have to become Fully Conscious of our Karmic Trance, so we’ll know where our Perspective is warped.  Fortunately, that Information is Available to us – it’s written in our Life Force (Karma [Karma] Conjunct Varuna [Life Force], Square to Sappho Conjunct Juno).

We’ll save the other Remarkable Patterns in the chart for our next installment.

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