Planets Galore! 3

I was horrified the other day to see that Google was slipping ads in between my blog posts and the YouTube videos I sometimes embed in them.  Has this been happening all along?  It’s never come up when I test posts with the “Preview” button.  Is it something new?  I pay WordPress a fee in lieu of their ads, but I never suspected that YouTube would try to cram them in.  Knowing YouTube is owned by Google though, and knowing how Google’s Soul is as Mercenary as Facebook, I should have guessed.  If this is happening routinely, let me know, and I’ll quit using YouTube.

Before we dive into dissecting the next several months, let’s finish up with the 29 August 2020 Converting Fear to Power (Sedna Station) chart.  You remember the Planets Galore! chart…

where we were taking about whether it was disingenuous to dig up all manner of weird asteroids and Stars just to make Configurations.  We were saying that yes, we could do that, but we really weren’t.  Instead, we were choosing a specific number of unusual asteroids and dwarf planets (“planets”) because we Believe they represent Energies in the Psyche – and it’s Outpicturing, Current Moment “Reality,” aka the Current Trance or Mass Hypnosis – that are important for deciphering what’s going on, especially now during this Intense Transition on so many levels.

We let those “planets” suggest Configurations to us, and if we can we prefer to Complete the Configurations.  We do that because every incomplete Configuration longs for Completion, and it’s up to us to provide the Energy that will Complete the Configuration.  The classic example is astrology’s inexhaustible Big Challenge – the “T-Square,” consisting of two planets in Opposition, with a third planet halfway between them.  Everyone with a natal T-Square knows what sort of Lifelong Frustration they seem to Create, until we Learn to Accept it as  pre-natal Choice to study some Energy ad nauseum and thus come to give up Expecting our Plans to Work Out Perfectly, and Appreciate the Constant Deep Teaching.

That process works very well to Resolve our Frustration with a T-Square, but there’s another approach too.  If we plugged a fourth planet into our natal chart that Opposes the third planet in the T-Square, we’d no longer have a T-Square, we’d have a Grand Cross – four planets more or less equally distributed around the Zodiac.  Ask anyone with a natal T-Square and a natal Grand Cross which is more Frustrating, and they’ll tell you every time that it’s their T-Square.  That’s because the Grand Cross is “Complete” in the sense that it fills the Zodiac, while the T-Square is Unbalanced because it leaves half the Zodiac Empty and like an idle teenager, looking for “Trouble.”

That’s “Trouble” from the Perspective of our “mature” Ego, “Fun” from the Perspective of the “teenager” – aka Interesting Experiences and Intriguing Adventures that disrupt our “adult” Plans and Projects.  In other words, if we can Find a Name (“planet” or Star and its meaning) for the hole(s) or “Vacancies” in our Incomplete Configurations, we have something to work with.  We get to know the “teenager,” appreciate who they are and what they like, and collaborate with them to build our Lives together, and Voila! – they’re no longer such a Bother.

If we don’t find an asteroid or Star (ie, “planet”) to fill the Vacancy, we can use the Sabian Symbol for the Degree of the Vacancy, which is better than nothing, though it often turns out to be a bit of a Riddle.

In the chart above, the Grand Cross and the two Yin Gates are Complete, so no worries.  Sometimes, rarely actually, there are additional Partial Configurations in other Dimensions.  For instance, we much like the Eighth Harmonic (Octiles) because it’s about Bringing Things Back into Balance, which Resolves Unpleasant Feelings.  We look for Mjölnirs (a third planet Opposite the Near Midpoint of two planets that make a Square) because they symbolize Bringing Things Back into Balance with Love and Wisdom (combining the Eighth and Third Harmonics in the Trioctiles).

We particularly like the Seventh Harmonic because it’s about Timing.  We can have everything lined up Perfectly to Manifest What We Want, but if our Timing is off, we can miss it.  Before the age of cellphones, if we missed an appointment it was sometimes catastrophic…

Well, it turns out that the Transforming Fear to Power Sedna Station chart is full of these unusual Configurations.  We even had to find new colors to show them all…

There’s a Complete Mjölnir – the red and orange lines – and two Incomplete Grand Septiles (seven planets more or less equally spaced around the Zodiac) – one in purple and the other in pink!

The Mjölnir, which signifies Epiphany, tells us that we Rectify any Discomfort (Square) between our Soul (Uranus) and the Unconscious Beliefs that run our Lives (Vesta) by Attending to (Trioctiles) our Karma (South Node), and that we should make an effort to be Open to Receive New Insights about that!  So far so good!

The heavy, or broader, pink lines map out a Septile Kite (two adjacent Septiles with a fourth planet Triceptile to the planet in the middle of the two Septiles) – Ceres is the top of the Kite, Vesta the tail, and Pallas and Lilith-Mars are the arms.  The Kite means something like Taking Action (Mars) to Strengthen our Boundaries (Pallas) to Create Greater Self-Sovereignty (Lilith) Is a Timely Way (Septiles) to Make our Unconscious Beliefs (Vesta) More Sustainable (Ceres), perhaps by Rectifying our Expectations with our Reality (Vesta-Ceres).

Which is great!  But can we Expand it into a Grand Septile, which would make the process Easier, more Comprehensive, and more Balanced?  To do that (adding the thin pink lines), what Energies would we need to add?  The Kite provides four of the seven planets.

We find “Fillers” for two of the other three Vacancies.  They’re asteroid Psyche, symbolizing the Goddess of the Soul, and the Star Agena, symbolizing Chiron’s Wound.  These are pretty Heavy additions!  Chiron’s Wound of course is what caused him to Give Up his Immortality.  It’s what Empathy Heals in our Poor-Sweetheart process, Despair, the Apparently Unhealable.  So we might interpret our 6-out-of-7 Almost-Grand Sextile as something like Taking Action to Strengthen our Boundaries to Create Greater Self-Sovereignty Is a Timely Way to Make our Unconscious Beliefs More Sustainable, perhaps by Rectifying our Expectations with our Reality, Connecting to our Soul (Psyche) and Healing our Most Vicious Wounds (Agena) in the Process.

But we still don’t have a Complete Grand Septile, there’s still one Vacancy.  We could guess that, when we did a Theta to “Command that we Connect to our Soul and Heal our Most Vicious Wounds by Taking Action to…” our Show Me! would advise that there’s something else we need to include.  So, what’s the Sabian Symbol (reading for an individual Degree) for the Vacancy, which is at 1 Degree of Libra?  It describes the Energy that we need to provide Consciously in order to fill the Circle.

“In a collection of perfect specimens of many biological forms, a Butterfly displays the beauty of its wings, its Body impaled by a fine dart.”  Intense.  That Symbol reminds us that Left-Brain Anal-ysis kills its subjects, making it impossible to Understand their Essence and Life Force.  So it echos the two Yin Gates to remind us that the Dualistic Mind doesn’t have enough Bandwidth to Grok what’s going on here with our Fear.  So much for gloating about Connecting to our Soul and Healing our Most Vicious Wounds!  We have to admit that it may be Something Like That, but we aren’t capable of verbalizing the Full Truth of it.

We will have to PIAVA it, Change the Subject, and wait for our Intuition to provide the missing information.

The heavy purple lines map out five of seven points of the second Incompete Grand Septile, with the South Node at the top of the Configuration that looks like a Cable-Stayed Bridge… The resemblance to a Diamond Star is interesting, suggesting that whatever tension is directed toward Timing (Septiles) the Demise of our Karma (South Node) is well grounded by our Values (Venus) and by Transforming Fear into Power (Sedna) as we walk the Path (the horizontal “Bridge Deck”) between our Despair about Healing (Chiron) and Reverting the Decisions we made in the past that Cemented our Karma in place (Orcus).

We can make it even better by Completing the Grand Septile with the narrow purple lines to the Star Sualocin, which represents a Playful Dolphin and asteroid Niobe, which symbolizes Pride.  Which reminds us that Angels Can Fly Because They Take Themselves Lightly.

Looks pretty positive, overall.


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