Soul Descending I

The 15 August 2020 (7:20 am PDT) Descent of Soul (Station of Uranus in 11 Taurus), occurring as it does very close to the same Degree as the 3 August Full Moon (12 Aquarius, and only two weeks later, has a similar chart.

At the Full Moon…

…the Challenge (red triangles) to our Soul was Self-Resolving (Diamond Star to Uranus), and by adding the Royal Star Aldebaran we were able to Neutralize the other two major Challenges, bringing the Challenge of Authority (T-Square to the Great Attractor) into Balance (Completing the Grand Cross), and Resolving the Challenge to our Self-Sovereignty (converting the Hylonome T-Square into a Diamond Star).

In the Descent of Soul (Uranus Station) chart, the Challenge to Authority is already Self-Resolving (a Diamond Star), and a new Challenge to our Victimhood (T-Square to Chiron) is added…

Both charts feature Almost-Great Grace (five of the six points in a Grand Sextile), but each has a Unique brand of Grace.  The Blessings (blue lines) in the Full Moon were (and still are) Dynamic (Air and Fire Signs), about Doing, while those in the Descent of Soul are Magnetic (Water and Earth Signs), about PIAVAing.  Like we did with Aldebaran for the Full Moon, if we could fill the Vacancy in the Soul-Descent Almost-Great Grace (Almost-Grand Sextile), we could Resolve the Challenge to Victimhood (convert the Chiron T-Square to a Diamond Star) while we Activated the Great Grace (filled the Grand Sextile).

And can we ever!  This Vacancy is a Zoo!  It’s filled by two dwarf planets, two Near-Earth asteroids, and a major Star…

  • Dwarf planet Typhon is a hundred-mile wide “Centaur” (half planet, half comet) with a 237-year orbit, named after the Giant Serpent-Person, son of Gaia and uncle to Medusa (and far more fearsome), who lost to Zeus in a battle for control of the Cosmos, marking the Beginning of the Earth-Destroying Patriarchy.

This requires a lot more discussion, which we’ll continue soon…

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