August 2020 Cycles 3 – Ceres-Orcus

The second Cycle in the 3 August 2020 Full Moon chart which is in the midst of Change, is Ceres-Nessus.  It’s about the Sustainability (dwarf planet Ceres) of our Response to Abuse and Privilege (dwarf planet Nessus).  Not much about this in the news these days, is there.  Or rather, not much about anything else, whether we’re talking police brutality, brutal politics, Pomonavirus and poverty, income inequality, or #MeToo!  And all the noise has drowned out Global Balming.

Ceres turned Retrograde before it reached Nessus, so Nessus won’t Initiate Ceres until 27 December 2020 (in 11 Pisces).  In the 3 August Full Moon chart Ceres is two Degrees behind Nessus and Separating.  When Ceres turned around in early July it was only 17 arcminutes from Nessus, but by the time it goes Direct again on 18 October, Ceres will be back in late Aquarius, 12 Degrees behind Nessus.  So, can we say that the Nessus-Ceres Initiation period has already begun?  If we were thinking of starting an NGO to teach Sustainable Responses to Abuse and Privilege, has the first shoe already dropped?

The first week of July featured Putin extending his term as Russia”s Big Boss till 2036, Beijing horsecollaring Hong Kong, and the Coronavirus passing 11 million cases and half a million deaths.  Those are certainly about Privilege and Abuse.  The question isn’t whether they’re about Sustainable Response thereto, it’s Is the Sustainability Axis involved?  I think so.  In my Experience with early Initiation Near-Misses, the elements are there, but nobody’s looking at it that way yet.

In December when the actual Initiation occurs, I Expect both Issues – Privilege/Abuse and Sustainability, and their interactions – to be Lit Up Big-Time.  Neither Antichrist Privilege/Abuse Issues nor BLM Abuse Issues made Wikipedia’s “Living History” list for the first week of July, but they were certainly there, and we can be sure they’ll be Lit Up again in December.

The Nessus-Ceres Initiation falls after the Beginning of the Digital Age (Saturn Initiating Jupiter in an Air Sign), but at the Solstice when it Begins, Ceres will be within two Degrees of Nessus, so we can be Assured that Sustainable Response to Abuse and Privilege will be a central Issue throughout the next two Centuries, because the impending Nessus-Ceres Initiation will be part of the Saturn-Jupiter Initiation chart.

The two Initiations will make a very close Novile (40 Degrees apart).  The Novile Angle is about Hermitage, implying that the “Losers” of whatever Abuse and Privilege turn out to be Sustained, may be forced Underground…

…which will be an excellent time to be in 5D.

The theme of the 20-year Jupiter-Saturn Cycle is “An old adobe Mission in California(1 Aquarius), unfortunately an excellent symbol for Colonialism.  The theme of the 4¼-year Ceres-Nessus Cycle is “People traveling a narrow path, seeking Illumination(11 Pisces).  5D Illumination perhaps.  So in an Ideal World (which in 5D we could Choose to Manifest, right?), the Folks traveling the Narrow Path seeking Illumination will be crafting a Replacement for Colonialism, one that eschews both Abuse and Privilege in favor of Respectful, Harmonious, and Sustainable Alternatives.

I know, it’s difficult to wrap our Dualistic minds around the notion that we can create an Ideal World, when the one we Live in is so rapidly descending into a Digital Dickensian cesspool.  It was just as difficult for me to Grok those books about the World “splitting in two.”  Who was that?  The Barbaras, Marciniak and Hand Clow?  And didn’t Delores Cannon talk about that as well?

Of course that’s part of the Root Limitation with our Manifestation Skills – we’re Programmed to Reject anything for which we can’t Imagine a Mechanism.  Suspending Disbelief and Accepting the Paradox is Bottom Line for our Ascension.  While you’re working on that essential but difficult Skill, Michael Roads talks about how it works, without naming it so, in his Through the Eyes of Love series and Stepping…Between…Realities.

Both Barbaras Channeled the Pleiadians, and of course the amazing Multidimensional Channel Natalie Glasson ( does too (  For instance…

“…As a civilisation, we the Pleiadians are mastering the balance between technology and the spiritual intuition, using both to gain a stronger understanding of the Creator and the way in which our reality works.  We do not say that this is an appropriate way to live but balance of any form is necessary, and our technology is born from spiritual expansion and awareness, so has a higher purpose within our civilisation.  It is important I share this information with you as your civilisation is and is wishing to move into a state of balance between the importance of technology and the spiritual beingness of intuition…”

Natalie’s Channeling never fail to Lift my Energies by a couple of Octaves, making me Feel like I’ve just jettisoned 50 pounds.

The Ceres-Nessus Cycle that we’re now Completing, began in February 2016.  Its theme has been “A Squirrel hiding from hunters(2 Pisces).  Most of us have Felt the Need to Hide our True Pursuits from most other People, just to avoid Involuntary Commitment.  Our Narrow Path will require less Hiding as we be become increasingly Invisible to those who Choose to remain in Fewer Dimensions.  I think dwelling in a Separate Reality counts as a Hermitage.

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