Whom Will Your Soul Inhabit 2

As busy as the 3 August 2020 Full Moon (9am PDT in 12 Aquarius) chart is…

…we’ll get straight to work on it…

The Big Deal is of course the Challenge (T-Square) from our Very Accessible Soul (Stationary Uranus)whether we’re going to continue to Live from the Fear and Greed of the Ego, or shift to the Love and Abundance (Having Enough to Share, as Catharine Ponder defined it) of the Soul.  But, it’s a Self-Resolving Challenge (Diamond Star, or simultaneous T-Square and Finger of the Goddess), so we should be Golden on that score.

But, there are two other Challenges (T-Squares) that aren’t Self-Resolving, so we should put our Attention on those…

First, there’s a Challenge to our Self-Sovereignty (dwarf planet Hylonome), from the Apparent Contrast (Opposition)

[All Contrasts are Apparent because only the Observing Mind is Dualistic or Either/Or – Observed “Reality” on the other hand is Unitary and Multifarious (Both/And).  When confronted with a Choice between Heads or Tails, Ask for the Coin.]

…between our Self-Love (asteroid Sappho) and our Victimhood (Chiron).  we can hardly be Self-Sovereign if we Give Away Our Power to Victimhood.  For instance, I’ve got an Ancient Worry Habit that I Unconsciously Allow to interrupt my Bliss.  Next time I Notice that happening, I’ll have to PIAVA it, probably with a Theta, maybe something like…

God/Goddess, Creator of All That Is, I Command that I Become Conscious of All Worrying, and Resolve It On the Spot.  It Is Done, It Is Done, It Is Done.  Thank You, God/Goddess.  Show Me!

How would I Resolve it?  By alternating Theta and Tapping until I’ve determined whether it’s an Intuition or a Fear, and Responding accordingly – to a Fear with Tapping and Kegels, and to an Intuition by Changing Plans for the Future.  (Each inconclusive Theta Show-Me would give me hints about my Resistance so I could address that with the following Theta.)

Second, there’s a Challenge from the Corporate Office (Great Attractor, a Gravity Source much bigger than our Galactic Center) to Break All of the Unconscious and Semi-Conscious Restrictive Oaths that Keep Us Limited (asteroid Lachesis and dwarf planet Orcus) in Order to Develop Boundaries that Can Consistently Prevent Us from Being Abused (dwarf planets Ceres and Nessus).  The US Midwest comes to mind, where many people suffer from Nice Disease.  They’re Programmed to rank Nice much higher than Honest, sometimes to the point of Allowing Abuse.  Not that this isn’t true of the rest of us!

Luckily, if we plug the Fixed Star Aldebaran into one of the Vacancies (at 10 Gemini), we can help Resolve both of those Challenges!  It makes the Self-Sovereignty Challenge Self-Resolving (by Completing the Finger of the Goddess, Finishing the Diamond Star).  And it Balances the Corporate Office Challenge (by Completing the Grand Cross, which unlike the T-Square is Balanced), making it more Palatable.  As a Bonus, Aldebaran also Provides Great Grace (by Completing a Grand Sextile with Chiron, the Moon, the Great Attractor, Sappho, and Sun-Pandora [which means Hope]).

Of course, a Grand Sextile (or any Sextile) requires that we take the First Step to unlock the Grace – like the old joke about the person who constantly condemned God for not Granting their Prayers about Winning the Lottery, until God got so frustrated that She yelled out “For God’s Sake, by a Ticket!”  And Aldebaran is one of the four Royal Stars of Persia, which themselves promise Great Grace but with a Caveat.

So what is Aldebaran’s Condition?  That we Stay in Integrity, with “purity of thoughts and dealings” (Bradys Book of the Fixed Stars, p.233).  That makes our Work with our Sovereignty and Abuse all the more Important!

And there are also Material Dumb-Luck Blessings (Earth Grand Trine) in the Full-Moon chart, meaning that our Soul (Uranus), our Willingness to Revert Obsolete Vows (Lachesis-Orcus), and our Self-Sovereignty (Hylonome) all Cooperate with one another Seamlessly and Effortlessly for the next while – a New or Full Moon chart map out the Energy for the following two or more weeks.

The next serious astroevent (Station…) doesn’t ripen till 15 August, when our Soul Lights Up all the more (…of Uranus), and while the Moon is Out of Bounds as well!  Since Uranus is now only two arcminutes from it’s Station, we’re Deep in our Soul Energy already.  Here’s an approximation…

“Lightning in a bottle,” as one commenter called it.  You can smell the Ozone!

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