What Am I Remembering?

Thank the Goddess for Reliable Sources – the Comet isn’t a Hoax after all…


Spiritual Meaning of Comet Neowise

What a contrast to what’s going on in Portland, and the Antichrist’s promise to bring his Stasi to the rest of the US.

The 20 July 2020 Eris Station (Emphasis on What Has Been Denied) chart is also the 20 July New Moon chart, and while the impact of a Station weakens after the fact (with exceptions), the impact of a New Moon grows over the following several weeks.  The conditions at the New Moon are the Model for the following weeks.  So we’re stuck with this chart for a while.

As Stephanie Austin notes in her 20 July New Moon report, “Nothing ever goes away until it teaches us what we need to know,” quoting Pema Chodron.  Stephanie’s excellent detailed reports on the New and Full Moons are not online but emailed to you by (inexpensive) subscription – you can request a free sample by emailing her at stephanie@ecoastrology.com

Very timely quote for an Eris Station, but also describes the “exceptions” we mentioned above to the impact of Stations weakening rapidly after the fact.  If we Confuse the Energy of a Station with the Contents (Emotions, Thoughts, Events, Situations) of our Experience of it, and consequently make a Decision to Protect ourself from similar Future Experiential Contents or Energies, we Create a Karmic Limitation that can torture us for Lifetimes.  This is why it’s so Important to be Conscious of the Energy Milieu that we’re Experiencing – and exactly why we’ve spent much of the last 40 years writing this blog and its pre-Internet predecessors.

So basically, being stuck with this chart for a while, …

when we look at the Contents of our current Experience, are we Denying the impending-5D Grace that is descending upon us, or are we Denying the Nightmare of the simultaneous Pandemic and budding Civil War that’s demanding our Attention?  Knowing we are all Light Workers, I’m assuming it’s neither (though I Confess to spending more time Denying the Grace!).  So then, how are we handling the apparent Contradiction?

I’m hoping we Remember that Either/Or is never Real but always Mental and Political, while Reality is always Both/And.  And I’m hoping we Remember that Contradiction is always an Either/Or, that we Revert its Attending Trance, and Feel Into the Paradox of Both/And.

How to do this?  Well, having thus educated myself (I don’t know about you, but I use this blog to Grok what’s going on), I plan to devote more time to Focusing on What I Want (which would be the 5D option) than I spend on Attending to What I Don’t Want (which would be the Pandemic/War/Fascism option).  That’s one way.

Of course, that’s a Decision, isn’t it.  So I also need to Feel Into my Compulsion to Attend to all the Pandemic and Class Warfare Sturm und Drang.  It’s an absolute Treat to see People of Color getting a little Respect for once; they deserve orders of magnitude more, especially since it will be their Aboriginal and Sustenance Survival Skills that will Teach the rest of us how to Survive Global Warming.  The Antichrist’s Class Warfare is doing a good job of Re-Denying Global Warming – not such a good job at Re-Denying Racism.

Considering that I was born nine months to the day after the Firebombing of Hamburg, my Compulsion to follow the Rise of Fascism isn’t Surprising.  But I need to spend less Chagrined time with the Guardian and more Loving time with my Emotional Reactions.

So, our New Moon will Project the Revelation of Denial (Eris) Station for at least two weeks, till the Full Moon.  What happens in the interim to divert this Energy?  Not a lot.  I don’t usually follow Initiations (First Conjunctions, which begin Cycles) closely, so there are probably some of those.  But there are no Stations.  Because the Impact of a planet is Strongest when it’s Standing Still, Stations get the most Attention from this blog.  So without another Station, the Eris/Insight Station continues to Rule the day.

The next Station isn’t till 15 August, where Our Connection to our Soul (Uranus) comes more into Focus.  The 3 August Full Moon and 15 August Station of Uranus both occur in 11-12 Degrees.  That’s the same Zone as the 11 July Station of Chiron (Despair and Miracles).  The 4 July Full Moon and the 6 July Station of Ceres (Sustainability), at 13-14 Degrees, were very close.  Our Attention to Paradox above comes from the Chiron Station chart, with it’s Yin Gate

The 20 July New Moon and Station of Eris (Revelation of Denial) are in 25-29 Degrees, as was the 9 July Station of Haumea (Rebirth).  No other Stations intervene till the end of August.

So the rest of July and virtually all of August are about Rebirth (Haumea) into Deeper Honesty (Eris), and a Deeper, more Sustained (Ceres) Relationship with Our Own Soul (Uranus), Triggering our own Natal Planets at or near 11-14 and 25-29 Degrees.  Perhaps by Reverting the Karmic Trances that Compel us to Lend Our Strength to That Which We Wish to Be Free From…

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