That New Wise Guy

Chris writes…

“Wondering if what you’re forgetting is Comet Neowise – Talk about ancient Karma …

No, not Forgetting, I’m in Denial.  Good article, nice pictures, thanks, Chris!  In picture #6 Neowise is Sharing the stage with “Noctilucent” Clouds (the network of glowing wisps between the Comet and the horizon).  They’re caused by “Meteor Dust” so  high in the Atmosphere that they’re still in Sunlight long after it’s Dark where we are.

Here’s another Sharing, this time with Auroras and “Steve”…

The green dashes are called “Picket Fence” Auroras, and the purple Jet on the left is “Steve.”  How it got that name is so silly that I’ve forgotten.  Unless it’s an acronym, maybe for Strong Thermal Emission Velocity Enhancement.  “STEVE is a recent discovery.  It looks like an aurora, but it is not.  The purple glow is caused by 3000°C ribbons of gas flowing through Earth’s magnetosphere at speeds exceeding 13,000 mph. It appears during some geomagnetic storms” according to…

13,000 mph does sound like a bit of a “velocity enhancement.”

I’ve been hoping to find a Longitude for NEOWISE, so I could look at it’s Relationships with our other Friends, but I haven’t seen one.  So I had to make one up.  These are very difficult to calculate, but I’m guessing it’s around 10 Leo, which means our Visitor from Outer is  Challenging our Soul (Square to Uranus), Providing Grace if we can Dump our Victim Trances (Trine to Chiron), and Willing to Help us Break Olde Patterns (Unx to dwarf planet Orcus), especially Victim Patterns, if we can Avoid Anal-yzing them (Orcus Trine to Uranus and Quincunx to Chiron).  Maybe carrying that Message from Headquarters (NEOWISE Trioctile to Galactic Center-South Node).

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