Original Blessing 8

We can’t really say we’re entering a new Time Province now that we’re past the 9 July 2020 Rebirth Energy (Haumea Station), because the “new” Energy has been with us all along, and really we should read the 9 July Energy and the 11 July (till 2pm PDT) Energy (Chiron Stationary in 10 Aries) together as one event.  But Sheesh, it’s complicated enough as it is.  At least we can interpret their co-incidence as Rebirth without our Victimhood (Haumea [Rebirth] and Chiron [Despair and Miracles]).

The most important part of the 11 July chart is a Yin Gate (consisting of a Mystic Rectangle split by an Opposition across the centers of the short ends of the Mystic Rectangle), meaning what we call a Mystery School, wherein we Learn to be Comfortable with Paradox, with two or more Mutually Exclusive Phenomena happening at the same time.  It’s only the Mind that’s Either/Or.  The Universe is Both/And.  So if we encounter Mutual Exclusivity, we know that it’s in the Mind of the Observer, and not in the Observed Reality.  Here’s the Yin Gate, drawn in heavy lines…

We recognize a Yin Gate quickly from its two adjacent green Xs behind a red “asterisk,” or three long red lines (Oppositions).  There’s a lot we could read in a Yin Gate – for instance, the diagonal red Oppositions kernelize the meaning of the blue rectangle (Mystic Rectangle, “Mystic” because the ratio between its long and short sides is the “Golden Ratio” of Sacred Geometry).  And the four green lines (Quincunxes) provide us a lot to be Curious about.  But the Bottom Line of a Yin Gate, the Paradox itself, lies in the central long red line (Opposition, in this case asteroids Juno and Sappho Opposing Moon, Mars, Chiron, and asteroid Heracles).

So, what manner of Left-Brain interpretation would we assign to that?  Chiron by itself (which is the Star of the chart, being Stationary) is about the Ego Death necessary to Abandon Victimhood in favor of the Unknown that lies beyond it.  Moon-Mars is about Instinctual Action.  And Heracles was one of Zeus’s Hit Men, executing a contract on the Icons of the Matriarchy in order to make it Safe for the emerging Patriarchy.  That was Then but this is Now, and the Patriarchy is Obsolete.  So what’s Heracles doing here now?  Well, it was Heracles that helped himself to the Sacred Wine that Pholus was to have been Protecting, causing the Melee that killed Pholus and others, and Wounded Chiron himself.  Both Chiron and Heracles are, through different dramas and at different times, both mortal and immortal – an interesting twist.  It’s complicated already, and we haven’t even gotten to the Opposition.

So let’s just Anal-ytically interpret this Complex as Identity Confusion and the Mess it Causes, as we Act in ways that everyone Misinterprets, ruining all of our Relationships.  The other side, Sappho-Juno, is easy – it’s just Expanding our Consciousness (Juno) into Unconditional Self-Love (Sappho).  So, as Social Beings, we might consider this Opposition, using our Left-Brain, to be about Resolving our Identity Conflicts to Improve our Relationships as Mirrors for Unconditional Self-Love.  We might even be able to pull that off, if we Poor-Sweethearted ourself for having Identity Conflicts.

You perhaps begin to see how Deceptive the Left-Brain can be.  If we have to have it Mirrored to us from Others, it’s not Unconditional, is it.  Rather than trying to Puzzle this out more Intellectually, let’s go back to what we should have done in the first place, and Recognize that we have something Important and Surprising and Unexpected to Learn here, something Consciousness-Expanding about Victimhood, Intuitive Action, Codependence, and Self-Love, that’s likely to Change our Identity and lead to our Rebirth.  While we disparage the Anal-ytical approach, we also Recognize how useful it is as foreplay, because it Attunes us to the Issues, setting the stage for Intuition to be Motivated to appear.  But if our Mind isn’t Blown, we’re on the wrong track!  And Remember that the Paradox will be Different for each of us!

We’ll look at the full 11 July chart next…

But first, I want to hum a few bars from a video that my colleague Isaac George sent me today, by surgeon Jerry Tenant, MD.  After three viruses invaded and destroyed his brain, he spent what little Energy and Attention he had left Researching how he might put his Humpty-Dumpty Self back together again…

“As soon as I realized that everything in the universe is based in physics – not chemistry – I began to get well…  Cells need -25 millivolts of energy to run correctly [pH 7.4] and -50 millivolts of energy to make new cells.  All chronic disease is characterized by having inadequate voltage…  We [also] need all the materials that are necessary to make new cells.  This is called ’nutrition’ and requires a functional digestive system including stomach acid.  We [also] must deal with any toxins that destroy cells as fast as we make them.  The most common toxins are heavy metals like Mercury, dental toxins, and… the pesticide called RoundUp (glyphosate).”  (minutes 8.37ff)

I don’t know if this is the Paradox Epiphany I’m scheduled to receive, or only part of it, but the video certainly filled a lot of gaps in my Grokking of Biology, and created many more.  I suspect it’s just a Teaser for the real thing that’s still in the oven…

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